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Welcome to Lone Duck’s Gun Dog Chronicles. We’re here to talk all things related to bird hunting, gun dogs and trade stories between friends, pro trainers and hunting buddies.

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E 136. Advanced Retriever Training with Oliver
Tonight we kick back with our good buddy from Foundation Retrievers, Oliver. He made the long trip up north to do some training with the Lone Duck crew and it's only fair that we bother him on a podcast. We doe some shot for shot questions with Oliver about hunt tests, how to get dogs to pass, his thoughts on training dogs during the heat and a ton more. Bob and Kevin also share a few old stories of past hunting trips and how Bob is grumpy at 5am when Kevin is trying to toss decoys out of the boat. Lone Duck's Gun Dog Chronicles is part of the Waypoint Outdoor Podcast Crew. Check 'em out anywhere you find your shows.
E 135. Ducks and Dogs with Sean Weaver of MeatEater
Tonight we had the pleasure of sitting down to hang out with MeatEater's Duck Man, Sean Weaver. If you haven't seen his show on youtube, Duck Lore, then you're missing out and need to rethink life a little. On the show, we hear about Sean's time growing up as a hunter, how he got involved in ducks, memorable retrieves, awesome hunts he has been on, and more. We also hear about his dog, Kace, and how her training is going, where she is from and the wholeeee deal. We also dig into some Duck Lore action and Sean's plans for the show and why he made it the way that it is (which we respect the heck out of). Finally, we ask Sean for his thoughts on the bird flu and how that may influence duck numbers, which snowballs into a super interesting conversation about the prairie pothole region, tamies and wild ducks and a lot, lot more. Thank you to Sean for joining us on the show and for working hard to positively influence the duck hunting community. If you're reading this, then you'd be a fan of his show... check it out here. Lone Duck's Gun Dog Chronicles is proudly part of the Waypoint Outdoors Podcast Crew.
E 134. Big News & Lone Duck Field Trials
Tonight, we announce some news that we've been waiting ~7 years to share. Pretty excited, pretty grateful and prettyyyyy pumped. After we chat through that and the plans moving forward, we move to a recap of Bob's field trial with a few Lone Duck dogs. It was a super difficult layout and tons of dogs struggled to stay on course. Bob reviews how it went, what he learned and how you and he can do better next time based off this experience. Oh, and reminder: we have an in person seminar with our friends at Standing Stone Kennel on 06/25/2022. If you want to join to learn from Bob and Ethan, watch some dogs work, eat good food and have some fun.... then get in touch ASAP. Lone Duck's Gun Dog Chronicles is part of the Waypoint Outdoor Podcast Network. Cheers.
E 133. Expert Dog Training with Dakota Mealer
Tonight we had a great conversation with our good buddy, Dakota Mealer... you may remember him from a past episode. Dakota is a fantastic trainer who currently has our little girl, Jolene, to see what he can do with her. We get to hear a little JoJo update as she has been working through force fetch, swim by, cold blinds, pattern blinds and should be coming up on decheating in the near future.  We also dig into a few tricks for getting a young dog into the water properly, using pigeons and ducks and what ideal dogs look like for Dakota when they first come to him. We chat about how and when to apply pressure and how to create compulsion with your dog. This is a super interesting conversation and it's one that many people (myself included) find confusing. Pay attention to how Dakota explains all this... Lone Duck's Gun Dog Chronicles is part of the Waypoint Outdoor Podcast Crew. Follow 'em and you'll be glad you did.
E 132. How to pass The Grand with Clark Kennington
Do you run any sort of test with your dog? If yes, then listen up. On today's show, Bob chats with our good buddy, Clark Kennington. As a repeat guest on the show, you might be familiar with how talented and articulate Clark is and on this episode he unleashes about 500 pro tips on how to be a better handler. We dig into the HRC Grand and what it takes to play that game, both as a handler and dog..... and pass it. Here's a couple items we address on the show: Why do you slow down at the line. Why monitor wind direction. How does Clark take detailed notes for each dog and when. When to move around at the line (if possible) to set the dog up for success. Do we recall dogs when training on marks... why? when? Thank you to Clark for coming on and hangin' out. Give him a follow and you'll be glad you did. *Lone Duck's Gun Dog Chronicles is part of the Waypoint Outdoor Podcast Network. Check 'em out.
