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Get actionable ideas, insight & inspiration to turn your real estate career into a life of freedom. Real Estate Uncensored delivers 3 live shows/wk showing you how to blend the latest high-tech and high-touch prospecting, sales and marketing strategies to grow your real estate business. Featuring interviews with mega agents like Joshua Smith, Jeff Cohn, Brett Tanner, Greg Harrelson, Jeff Latham, Kirby Skurat, Aaron Wittenstein, Marti Hampton and many more. You’ll learn how to make 100+ calls/hr, how to use prospecting systems and scripts to sell 500 homes/yr, how to bring homes to market & actually get them sold, how to run high-tech open houses & much more. Co-hosted by Greg McDaniel, the "Junior Grandmaster" / Bay area Realtor, and Matt Johnson, partner in Elite Real Estate Systems / founder of Pursuing Results, a podcast PR + production firm.

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Prospect Like a Sales Pro
Prospecting is a crucial part of running a thriving real estate business, but not all agents are good with prospecting or even comfortable with it. But how can we get more clients if we don’t network? In this episode, you’ll learn how to properly communicate with your prospects to close deals and gain referrals.   Things You’ll Learn in This Episode  Why your tone and words are crucial when talking to leads Why you should excite your prospect The 5 elements you should hit in your prospecting  How to apply the Marketing Rule of 3 Why it’s essential to network with other people
Content Creation and Brand Authority Are Must-Haves in Your Business
Not being in front of the right audience means your content won't achieve its desired effect, but that’s not all that matters. How you create your content and what you include in it are also key factors. How do you get these things right?  In today's episode, the roundtable provides advice on how content creation and building your brand will help you stand out in the real estate industry.   Things You’ll Learn in This Episode  Why you have to be authentic in making content Why you should consider your audience before you produce content  How building your brand authority can help you acquire clients Why you need to remove expectations  Why you should hone your craft Why you need to demonstrate your expertise to get leads
Provide More Value to Your Sphere
As agents, we have many connections, relationships and people we’ve transacted with over the years. The challenge is staying relevant and top of mind with these people. How do we reach out and provide value to them? In this episode, Coach Hank shares how to maintain relationships with your clients to achieve success in your real estate business.   Things You’ll Learn in This Episode  How to reach out to your sphere Why traditional skill sets matter in Real Estate Why you should cultivate relationships with influential people Why you should position yourself as a problem-solver Why you need to adapt when things are changing 
How to KILL as a New Agent
When you are a new agent or an experienced agent in a new location, the idea of getting new clients can be daunting. You might not know anyone in the area, or really know much about this new market.  How do you grow your business as a total newbie? In this episode, the roundtable shares how to adapt to your new situation and achieve success.   Things You’ll Learn in This Episode  How to find clients that you’d like to work with Why you should be relatable to gain clients Why trust is important to get referrals Why it’s crucial to build and maintain relationships Why it’s essential to serve other people  
Start From Scratch
Whether you’re a brand new agent or a seasoned agent who has pivoted into a new area, starting over can be a huge challenge. In order to succeed, we have to evolve our skill set and equip ourselves for the market.  How do we set ourselves up for success if we’re starting from scratch? What are the 3 areas we need to dial in?  In this special episode, Coach Hank shares his experience of starting from scratch and shares how to work your way up to the top.  Things You’ll Learn in This Episode  Why you need to have sufficient market knowledge Why you should build and cultivate relationships with good agents How to stand out consistently  Why you have to put in work before gaining balance How to create urgency for your clients
The Market Shift Is Here: 3 things you need to do right now
When the market is shifting, the strategies that used to work won’t be as effective as before. We need to work harder to acquire leads and close deals. How do we adapt to this more competitive situation? In this episode, the roundtable provides tips on what you should do to adjust to the market shift and to thrive in the real estate business.   Things You’ll Learn in This Episode  Why you should brush up on your scripts Why you need to share your story  Why you should have a solid Unique Selling Proposition How to demonstrate brand authority Why marketing is centered on relationships
Should You Join a Team as a New Agent?
When you are a new agent, you still have a lot to learn before you become successful in the industry. But the problem is - should you try to learn those skills on your own or is it better to join a team? In this episode, Coach Hank Avink discusses the effects of joining a team as a new agent and what you should do to succeed in Real Estate. Things You’ll Learn in This Episode; How joining a team can help you gain experience Why you should prioritize learning skills instead of earning money Why you need to choose a team that provides mentorship Why you shouldn’t be afraid of early friction Why it’s crucial to hustle in order to be successful
How to Get Clients and Referrals for Your Real Estate Business
Any real estate agent can generate leads, but it’s not guaranteed that we can convert them to clients or get referrals. Is there a better way to get business?  Can we create a business that will generate referrals for years and set us free from high pressure sales?  In today’s episode of Real Estate Uncensored, we’re joined by owner of The Maroon Group Real Estate, CEO of Business By Relationships and host of the podcast Serving Not Selling, Garrett Maroon. You’ll learn why building relationships with your clients is key to a sustainable real estate business.   Things You’ll Learn in This Episode  How to stay in touch with your sphere Why you should use the relationships that you currently have Why you should find clients that are a good fit for your business Why you need to share expectations with the client early on  Why you need to show people that you care for them
Help!!! I only have a $500 marketing budget... What should I do?
Real estate agents are hesitant to invest a lot of money into marketing. Is a small budget enough to get the results we want?  In today’s episode, the roundtable provides advice on how to save money on marketing and what you should focus on for the best ROI.   Things You’ll Learn in This Episode  Why you should avoid the scarcity mentality Why marketing is a continuous process How partnering with another business can help you save money Why you should focus on branding and establishing a solid USP Why brands should have retargeting and remarketing How leveraging can help your real estate business
Caution: Pitfalls of Being a Successful Agent EARLY
Everyone has their own timing - some agents take years to achieve success while others do extremely well when they’re just starting out, which actually has its disadvantages. What are the benefits and drawbacks of early success? What happens if you can’t handle the pressure of it all? In this special episode, Coach Hank shares how quick success can affect your life and what you need to adapt to those changes.   Things You’ll Learn in This Episode  How being successful early on can change your life Why you shouldn’t compare yourself to other agents Why you should avoid living a fraudulent life Why you need to live your life at your own pace How to accept inevitable problems 
Native Content, Competitor Analysis & Vertical Videos are the Key to Success. Here’s Why
Researching, creating, editing, and uploading content can be quite time-consuming. If we were to add all those things to our list of business tasks, nothing would get done. Is there a way to make things easier? What are the simplest yet most effective ways to make better content?  In this episode, the roundtable talks about content creation, and the best ways to disseminate information to stand out in the industry.   Things You’ll Learn in This Episode  Why social media platforms don’t want repurposed videos Why competitor analysis is crucial before making content How to make use of vertical videos to increase brand awareness How demonstrating a solid USP will help you gain clients Why continuous learning is essential for growth
How To Get Clients from Social Media (Without Spamming People)
Social media is a great source of business for real estate agents, but with so many people on the hunt for clients, consumers have their guard up. The last thing we want is to be perceived as spammy, so how do we reach out to potential clients?  In this special episode Coach Hank joins us to share how to acquire clients on social media platforms.    Things You’ll Learn in This Episode  How to adapt to changes in the social media atmosphere  Why you should observe and digest before trying out a platform  How the 50-20-5-1 rule can help you grow your business  Why social proof is enough to gain clients  What platforms you should check out depending on your generation

