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The Raising Lifelong Learners podcast helps parents -- especially homeschooling parents -- encourage their differently-wired kids to learn, explore passions, cultivate creativity, and become fascinated by the world around them. Join host Colleen Kessler -- educational consultant, gifted specialist, author, and speaker -- for interviews, audioblogs, tips, and encouragement to help your differently-wired kiddos become lifelong learners -- children who know that they can find the answers to anything they want to know if they can just view their world with play, passion, and fascination.

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RLL #157: Navigating Summer Learning With Gifted And Twice Exceptional Kids
Summer is just around the corner. Navigating the summer months with your gifted and twice exceptional child can bring on a new level of challenges. Colleen shares her family's plans and offers resources to help. 
RLL #156: Why Community Is So Important For Gifted And Twice Exceptional Kids
In this episode, Colleen shares the unique role that community plays in the life of a gifted and twice exceptional child. She discusses why it matters and how to go about finding the right community for your family. 
RLL #155: Perfectionism and Your Gifted Child
In this episode, Colleen talks frankly about the impact of perfectionism on gifted children and how parents can help. 
RLL #154: The Power Of Reading For Gifted Children (Advanced Readers And Social Emotional Learning)
In this episode, Colleen and Shawna discuss the unique role reading and story can play in the life of a gifted child. They share information on how to help an advanced reader and the role of books in social emotional learning for gifted and twice exceptional kids. 
RLL #153: Inquiry Based Learning For Gifted Kids
This series is all about equipping our kids for the future with a sense of wonder, adventure, joy and encouragement. Today's topic is a discussion about inquiry based learning - what inquiry based learning really is, plus resources and ideas for how to incorporate it into your homeschool.  Learn more about Synthesis --https://go.synthesis.is/rll
RLL #152: Project Based Learning For Gifted Kids
RLL #151: Play-Based Learning In Your Homeschool
This new series is all about equipping our kids for the future with a sense of wonder, adventure, joy and encouragement. Today, Colleen specifically explores the power of play-based learning, and provides practical examples of how to incorporate it into your homeschool.  Learn more about Synthesis: https://go.synthesis.is/rll
RLL #150: Future Proofing Our Kids In An Ever Changing World
This new series is all about equipping our kids for the future with a sense of wonder, adventure, joy and encouragement. Today's topic is an introduction, all about "future proofing" our kids in an ever changing world. Throughout the course of this series, we'll discuss child led learning and interest driven choices that we can make in our homeschool, to help prepare our children for the future. (Learn more about Synthesis ---> https://go.synthesis.is/rll)
RLL#149: Moms With ADHD Homeschooling Children With ADHD
This continues our series all about homeschooling a child with ADHD. Today, I'm sharing my own experience as a mom with ADHD homeschooling my own children with ADHD. This episode includes research about the family genetics of ADHD, coping strategies for moms in the trenches, and how to create the best possible environment for homeschooling a child with ADHD when you have ADHD yourself. 
RLL #148: Motivating Your Child With ADHD
We continue our series all about homeschooling a child with ADHD. Today, Shawna Wingert joins Colleen to share 7 tips for motivating your child with ADHD.
RLL#147: Homeschooling Tips For Wiggly Kids
This series is all about homeschooling a child with ADHD. Today, Colleen shares her best tips for homeschooling a child who struggles with sitting still and is often "wiggly" throughout their learning. 
RLL#146: ADHD And Your Homeschool, An Overview
In this episode, we kick off our new series all about homeschooling with ADHD. Today, our focus is an overview of ADHD, and how it impacts your child and your homeschool. Colleen also shares tips for successfully homeschooling your child with ADHD.

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
155 reviews
faeye 2022/05/04
Favorite podcast
I have learned so much from Colleen at RLL. It really is one of my favorite podcasts. I love Colleen's voice, and I feel like she really GETS my unsch...
Kate with The Living Family 2022/04/14
Great, Great, Great Podcast!
I love the practical tips in this podcast. I find myself referencing it often and easily taking action! What a wonderful resource. ??
krchat 2021/10/27
So much help and practical tips! I feel like someone understands my kids and has now given me more understanding!!
Lindsay photog 2021/05/12
The best!
I listen to a lot of podcasts about autism, homeschooling, and Christian motherhood and this is one of my favorite by far! I love Colleen’s insight an...
Dpippen 2021/05/04
Colleen was the first person to open my ideas to the idea of twice exceptional kid. Having resources to address these needs is so valuable! Thank you ...
ColoradoEmily 2021/04/08
So thankful!
I feel like I have found my people in Raising Lifelong learners and Colleen. I am so thankful for the work she does. I am parenting and homeschooling ...
megan@podcastingyou 2021/03/25
Love This Podcast!
This podcast has such great content! Colleen does such a good job covering a variety of topics. Her guests offer awesome advice as well. I would recom...
Makemelaugh17 2020/12/06
A lighthouse for gifted homeschooling
I am so thankful for this podcast. I return to it again and again as we forge a new path for our daughter’s education. Colleen gives endless helpful t...
GracieBear2213 2020/06/07
So informative and encouraging!
Colleen pulls you in and talks you down from the panic of being your child’s “person”! She has practical ideas and tools and talks to great guests ab...
jesshb7 2020/04/22
Great information
Great info about homeschooling differently wired kids. Keep up the good work


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