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Learn how to manage your home and homeschool with practical, simple, guilt-free ideas from a mom of 10!

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Being a Titus 2 Woman
Are you afraid you'll never be a good enough homemaker, mother, or Christian to qualify as a Titus 2 "older woman?"  You might need a dose of reality and humility - yes, I said humility.  Let's talk! Are you looking for more peace in your home?  My book - Creating a Peaceful Home - will lead you step by step toward a God-centered, peace-filled home life!
Life with All Littles
The truth about life with only little kids - how to survive and THRIVE through these little years! Get my ebook! So Many Littles, So Little Time use code: raisingarrows for 25% off (ends 7/1/22) Resources: Podcast #97 - Things Large Family Moms Can't Do
Returning to My Roots
2022 has me longing to return to my roots. In this podcast I explain what that means to me, and how you can return to your roots as well. Longing for quiet and calm in your home?  Get my ebook Creating a Peaceful Home at 25% off with code: raisingarrows Resources mentioned: Podcast #37 - How to Choose Extracurricular Activities for Your Family Podcast #97 - Things Large Family Moms Can't Do Mystie Winckler's Daily Card Workshop
Scrap Saving to Stretch Your Food Budget
Stop wasting food and stretch your food budget by using up leftovers in unique ways! Resources mentioned: Large Family Banana Bread Recipe Plastic Mason Jar Lids
How My Kids Make Money (and what they pay for)
What kind of jobs can homeschooled kids have to make money and prepare them for a career before they leave the house, and what should they be paying for within the household as they earn their own money. Resources mentioned: Podcast #15 - Clothing the Kids Table Chores (post) Cleaning Chores Podcasts - Podcast #46, Podcast #47, Podcast #48, Podcast #49
Managing a Massive Curriculum
If you are feeling behind with your curriculum perhaps it is because you are trying to do everything the curriculum suggests! Learn how you can manage overwhelming curricula so you can get it all done! Get my book: LARGE FAMILY HOMESCHOOLING Resources mentioned: Podcast #117 - Does My Child Have to Finish the Book Podcast #97 - Things Large Family Moms Can't Do  
Does My Child Have to Finish the Book?
The end of the school year is fast approaching, and it doesn't look like your child will be able to finish their workbook or textbook.  What do you do?!  And how did you get into this pickle in the first place? Get my book: LARGE FAMILY HOMESCHOOLING Resources mentioned: Homeschooling Year Round information Homeschooling Gaps (post) Tapestry of Grace information Homeschool Life posts
Good & Bad Reasons to Change Curriculum
Before you switch to a new curriculum, ask yourself these questions! Learn to tweak your curriculum to fit your needs with my ebooklet: How to Make Any Curriculum Work for Your Family Also mentioned: Podcast #115 - The Truth About Homeschool Burnout Assumptions That Affect Our Lives by Christian Overman
The Truth About Homeschool Burnout
When we are burned out with homeschooling, we often look to a change of schedule or curriculum, but that isn't usually the issue.  Learn what really turns things around in your homeschool! For more help, check out my ebook: Homeschooling with Purpose Also mentioned: Why Homeschool Gaps Aren't Mistakes (post)
How to Afford Groceries for Your Large Family
Tips and tricks for stretching your dollar to feed your family! Resources mentioned: Large Family Meal Planning page Master Grocery List Podcast #105 - Meal Planning over the Last 100 Years Podcast #14 - Aldi Grocery List & Budget Podcast #108 - The Foods I Buy in Bulk Price List (video) Prepper Princess YouTube channel
Decluttering with a Bunch of Kids
How to get your house decluttered when you have a lot of kids and not a lot of time! >> FREE DECLUTTERING TEMPLATE Need a change in your homeschool? Check out Miacademy - my favorite online learning platform! Resources mentioned: Home Management for the Homeschool Mom Dana White - Managing your Home without Losing Your Mind FLYlady.net FLYlady Kat YouTube channel
2022 Homeschool Goals & Plans
How to focus and move your homeschool forward this next school year without a lot of stress and worry that expectations won't be met. Get my ecourse! - Creating a Homeschool Schedule You Love!   In this episode: How I am homeschooling high school. How I am preparing my jr. high student for harder work. Our new Bible curriculum! and much more! Resources mentioned: Creating a Homeschool Schedule You Love! (ecourse) My YouTube Channel! Homeschool Graduation Requirements - A Simple Plan (post) Preparing Your Homeschooled Child for College (Podcast #44) Preparing Your Homeschooled Child for College, even if they don't go! (post) Tapestry of Grace Graphic Design class (my review) You ARE an Artist chalk art class (my review) Peaceful Press Dave Ramsey's Foundations

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
214 reviews
WelTea 2022/01/08
Excellent source of help and encouragement!
While I am considerably older than Amy I still learned so much from her insight into homeschooling and mothering. I suggest you start with episode #10...
LydsersK 2021/12/03
So helpful!
I’m a homeschooling mamma of 6 going on 7 and I am always so excited when I see Amy posted a new podcast. I eat up her tips and tricks, and have alrea...
stoltzfusrachel 2021/08/07
I think I found my new favorite podcast!
I love this podcast. The calm music in the opening and closing was enough to have me hooked. Raising Arrows has great homeschool tips, in a short 23-2...
davecronin2 2021/06/16
Not silly chit chat
Amy doesn’t ramble about her coffee, makeup and outings…she’s a real mom. Keeps it concise and real with real help.
kidstimes4 2021/04/06
I listen to these episodes over and over
As a mom of 4 little kids and homeschooling my oldest, I love the practical advice Amy gives! I feel like Amy and I have similar philosophies and pers...
DoxieLover937383 2020/12/09
Love it!
Oh goodness! So much advice that is in just the first 10 episodes! I love her practical, advice for new homeschool moms with simple tips and suggestio...
B0bb1 J0 2020/09/10
I’m new to podcasts, and homeschooling. I found Raising Arrows and knew from the very first episode that I would be hooked. Amy is awesome and very en...
mjblessedbyfour 2020/04/29
Raising Arrows has been an encouragement and blessing to me and my family. So much practical help and encouragement to make my kids’ childhood one the...
jordiemtin 2020/03/19
Listen and be encouraged!
With a very down-to-earth, realistic perspective, Any imparts practical wisdom and Godly encouragement for moms.
C_Arnold 2020/01/22
A chat with a friend
Listening to the Raising Arrows podcast is like a chat with a friend who’s a bit farther down the path than I am. I’ve gleaned so many helpful tips an...


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