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Hi Guyz!! Kobitay Samrat Bengali Podcast is here. Talking all things about My original poems and as well as poems of other great poets. So Come In Kobitay Samrat And Enjoy The Poems. Receive each new episodes directly by hitting the FREE Subscribe button Now. Podcast Host: Samrat Roy P.S: This is a 100% Bengali Podcast Show Dedicated to My All Bengali Buddies.Love You All.

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Ghunpokar Singhasan By Great Poet Malay Ray Chowdhury [Bengali Podcast Of Poem] | Ep.#94
In this poem poet described the destructive procedure of this society and this country ❤️❤️
Koto Valobasi By Great Poet Kamini Ray [Bengali Podcast Of Poem] | Ep.#93
In this poem poet described the beauty and the pure love between a child and a mother,child expressed his love towards his mother and asked his mother how much love mother do to him? ❤️❤️
Sobar Ami Chatro By Great Poet Sunirmal Bosu [Bengali Podcast Of Poem] | Ep.#92
In this poem poet described that he is a student of all the creation like the world,the universe,the nature,the time❤️❤️
Gotanugotik By Great Poet Sikandar Abu Zafar [Bengali Podcast Of Poem] | Ep.#91
In this poem poet described about the typicalness of this society ❤️❤️
Khokon Khokon And Bak Bak Kum By Great Poet Roknuzzaman Khan [Bengali Podcast Of Poem] | Ep.#90
In this two rhymes poet expressed two beautiful and cute imaginations and sagas ❤️❤️
Boyos By Great Poet Salil Chowdhury [Bengali Podcast Of Poem] | Ep.#89
In this poem poet searched about his actual age ❤️❤️
Vayoal By Great Poet Gobindachandra Das [Bengali Podcast Of Poem] | Ep.#88
In this poem poet expressed his feelings emotions about his birthplace ❤️❤️
Rupantar By Great Poet Buddhadeb Basu [Bengali Podcast Of Poem] | Ep.#87
In this poem poet described his feelings thinking on transformation of various natural objects and state of mind ❤️❤️
Amader Gram By Great Poet Bonde Ali Miya [Bengali Podcast Of Poem] | Ep.#86
In this poem poet described about his motherland his own village,he described beautifully about peace happiness unity friendship among villagers ❤️❤️
Jeno Bole Othe By Great Poet Aranyak Bosu [Bengali Podcast Of Poem] | Ep.#85
In this poem poet described that he is searching various words of this world of this nature and he wants that the mixture of all words must say about love❤️❤️
Milon Hobe Kotodine By Great Poet Lalon Fokir [Bengali Podcast Of Poem] | Ep.#84
In this poem poet described his inner desire for meeting with his loved one❤️❤️
Bongobondhu By Great Poet Annadashankar Roy [Bengali Podcast Of Poem] | Ep.#83
In this poem poet gave tribute to the Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who is the father of nation of Bangladesh Country ❤️❤️

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