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Like You is a mindfulness podcast for kids. We use breathing, affirmations, music, and imagination to explore feelings, relieve anxiety, encourage self-esteem, and grow empathy, all while having fun! Our podcast creates a safe, calming, and relaxing audio experience for children as they learn to find beauty and wonder in themselves and the world. Subscribe to get a new episode every Tuesday. We created the podcast with kids in mind, but we welcome listeners of any age group, including parents, grandparents, or grown-ups who just want to get more in touch with themselves and their inner-child.

Podcast episodes

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Encore: A Mindful Dance Party
Summer Encore: On this episode, we’ll have a mindful dance party! We’ll learn how dance can help you learn about yourself and be present in the moment. ??
Music From Like You: Playlist 3
This bonus episode features a third playlist of original songs from Like You, for when you just want to hear the songs. 1. Deep Breath In - starts @ 0:00 2. Super- starts @ 2:39 3. Love Yourself and Love the World - starts @ 5:05 4. Take a Closer Look - starts @ 6:38 5. Bicycle Wheel - starts @ 8:27 6. When I Feel Afraid - starts @ 10:16 7. Waves - starts @ 12:01 8. Hold It For a Moment - starts @ 14:37 9. Proud of You - starts @ 16:53 10. No Wrong Way to Move - starts @ 19:38 11. Smell the Flowers - starts @ 22:18 12. Made of Snow - starts @ 22:59
Encore: Floating on a Stream
Summer Encore: Today's episode is about relaxing as we imagine we are floating on a gentle stream.
Encore: Biking Up and Down the Hill
Summer Encore: On this episode we'll imagine biking up and down a hill, and talk about what to do when we feel like we should give up. ?
Encore: Making Mindful Lemonade
Summer Encore: Are you looking for practice turning something sour into something sweet? Try making mindful lemonade. This episode features an exercise for letting go of anxiety, frustration, grumpiness, or any sort of tension by using your body to act out making lemonade. ?
You Were Once a Child: Mia Saine
This subscriber-only bonus episode features an interview with illustrator Mia Saine. This is the first in what I hope will become a series of interviews with interesting people reflecting on their childhoods and the things that shaped them. Mia is the illustrator who created our podcast cover art, and is an occasional contributor to our affirmations as well. Mia has also created artwork for Rebel Girls, Little People Big Dreams, Google, Facebook, Allbirds, Adobe, Memphis International Airport, and many others.
Mindfulness When the News Makes You Feel Anxious
May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so my friend Tracy recently invited me to talk about mindfulness on her podcast, The Ten News. I'll introduce Tracy and her podcast before sharing a clip from the show in which Tracy interviews me about mindfulness and I share mindfulness tips for when the news makes you feel anxious.
Floating in a Hot Air Balloon
On this episode we’ll go on a mindful adventure in a hot air balloon. We will use a breathing exercise to fill the balloon, then practice letting go of difficult feelings as we imagine untying sandbags until we're light enough to fly.
Music From Like You: Playlist 2
This bonus episode features a second playlist of original songs from Like You, for when you just want to hear the songs. 1. Someone Like You (The Birthday Song) - starts @ 0:00 2. I’m Flying Like a Bird - starts @ 1:46 3. We Are Magic - starts @ 4:07 4. Ice Cream Cone - starts @ 6:58 5. Float Down Stream - starts @ 9:22 6. Starlight - starts @ 13:52 7. However You Feel - starts @ 18:20 8. Thank You - starts @ 20:27 9. I Like Me - starts @ 23:52 10. Count Down - starts @ 27:17 11. Smell the Flowers - starts @ 29:43 12. Who I Like to Be - starts @ 30:24
Mental Time Travel
On this week's episode, we’ll learn how to time travel in our minds, as a way to help us get through difficult moments. ???
Mindfulness for Weirdos
I hope you’re ready to get weird, because on this episode we’ve got a set of mindfulness exercises designed specifically for weirdos. From silly sounds to funny faces, we'll embrace our weirdness and learn why we should be proud of what makes us weird. ?
It's Our 100th Episode! ?
? This episode marks a special milestone for our podcast, because it is our 100th episode! We’ll take a look back and a look forward as we think about how ideas grow over time, just like a tree, or even like a person. ?? ??

Podcast Reviews

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4.8 out of 5
131 reviews
Rachq10 2022/06/20
So sweet!
This is such a sweet podcast. My 8-year-old son and I both love it! It’s very soothing!
ybrjgbyglgrnyouurtj 2022/06/06
It helps me soooooooo much thank you nous
lol the day 2022/04/24
Like you
Please take off subsicers i can’t take it anymore please take it off of your podcast please???????‍?️?‍?️?‍?️?‍?️?‍?️
Wings of Fire lover. 2022/05/02
Stop saying smile because we don’t have to if we are sad.
But it is good
Uunicorn35344 2022/04/18
Mindfulness for kids is great
Do u ever feel angry? sad? mad? Use mindfulness for kids. I am very young but I understand this can help your mental health and your physical health a...
the END end end 2022/04/12
MomSlice1 2022/02/02
Wonderful Resource for any age!
Wow, this show is a true gift. It helps ME calm down as I search for resources to support my family. It doesn’t hurt that it is so well produced and s...
kkkkkmoiu 2022/02/18
Helps me sleep and medetate??
Jallue1234 2021/12/22
Our whole family learns to be more present
As my daughter returned to school for the first time since the pandemic started she struggled with understanding her emotions and feeling safe when sh...
Soto Zarate 2021/12/20
Thank you!
My son and I listen the podcast in the car as a way to to start the school day. My son really likes it because it is intuitive and the songs are great...


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