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Join the New York Times bestselling author of The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment for this free series of five curated teaching sessions, recorded at the yoga and meditation center known as Temple of the Universe.

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S2 E5: Look into the Lake of Life
Who are you in the eyes of the universe? Here, Michael talks about our perceptual relationship with the universe—illuminating how we project ourselves onto the unfolding of reality.
S2 E4: Taking Care of Your Inner Environment
A filthy home is an open invitation for rats and roaches to move in. In the same way, Michael reveals that neglected thoughts and emotions attract destructive unconscious behaviors.
S2 E3: The Commitment to Stay Conscious
Even when you’ve devoted yourself to spiritual work, it can be difficult to maintain mindful awareness. In this episode, Michael speaks on the difficulty of maintaining consciousness and equanimity when we seem hardwired to be hooked by outside stimuli.
S2 E2: The Stages of the Spiritual Path – A Continuum of Letting Go
How do you know when you’re actually walking the path or when you're just strengthening your ego? Here, Michael considers the gateways to and pitfalls of spiritual work.
S2 E1: From Fighting to Harmony – Changing Your Relationship with Life
The world’s great wisdom traditions all speak on the value of surrender. In this first episode, Michael discusses what it takes to grow beyond spiritual resistance.
The Michael Singer Podcast: Season 2 Trailer
Are you ready for even more of Michael Singer’s signature wit and wisdom? Check out this audio trailer from Sounds True founder Tami Simon, announcing the second season of The Michael Singer Podcast! Join us on March 28 for the first of five new episodes of this acclaimed podcast.
S1 E4: Spirituality: The Exploration of Consciousness
What do psychology and spirituality have in common? In this podcast, Michael Singer discusses how both psychology and spirituality help us illuminate the nature of the human mind and the mystery of consciousness. When we resist experiences we find uncomfortable, he explains, we begin to "make a mess" of our inner lives. Through the teachings and practices made available in spirituality and psychology, we can do the work of cleaning things up, purifying the flow of our life-force energy and returning to the ecstatic states we were meant to live in. 
S1 E3: Giving Meaning to the Time Between Your Birth and Death
The time that we have between our births and our deaths is a great gift. What we do with this time and how we give our lives meaning is the subject of this podcast with Michael Singer. Here, Singer discusses hard yet empowering truths about the fleeting nature of our lives, the inherent flaw in our most common strategies for feeling "okay inside," why spirituality is never about getting what you want or avoiding what you don't want, and much more.
S1 E2: Doing the Real Work to Free Yourself
According to Michael Singer, the only one stopping you from experiencing the heights of divine ecstasy and freedom is you. In this podcast, he describes the real work of the spiritual path as the process of removing our inner blockages and self-made obstacles in order to uncover the natural states of bliss and spiritual liberation that are our birthright. He also discusses discovering "witness consciousness," the cause of karma, the art of relaxing and releasing resistance to our experience, and more.
S1 E1: Ceasing to Be Caught in the Waters of Mind
The natural state of the mind is like calm, still water, teaches Michael Singer. The practice of spiritual surrender—to "relax and release" our resistance to whatever arises in our experience—is the pathway to enjoying serenity of mind no matter what the universe throws your way. In this podcast, Michael Singer uses the analogy of an aquatic bird maintaining its balance on rough water to illustrate what to do and what not to do if we want to stay poised and upright when life gets turbulent.

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
427 reviews
Papayaguy 2022/06/05
Highest of the High
This is top quality and worth listening to, every episode, multiple times. Simple yet profound. This. Is. It.
Kinoeyetay 2022/05/14
Life changing
His book is life changing. Discovered it in 2019 and have been adopting and applying the lessons since. This podcast is another tool. Just listening t...
AnchorageAkgirl 2022/04/30
I Hope He Can Continue These!
I really love what Michael has to say and I really hope he will be continuing to add content to his podcast ! Thank you Michael Singer ??
aggy mae lee 2022/05/08
Michael Singer
I would love hearing what Michael has to say- if he would but speak a little slower. In person-talk racing faster than the speed of light is okay beca...
MissyHou 2022/04/27
My fave place for freedom and wisdom
I look forward each week to Mickey’s teachings. It’s just so applicable and sensible and gives me hope and faith that I can indeed surrender to life a...
Faith Dodson 2022/04/25
Wonderful Message
Love listening to this Podcast.
Lorriana 2022/04/18
I can’t stop listening …
…. Erm, does anybody know if Michael Singer got a listening device and implanted it in my skull???! WOW! How is he this insightful??! What a BRILLIA...
D.Heaps 2022/04/18
Incredible Teacher
Michael is so clear and concise, and handles all of this subject matter with such lightness, humor, and love.
Windfaith 2022/04/17
Clear and simple
Some of the most sage advice on the internet delivered in such a simple, bright, and clear and clear manner.
❤️Brandi 2022/04/13
Life changing!
I just read The Untethered Soul and had to listen to Michael Singer’s podcasts! I can’t get enough. Light bulb moments constantly. So good!!! I ju...


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