Podcast Reviews

Read Real Estate Uncensored - Real Estate Sales & Marketing Training Podcast podcast reviews

4.8 out of 5
259 reviews
Aussie Agent Denver 2022/05/11
Loving these last few episodes with Matt
Just wanted to pop in and say I have really appreciated these last few episodes where Matt is interviewing one on one. Love that they are 30 minutes a...
Alexstrath1 2022/04/20
Humor & information
Because of its vibrancy and sense of humor, your podcast is one of my faves among all the others I've listened to. I particularly love your recent epi...
megan@podcastingyou 2022/01/04
Great Content!
Greg and Matt do such a good job covering a variety of topics. Their guests offer awesome advice as well. I would recommend this show to anyone lookin...
maddie@podcastingyou 2021/11/18
Highly informative!
So much information in each episode! Experienced and knowledgeable guests combined with Greg and Matt’s incredible hosting skills make this podcast a ...
Hsjfkgktvdhfkf 2021/09/27
Best interview style
The hosts lead these interviews in a way that truly showcases their guests experiences and advice. Cannot recommend enough. Great show!
Heather Bo 2021/09/24
Awesome Podcast!
Great content and knowledgeable guests! Greg and Matt present smart and actionable strategies to grow your business.
Armando Races Bikes 2021/09/19
Armando in Houston Tx (Real Estate Agent)
Excellent, comedic, educational, and overall great podcast; I just started listening and I cannot stop, please send help, and popcorn and adult bevera...
Matt's Red Honda Civic 2021/07/27
GA Realtor listener
Love the focus on ‘actionable’ and the authenticity from the hosts and guests. Thanks for the valuable content!
Realtor Rob D 2021/03/31
Energy and Insights
There hasn’t been one episode where Greg and team have not motivated me to execute and/or educated me on what I need to do to scale and excel in my bu...
My Core Intentions 2021/03/19
Good Stuff
This stuff is good these guys are funny and filled with life There is a a lot to learn too....


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