E 131. Chasing birds with Ira McCauley
Tonight's show is a special one. We reconnect with our good friend and someone we look up to for a whole bunch of reasons, Ira McCauley. When we first started this show, Ira was our first guest and if you haven't heard the show, check it out (episode 2) because you'll wet yourself laughing. For this show, we learn about Ira's podcast (the grind don't stop) and we hear the latest with Habitat Flats. Tis the season so we chat about turkeys and how Ira has killed 100+ turkeys in his career. We hear about his gun and the wild story it has and where its final resting place is. Ira is extremely knowledgeable about ducks and turkeys and business and building habitats for ducks and cooking wild game and he is also a vet among many other things. If you read that sentence outloud, you'd need to stop and take a breath because his woodsmanship resume is so long. The best part though? He's willing to share and trade stories. Cheers to you, Ira. We appreciate you. Lone Duck's Gun Dog Chronicles is part of the Waypoint Podcast Crew and if you're looking for some new shows to binge, check out the others in their podcast network. Tell 'em we sent ya.
E 130. Training high level dogs with Oscar Mora
Today, we chat with our buddy, Oscar Mora, from Elevated Canine Academy. Oscar is a fantastic dog trainer out on the west coast and as you'll learn, he knows a thing or two about training athletic dogs with high drive. One of the questions we often receive is regarding "a high drive dog and how to manage it." With the stakes being quite high for dogs in protection competitions, we chat a lot about drive capping and how to work WITH a dog, their energy, drive, motivation, etc., rather than learning how to "manage" it. We often say it's important to train the dog in front of you and it's great to hear Oscar (who has tons of experience with all sorts of dogs) echo these opinions. We also learn a little about Oscar's time in the bite suit and in front of the movie camera. Overall, he's a super cool dude who is great at teaching dogs and people. If you're interested in learning more about Oscar and his programs, then check him out at Elevated Canine Academy. Lone Duck's Gun Dog Chronicles is part of the Waypoint Podcast Crew. Check them out on Instagram to find other awesome shows. Cheers!
E 129. Southern Oak & "training time is for teaching"
It is always a good time when we can kick back with our buddy, Barton Ramsey, from Southern Oak Kennels. He's been on our show before and we always have a great discussion about training, family, dogs, breeding and life. Barton is one of those people you spend time with and later you think man, I wish we hung out more. Tonight's conversation was absolutely incredible and you won't want to miss it. We talk about a million topics like: what to look for when breeding dogs, Barton's new dog, moose and his background and how cool he is. We chat about when our buddy, Adam Campbell, went out for a training day with the SOK crew, so we hear about the training day and their set up. Then, we dig into a good conversation about training blind retrieves and fueling the dog rather than stifling their confidence, place training like a pro & how Barton corrects a dog who is creeping. Want more info from Bob? Connect with him here. Lone Duck's Gun Dog Chronicles is part of the Waypoint Outdoor Podcast crew. If you enjoy our show, then you'll enjoy some of the others in our podcast family.
E 128. NEW Master National Changes, Puppies & Gundog Advice
Tonight, we discuss some breaking news from Master National folks about rules and locations and how it will be adapting to hopefully be better in the future. We read through their statement and Bob talks about his own thoughts on the changes and how he sees it influencing trainers across the country. Then, we jump into some puppy news and hear about some retirement planning. Finally, we dig into some awesome questions found on our youtube channel about mini t, training chessies vs other breeds, bark collars while training, collar conditioning and a bunch more. Lone Duck's Gun Dog Chronicles is part of the Waypoint Outdoor Podcast Crew. Dig through some of their awesome shows to find your next favorite podcast. Cheers!
