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Each week on the Life.Church podcast, you’ll hear teaching from senior pastor Craig Groeschel or a Life.Church pastor. Get practical, relevant, biblical perspectives on topics that matter to you. Visit us at or download the Life.Church app.

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You’re Uniquely Created to Make a Difference | Book Club: Part 4
When Jesus came to earth, He didn't just disrupt the status quo, He radically transformed people's lives. You were created for a purpose—to break down barriers and build relationships just like Jesus. We'll learn how to make a lasting difference in this message.
3 Things I Learned When Attacking Anxiety | Book Club: Part 3
Anxiety is not part of God’s plan for your life. In this message, Shawn Johnson’s teaching us how to attack anxiety and fight for the freedom God wants for each of us.
How to be Intentional With Your Money | Book Club: Part 2
Money can be awkward to talk about and difficult to understand. But how we spend our money often determines how we spend our lives. In this message, Dave Ramsey is teaching us the power of intentionality when it comes to our finances.
Does God Really Keep His Promises? | Book Club: Part 1
Have you ever been told empty promises? It can be confusing and hurtful when someone you trust lets you down. Does God keep all of His promises? How can we know? We’ll find the answers together as we kick off Book Club with special guest Sadie Robertson Huff.
When You Feel Abandoned by God | Doubting God: Part 7
Do you feel abandoned by God or wonder if He cares about you? If He really loves you, why do bad things keep happening in your life? In this message, we’ll learn what we need to remember on our worst days.
Can I Believe in God and Science? | Doubting God: Part 6
Do you ever wonder why it seems like the Bible and science conflict with one another? Is it possible to believe in both? We’ll find the answers together in this message.
Am I Too Bad for God? | Doubting God: Part 5
Do you ever wonder if you’re too bad for God? Or maybe you’re searching for the meaning of life. Consider Jesus. In this message, we’ll ask some of life’s biggest questions—and the answer could change your life.
When Christians Let You Down | Doubting God: Part 4
In this message, we’re digging into a subject that hits close to home for many people. In fact, it’s one of the biggest reasons people leave the church—hypocrisy. We’re talking about what to do when Christians let you down and how you can heal from past hurts.
Facing Your Insecurities | Doubting God: Part 3
Do you ever doubt that God could use someone like you? It can be hard to know how to deal with your insecurities. There is so much encouragement for you in this message. Don’t miss it!
Leaving Christianity | Doubting God: Part 2
Some people are leaving Christianity over doubts about their faith or questions they can’t seem to answer. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this message, we’re learning how to hold onto what’s true and build our faith.
Dealing With Your Doubt | Doubting God: Part 1
It’s easy to think of doubt as a sign of weak faith. But it’s not. God isn’t afraid of our doubts, so we don’t have to be either. In this Easter message, we’re creating a space to deal with doubt and address questions we’ve been afraid to ask. Together, let's discover how doubt can actually build our faith.
Hope for a Hopeless Situation | God Is: Part 6
Do you ever feel like you're all alone? Maybe you’ve been asking, “Does God care about me?” Here's the truth: God sees everything you do. He loves you and cares for you. If you need some encouragement, you won't want to miss this message.

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4.8 out of 5
2206 reviews
Fantom Ninja 2022/06/01
Thank you!
Praise God for this podcast! It’s changed my life in so many ways!
caallliiii 2022/05/26
Perfect podcast!!!
I drive to Enid for school from Garber everyday and listen to this podcast. It’s a perfect way to start my day. Also shoutout to the Edmond campus pre...
Roselorie 2022/04/20
Found Life.Church on yt the other day. So happy they have a podcast as well. I love how Pastor C. Holds on to scripture but makes it relatable to the...
sarahbrossy 2022/03/22
Best messages ever
I always make the joke “I follow Craig as Craig follows Paul as Paul follows christ” lol. That’s a really dumb joke but the point is, I just respect C...
VISRAELS 2022/03/14
The Absolute Best
So grateful to tune in to LifeChurch every week even though I’m not close to a physical LifeChurch every week. Craig speaks the truth and right to you...
kjp222 2022/01/27
Genuinely Godly man
You can tell Craig is a humble man in pursuit of a real relationship with Jesus as well as a passion to share him with others! His voice is engaging t...
ABabyyyyy 2022/01/27
So powerful!
I love the series of Pre-Decision. Waiting for this weeks to come out! They have been on repeat. All the messages resonate so deeply in my core. Can y...
sam RN mom of four 2022/01/24
Highly recommend
Craig is so inspiring, so encouraging, so transparent. Wish he would open a location in Tampa, FL!
catoaz2014 2022/01/24
Great podcast
I love that pastor Greg is very informative and straight up real!! Never claims that he is perfect but imperfect serving a perfect God. I can listen t...
BlackSheepWRX 2021/12/27
Thank you
Thank you so much for your podcast. Your messages are the highlight to my week. Your messages give me hope and strength. I am very grateful for you an...


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