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Welcome to Oh No, Ross and Carrie, the show where we don’t just report on fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal, but take part ourselves. Follow us as we join religions, undergo alternative treatments, seek out the paranormal, and always find the humor in life's biggest mysteries. We show up - so you don’t have to.

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Ross and Carrie Watch Buddha Maitreya: Reincarnated Jesus Edition
Carrie tells Ross what she learned from studying Buddha Maitreya, a peculiar fellow in Northern California who uses his small online platform to analyze sacred geometry, call out evil, and fight the greatest sin of all: sex.
Ross and Carrie Reveal Jennings: Deep End Edition
Ross and Carrie welcome back Jennings Brown to discuss his deep-dive podcast series about a hedonistic religious movement with a looming doomsday prophecy. He is also the Development Executive Producer of docuseries The Deep End, just released this month.
Carrie Spots Bad Experts: MaxFunCon Edition
In this special live episode from MaxFunCon 2022, Carrie teaches a class on spotting “bad experts.” Learn to confirm a university degree, look up a license, find a business filing, and access court documents.
Ross and Carrie Have 100 Chakras: Raven Shamballa and Billy Carson Edition
Carrie and Carrie discuss Raven Shamballa, a psychic/former therapist who awoke from surgery and immediately discovered she was in contact with divine creatures; and Billy Carson, a ufologist with unusual insights into the history of humanity… and beyond.
Ross and Carrie Collide with Billy Carson: Ancient Cosmology Edition
Ross recounts an exclusive, paid talk by ufologist and “expert host” Billy Carson, who has the REAL story of how the Milky Way got here, what causes climate change, who created humans, and why we are here. Spoiler: it’s bleak!
Ross and Carrie and the Feast of Booths: Topsy Turvy Edition
Ross and Carrie recall a wondrous spread of booths at Conscious Life Expo. Ross sweats out toxins, Carrie questions someone selling vibration jewelry, and together they review supplements, books, pendants, charms, apps, pyramids, psychics, and shrooms.
Ross and Carrie Consult Bashar: Multi-Dimensional Channeler Edition
Ross and Carrie return to the Conscious Life Expo for a Q&A session with Bashar, the multi-dimensional and extra-terrestrial being channeled by Darryl Anka, Paul Anka’s cousin. Can he provide wisdom for our dimension? Find out here.
Ross and Carrie Load Up on Pills: Blood Analysis Edition
Ross drives to Costa Mesa for a blood analysis by Dr. Nick Delgado, and quickly racks up a bill for more than $1,000 in diagnostic tests and supplements. Ross and Carrie discuss the wide-ranging results, and share Dr. Nick’s ultimate sex secrets!
Ross and Carrie Tell the Best Kept Secret: Palm Leaf Reading Edition
Ross learns the BEST KEPT SECRET IN THE UNITED STATES! And it’s about ALIENS! Then Carrie attends a talk by one “Dr. Q,” who has an ancient manuscript bearing YOUR future. There’s only one catch: it’s on a palm leaf in India.
Ross and Carrie Call Collins In: Call-in Colin Show Edition
Welcome back to The Collin Show, where Colins call in. Our hosts chat with calling Colins about their unique experiences. Plus, psychic power animal readings, one in-studio Collin, a very effective exorcism, and Carrie calls out a non-Colin who calls in.
Ross and Carrie Count Alien Fingers: Linda Moulton Howe 2022 Edition
Ross and Carrie review recent events from their favorite government whistleblower, Linda Moulton Howe, an independent journalist who claims to have inside connections to alien abductees, CIA defectors, and more.
Ross and Carrie Fight the Power: Kelly Brown’s COVID Conspiracy Edition
Naturopath Kelly Brown blows the whistle on COVID, calling it a government-sponsored bioweapon aimed at mass execution. Carrie tells Ross about Brown's talk, and about the various belief sets that seem to be influencing and underpinning his theories.

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4.7 out of 5
4606 reviews
Bfetty8 2022/06/10
Extremely funny, extremely educational, extremely good
I finally started Oh No after being a loyal McElroy/Max Fun listener for 4 years. This pod is right up my alley and I’m so sad I waited so long. The i...
AwesomeEndsInMe 2022/06/09
Educational and Fun
Ross and Carrie always share so much knowledge during their investigations. Just random tidbits here and there. They’re so fun. I do feel like there a...
Lil H E 2022/06/08
Funny, Refreshing & Increasingly Relevant!
If you’ve ever had a coworker that regales you with stories of the hollow earth, or you didn’t know what to say to a relative that just REALLY wants y...
miracle heart 2022/05/03
A Must Listen
I wish everyone would listen to Oh No! It has actually had a huge impact on my life. As Ross and Carrie investigate religions, pseudoscience claims, c...
MadamMelonMeow 2022/04/28
Always a perfect podcast
Been listening since 2014, listened to every episode on backlog that year and each new episode since. Their dedication and professionalism when resear...
Shanedawsonroks 2022/04/26
My Fav Show!
My absolute favorite show. Ross and Carrie are informative, funny, and comforting! I always feel like I’m on the investigations right along side them ...
geridocq 2022/04/15
Wonderful podcast and hosts!
There is something soothing about listening to Ross and Carrie explore and endure oddities of spiritual life in America. They are excellent journalis...
Rlbsunshine 2022/04/14
Thank you Ross and Carrie :)
This is my new favorite podcast! I’m definitely going to become a sponsor next max fun drive
SlyFox270 2022/04/13
idk they make me laugh, i love their energy. i’ve learned stuff i never needed to know because of this show. currently relistening to older episodes b...
limp_triscuit 2022/04/12


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