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Winning Tips, Tricks and Tutorials for your state Lottery ?! How to win consistently & play strategically. Specifically for Cash3, Cash4 and my specialty KENO! ? #PlayResponsibly #KOKLC??? #GetLikeWe Subscribe and enter the Winners Circle ???

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June Jackpots ????
Winning Cash3 & Cash4 Numbers for the remainder of June. #KOKLC??? #PlayResponsibly Positivity Produces Profits ?
4️⃣7️⃣6️⃣ Cash3 Winner!
How patience, persistence & writing down your lottery goals can lead to winning. #KOKLC??? Join My Discord #TheWinnersCircle??? #PlayResponsibly 
$ilver Comet Trail
How “Cardio With KENO” morphed into a TikTok Live & prompted me to get a Cash3 win! #KOKLC??? #LotteryCoach #LotteryInfluencer #PlayResponsibly
Florida Winning #’s
Money Making Monday! This episode I share a couple of winning Pick3 & Pick4 #’s to play this week. #KOKLC??? #PlayResponsibly ??? #GetMoney #GiveBack 
Manifesting Money All May ?
I give my Cash3 Winning Number predictions for Ga Lottery ?? & also I slide “MCC” via TikTok Pick3 & Pick4 Winning Numbers for Manifesting  Major Money Moves All May for North Carolina. #KOKLC??? Thank You Studio 135 & #MMGD? for all your support. #PlayResponsibly
Easter Weekend Winning #’s
The winning Cash3 # for this weekend & how I won $500 before 10AM! Also a very special s/o & Thank You❤️?? to the “Fab5️⃣” for joining my Lottery Discord Community #KOKLC???. #TheWinnersCircle??? #PlayResponsibly 
Played a set of KENO numbers that I saw in a dream a few days ago & 6 out of 7 w/ ? fell on the 1st draw! I also delve into what I covered in my 1st TikTok Live Event today. ??? #KOKLC ??? #PlayResponsibly 
TikTok 2️⃣8️⃣5️⃣
How I overcame losing my tickets, but was determined to win so I went back to the store & played them again & won! #KOKLC??? 
Amazing All April!!!
How to know when & what numbers to play via KENO! Also I cover other  important things to do in order to win & win consistently. Drink More Water! #KOKLC???
March Madness!!!
Winning Cash3 Numbers for the remainder of March! #KOKLC ??? #PlayResponsibly 
Cash4 Online Win!!! *4670*
Playing online due to inclement weather, i produced my first win via #ThankfulThursday #KOKLC??? I love you Dear-Dear & miss you. Rest In Power
*9388* Cash4 Winner! {Emory}
In this particular episode, you will hear & learn how to take a seemingly negative & transmute it into a positive. I got an unexpected medical bill in the mail & instead of being upset, I took the total & played it in the Cash4 and won!!! 

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
153 reviews
Kimmy 501 2022/06/25
Pharaoh Review
I have been knowing Pharaoh for about two years .He has been a blessing to me a Mentor A Friend He is always sharing knowledge To help you Exceed yo...
Rockman Atl 2022/06/10
Speaking About King Of Keno
I Joined The Team About A Week Ago And The Team Is Helpful Not Only With Lottery But Life. Pharaoh Has Created A Community Where The Winners Have No E...
Princess Lay222 2022/06/06
The greatest
One of the best podcasts about gambling I’ve heard !!! Great insights on how to win Very accurate and precise about His information. Thanks so much Ki...
MMGD - Bri 2022/05/07
? blown away!
Kink of Keno’s energy and insight is unmatched! Not only will you get good numbers to play, but a little extra positivity and motivation to keep press...
LotteryLoverGirl123 2021/10/17
He’s The King??????
I’ve learned so much & I’ve started winning by listening and doing what Pharaoh suggests. Thank You!!!
Mxsandy12 2021/10/12
Awesome pod!
Great insights into the gambling world. Fun to listen and I learned a ton!
$ilentAssa$in 2021/08/12
Audio excellence!
This podcast was not only well put together it also provided insight into how to play the game. Finding out the secrets of The King increases my chanc...
Miss Altidor 2021/07/26
Raw talent!
Cool podcast and interesting information!
LotteryLearner 2021/07/13
Fantastic Pharaoh!!!
Awesome! Amazing!! Always on point!!!
Sureshot Queen 2021/07/08
Very Enthusiastic and Entertaining
I’m going to get my Keno training on soon. Thanks for the welcome into the WC team. Much love and respect. Honeybutter aka Sureshot Queen aka HB!


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