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A look at the world of Radiation Oncology through the eyes of those on the front lines of cancer care. Interviews with the best minds in the field to discuss the best in new ideas, research and the future of Radiation Oncology Technology. Join us as we chat with members of Medical Physics, Medical Dosimetry, Radiation Therapy, Radiation Oncology Industry, Physics Professors, Educational Program Directors and more!

Podcast episodes

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Toxic Culture with Rajen Patel
Rajen Patel, VP of Consulting and Physics Solutions with Elite Oncology Solutions joins us to discuss identifying and healing from working in a toxic culture.
A Cancer Journey Guidebook with Sarah Ariaudo, Founder of Mindful Based Healing
Sarah Ariaudo joins Out of the Gray (Gy) to discuss her personal journey toward the creation of a tool, The Cancer Journey Guidebook, she designed to help those traversing the difficulties of a cancer diagnosis. Listen is and learn how Sarah’s efforts can help your patients as well as your team! https://www.mindfulbasedhealing.com/ or email Sarah here: hello@mindfulbasedhealing.com
CEU’s, Growth, Life and Leadership with the Founder of RadTechCredits.com, Lazar Lazarovski
Lazar with RadTechCredits.com joins Out of the Gray (Gy) to share his story in developing a way for folks with ARRT licensure requirements to access continuing education credits in a more affordable way!
Inspiring Growth and Developing Leadership with Matthew Goss
Join us as we chat with Matthew Goss, Medical Physicist, for a second time to cover leadership trends and opportunities.
Parental Leave in Medical Physics and Radiation Oncology
Kelly Paradis PhD, Elizabeth Covington PhD and Dennis Stanley PhD, join us to discuss the challenges faced by parents in today’s fast-paced and demanding RadOnc and MedPhys fields, and offer potential solutions for improvement.
Remote Planning updates with Lee Culp
Lee joins Out of the Gray (Gy) for an update on remote treatment planning!
Burnout in Medical Physics with Rajen Patel
Rajen joins us for a second time to discuss the repercussions and potential healing opportunities for burnout in the medical physics/ radiation oncology / healthcare fields.
Improvements in Gynecological Cancer Treatment with MR featuring W. Neil Duggar, PhD – Assistant Professor and Lead Clinical Physicist at the University of Mississippi Medical Center
W. Neil Duggar joins Out of the Gray (Gy) to chat about how implementing MR helped improved patient success rates!
PetCure - Radiation Oncology for pets with Radiation Therapist, Shivani Narayanan
Shivani Narayanan joins the show to discuss Radiation Oncology practices for our pets! We learn more about what the practices look like and how pet insurance can help pet owners seek treatment options.
Communication and Soft Skills in RadOnc and Medical Physics with Rajen Patel, Medical Physicist
Rajen joins us to chat about the development and implementation of soft skills across RadOnc and Medical Physics.
Interdepartmental Cohesion and Radiating Hope with Matthew Goss
Medical Physicist and Mountain Climber, Mathew Goss joins us to discuss inter-departmental cohesion within clinics across a chain and offers insights about his work with Radiating Hope!
Taking Pride In Our Modality and Purpose In Our Profession with Brandon Smith, Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Champion
We join Brandon Smith on his journey to discuss the role of professional organizations in our field! #BeRAD

Podcast Reviews

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4.8 out of 5
17 reviews
Elliott6923 2021/08/10
Engaging topics!
First few episodes I listened to were great
Mark.Yudi 2021/05/11
Just what the radiation oncology world needed!
As a podcast junkie, and a radiation oncology medical medics professional I think that this show is excellent!
ynglingHouse 2021/04/14
Great show!
Awesome topic and presentation!
physicslady1 2021/04/06
Amazing interview!!!
Quality info and lots of fun!


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