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On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doubt change your life for the better- guaranteed, or your money back. *Pretend a reggaeton air horn is going off right now* PMT.

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Ryan Whitney And Paul Bissonnette, The Avalanche Win The Cup + Mt Rushmore Of Things That Change After Age 30
The Colorado Avalanche are your Stanley Cup Champions. We talk about the Cup run, the keeper of the Cup and Stan Kroenke's hot streak. (00:02:08-00:15:55) Ole Miss wins the title #ThankYouMintzy. (00:15:58-00:19:44) Who's back of the week including Russell Wilson's crazy throw at AS Monaco and Jake calling PLL games. (00:20:51-00:34:17) Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette join the show (Taped last week) to talk about the season, Whit's golf game and then we do the Mt Rushmore of things that change after turning 30. (00:35:41-01:37:40) We finish with Hanks list. (01:38:16-01:44:34)
US Open Champ Matthew Fitzpatrick, NBA Draft And Mt Rushmore With Joey And Pat From Out And About
The NBA Draft happened and the Pistons are back. We talk about the picks and who we're most excited to watch. (00:02:36-00:27:01) Plus Jake is back on the call for PLL this weekend. SCF and the Avalanche have the cup in the building Friday night. (00:28:26-00:34:23) Roger Goodell went in front of Congress and Kyrie Irving wants out of Brooklyn. (00:34:25-00:43:27) US Open champ Matthew Fitzpatrick joins the show to talk about his incredible victory, screwing us over, what its been like after his big win and tons more. (00:44:38-01:07:13) Joey and Pat join us from the Out and About podcast to do the Mt Rushmore of straight things that are low key gay and we wrap up with Fyre Fest of the week. (01:08:05-01:55:38)
Ryen Russillo, Mt Rushmore Of Things We’ll Never Do And Brooks Koepka To The LIV Tour
Brooks Koepka has gone to the LIV tour and we give our punishment. (00:02:32-00:13:23) Stanley Cup Final is getting chippy and the Warriors Parade was very drunk. (00:13:26-00:19:40) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including balls and KD alpha’ing Big Cat. (00:20:32-00:35:52) Ryen Russillo joins the show to do the Mt Rushmore of things we’ll never do in life and then talk some NBA Draft. (00:37:32-01:49:24) We finish with Guys on Chicks (01:50:16-01:59:24)
Comedian Tom Segura, Crazy US Open Ending, SCF + Monday Ruling On Billy's Suspension
Wild finish at the US Open and we are sad about Will Zalatoris. Fitzpatrick's incredible shots and the story of his caddy is why we love sports. (00:02:53-00:22:39) Stanley Cup Final and the Avalanche are shit pumping the Lightning. (00:22:43-00:24:53) Cleaning up the NBA Finals + Skip vs Stephen A. (00:24:57-00:41:04) Who's back of the week including PFT's new contract and Joe Biden falling off a bicycle. (00:42:17-00:55:45) Comedian Tom Segura joins the show in studio to talk about his new book, the time he found a body, and helping us do the worst of idea weve been kicking around. (00:57:19-01:37:30) We finish the show with Monday Ruling about Billy. (01:38:45-01:54:11)
Warriors Win The NBA Finals, Hank Was Live On The Wood For Game 6, Golf Writer Bob Harig From The US Open Plus Cubs Patrick Wisdom And Frank Schwindel
The Golden State Warriors are your 2022 NBA Champions. Hank was live on the wood for Game 6 and explains his experience. We give the Warriors their credit and Steph gets his signature Finals MVP as well as their likeability as a Dynasty. (00:03:13-00:38:06) We then talk Stanley Cup Final, US Open and our colleague is now the Commissioner of the Mike Trout Fantasy League. (00:39:31-00:53:37) Bob Harig joins us live from the US Open to talk about his new book Tiger & Phil, the LIV tour, the US Open course and more with bonus incredible Phil stories from back in the day. (00:54:56-01:24:05) Cubs Patrick Wisdom and Frank Schwindel join the show in studio to talk baseball and some poorly timed questions about Frank pitching in blowouts (taped last Thursday). (01:24:10-01:52:49) We finish with Fyre Fest of the week and Billy thinks he can not show up to work because he's a big shot who got drunk on Wednesday night. (01:53:49-02:22:24)
SCF Preview With Ryan Whitney, Warriors Take 3-2 Lead & Guys On Chicks With Arian Foster
The Warriors take a 3-2 lead and we go around the room throwing takes at the wall until one sticks. Hank talks about how he’s feeling going into Thursday night and more. (00:02:19-00:34:35) Hot Seat Cool Throne including Brooks and Bryson and Zach Wilson looking crispy. (00:35:45-00:55:09) Ryan Whitney joins the show to talk about his international incident and previews the SCF final with some talking basketball as well. (00:56:41-01:33:08) We finish with a special guys on chicks with Arian Foster (01:34:06-02:00:58)
Paul Rabil, Mr Portnoy + Steph Curry's Legacy Game
Steph Curry's legacy game on Friday night. Big Cat was blacked out in California and took in game notes. Hank was at the game and we talk about upcoming Game 5 Monday. (00:02:32-00:21:48) LIV Golf and the Lightning are back in the SCF. (00:21:52-00:33:46) Who's back of the week including College Baseball talk and Joe Maddon got fired with a mohawk. (00:34:55-00:45:07) Paul Rabil joins us in studio to catch up on the PLL season, how we fix the waterdogs and new rules for Lacrosse. (00:46:51-01:25:34) Our lawyer and good friend Mr Portnoy joins us to catch up with some complaints and a final chapter on the burnt mail saga. (01:27:36-01:57:42) We finish with Dell/Sonia Curry swapsies explained and a recap of the weekend. (01:59:01-02:07:03)
Game 3 W/ Kirk Goldsberry, Danny Woodhead, And Hank Parties With Guy Fieri
We start with Hank’s night on the Wood for Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Sitting on Paul Pierce’s phone, and partying with Guy Fieri. (00:02:48-00:25:40) We talk LIV Golf and the Rams never stop spending. (00:25:46-00:32:52) Kirk Goldsberry joined us immediately after Game 3 to break it down and talk adjustments for Game 4. (00:34:05-01:11:18) Our good friend Danny Woodhead joins to talk about being 36 holes away from the US Open and his crazy golf career the last couple of years. (01:12:58-01:41:16) We finish with Fyre Fest of the week. (01:43:08-02:01:22)
Kentucky Sports Radio, QB Will Levis, The LIV Golf Tour & Guys on Chicks
We start with a little NHL and LIV Golf tour as the awkward new golf league is getting weirder.(00:02:13-00:19:49) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Deshaun Watson and Miles Bridges. (00:21:17-00:40:44) Best of our day on Kentucky Sports Radio including callers Harvey who talks to birds, Edy who has new NFT’s to pitch to us and starting UK Quarterback Will Levis. (00:42:37-01:37:15) We finish with guys on chicks (01:38:48-01:52:21)
Paul Bissonnette, Warriors Take Game 2 & Lebron Coming On Pardon My Take?
The 3rd Quarter Warriors showed up on Sunday night and we've got a 1-1 series. We talk about who should feel best after 2 games, Hank's wardrobe jinx, and Lebron coming on pardon my take in the future. (00:02:39-00:25:38) Who's back of the week including our good friend Max Homa and internet memes taking down Sony. (00:27:06-00:42:21) Paul Bissonnette joins the show to talk about an incredible weekend of hockey, his new hairdo, becoming best friends with Wayne Gretzky and some shout outs. (00:44:17-01:18:56) We finish with some PLL talk, the Waterdogs suck again and Hank and Bubba went to Darts over the weekend. (01:20:28-01:37:54)
Richard Jefferson, Meatball Molly + Celtics Win Game 1 With An Insane 4th Quarter
The Celtics win Game 1 with an insane 4th quarter and Hank is still in shock. We break down what exactly happened. (00:02:29-00:19:28) Then kick it back to the studio to talk about The Match and Mike Trout Fantasy GM. (00:20:57-00:34:49) Richard Jefferson joins the show to talk NBA Finals, what it takes to win, who the X Factor is and tons more. (00:35:58-01:12:53) We then have our colleague UFC Fighter Meatball Molly in studio to talk about her career, Liverpool, beating people up and tons more. (01:14:51-01:46:28) We wrap up with Fyre Fest of the week. (01:47:32-02:02:23)
Comedian Stavros Halkias, Celtics Going To The Finals & Joc Pederson vs Tommy Pham
The Celtics are headed to the NBA Finals after a thrilling Game 7. We talk about Sunday nights game and the upcoming NBA Finals. (00:02:41-00:29:04) Who's back of the week including European sports and existential dread. (00:30:25-00:46:10) Comedian Stavros Halkias joins the show to talk about his new comedy special out this Sunday, Cumtown, Ravens and tons more. (00:47:20-01:53:13) We finish with hockey talk and Joc Pederson vs Tommy Pham in an all time fantasy football fight. (01:54:43-02:14:24)