E 127. Blaine Duck's Brown Dog Chronicles
Tonight we had the pleasure of spending time with Mr. Blaine Tarnecki from Hudson River Retrievers. As a frequent flyer on the show, you're already familiar with Blaine and his ability to coach both dogs and people. We had a ton of awesome questions from both his and our patreon friends, so we settled into an evening talking dogs and debating whose methods are better in which situations. Looking for a new podcast to binge? Check out some of these here.
E 126. "Teaching your dog to think" -Kevin Cheff
Tonight, we have a fantastic conversation with Kevin Cheff, The Retriever Coach, about the nuances of collar pressure and a whole lot more. How to use an e collar with integrity, teaching dogs to properly understand collar pressure, collar conditioning to sit vs here, why Bob uses pressure to "kennel" and how to choose the right collar for your dog. Kevin says he prefers collars that are simple to operate and highly reliable.... we agree 100%. We also ask Kevin a few questions directly from our friends on Patreon (patreon.com/loneduckoutfitters/) and we chat about direct vs indirect pressure and give a few simple examples so everyone is on the same page. We're grateful to have Kevin come on our show. He is extremely intelligent, experienced and he is one of the best at teaching people about their dogs. If you're looking to be a better dog trainer, listen to this show and check him out on any platform by searching "the retriever coach." Lone Duck's Gun Dog Chronicles is part of the Waypoint Outdoor Podcast crew. If you like our show, check out some of the hunting, fishing, cooking, etc. shows they have and get after it. Cheers!
E 125. Teaching dogs correctly
Tonight, Bob & Kevin provide a few exciting updates on what's happening at Lone Duck. Bob is down south sun tanning his way through this years training trip and getting after it with a trailer full of dogs. Overall, the dogs are doing well and certainly keeping him busy and we hear about some very very exciting litter news... After, we dig into some Q&A we did with people from Patreon and they pick Bob's brain about denials, t pattern distances and we chat a lot about training dogs rather than "training dogs to pass a test." PS. we're working on audio and yes, Kevin's didn't come out so well... we fixed it for the next show... sorry about that. Need some gear for training season? Check out StandingStoneSupply.com cause they have anything you'd need. Lone Duck's Gun Dog Chronicles is part of the Waypoint Outdoor Podcast. Check out their great shows, you're gonna love 'em.

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
522 reviews
B_Mason3232 2022/05/21
Episode 132
Top shelf podcast! Great information for an amateur dog trainer!!
Bbrown1973 2022/05/04
Awesome podcast. Great training tips and very encouraging to newcomers.
Mallardmaster 2022/04/12
Teaches to all levels
This is by far my favorite podcast. Bob and Kevin do a great job explaining how they train their dogs and also have a great sense of humor. The guys i...
willslappington 2022/04/14
Just like the dog house podcast they don’t care about you or your dog they are in it for the all mighty dollar. Just like most people in the hunt tes...
Super X Reap3r 2022/03/31
Great podcast
Bob and Kevin do a really good job of having a good mix of presenters and excellent topics for gun dog training.
CassandraJoyL 2022/01/14
The best of the best
This podcast has all your gun dog and hunting needs. A good listen for car rides, or even just hanging around the house. These guys make you laugh and...
@ptlife 2021/11/25
Enjoy the show
Good podcast. Enjoy listening to it while I’m driving to work. Gives me hope that I can train my dogs successfully.
Steve V, NY 2021/08/21
The best to ever do it.
LoneDuck Chronicles so entertaining. I’ve learned so much from listening. Thanks “babayyyy”
JammaMamma37 2021/07/22
Great resource
Fun, knowledgeable hosts with great guests
sportglfr 2021/06/23
Addicted to this podcast
Love this podcast. Bob is entertaining and I learn a lot with every episode. I really enjoyed the Standing Stone Kennels episodes with Ethan and Kat a...


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