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Do you ever get lonely when sitting home alone? Well, you're in luck, this podcast is the one for you. Often times when home alone I have so much to say with no one to listen. This podcast is going to change that. Livin' With Liv, is filled with random storytimes, discussing the latest news, and casual conversation between me and a mic. It's up to you if you want to listen, though I hope you do!

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The Catchup
It's been a while! Sit down with me and let's have a little catchup, I talk about my sister being in college, growing into myself, new routines, and much more! Get your tea and experience what it's like Livin' With Liv. 
Livin' With Liv- The Beginning
This is Livin' With Liv's very first episode. I explore conversations about Taylor Swift, Dababy, Billie Eilish, and some personal achievements. Come and join me and hear my thought process of celebrity drama and daily life. Check out my Twitter: @Rlivvv and my Instagram: @Livinwithliv07 For podcast updates visit my website:

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