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4.9 out of 5
76757 reviews
Ftbaby 2022/06/25
Joe Flacco of Podcasts
jeremylinnydykstra 2022/06/24
Good show
Great show
Timmaayy77 2022/06/22
A Staple In My Routine
This podcast always keeps me laughing. I can’t wait for Mondays during football season, unless the Chiefs lose then I will skip. Love hearing their ...
dubyaduvall 2022/06/21
Post Monday Ruling
The show is better without Billy Football. Only thing needed to be said.
troy741 2022/06/20
Go pmt!
Pmt has help me get through so many things in life. They know how real sports fans deal and the pain we go through.
Skolbear 2022/06/20
Amazing that it took you guys until June of 2022 to realize what a detriment Billy is to the show. You wanted a caricature to pander to the next gene...
onionswatef 2022/06/18
I like that big cats version of having it hard is that he went out til 5 AM with the black hawks and then had to write some blogs the next day
BJ's Toones 2022/06/17
Painfully long episodes
Long time listener, first time reviewer. The episodes have turned into a chore to get through. Most of the interviews are fillers to put between ad re...
Bluntblazing 2022/06/17
Skip backs
Keeps skipping back 15 seconds multiple times this episode.
awebren 2022/06/15
One suggestion
Y’all gotta muzzle Hank. Him chiming in all the time is very annoying. Show’s great besides him talking so much. Please stick to the entertaining / no...


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