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Welcome to the Real Life Weight Loss Podcast where we cut through the confusion and get down to the truth - down to what really works for REAL people when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. We're diving into the most doable, sustainable weight loss strategies. This podcast is all about busy moms, dads, husbands, wives who are working, raising kids, and trying to juggle everything life’s throwing at them … but also want to be the best they can for their family and friends and loved ones. I’m your host Corey Little, a nutritionist and weight loss specialist with 2 degrees, 3 certifications, and 20 years of experience. I've been a champion bodybuilder with 3% body-fat and I’ve also pigged out at all-you-can-eat buffets and have a deep love of food and enjoying life like crazy! So, I’m not some Nutrition Robot or extremist. I’m a real person just like you who loves the good things in life - friends, family, and all the delicious food that comes with it. So, make no mistake - this podcast is NOT about how to get six-pack abs or how to drop as much weight as possible in 8 weeks. There’s more to life than abs and there’s more to your body than how much you weigh. Honestly, weight loss is not really about losing weight … it’s about gaining life! Doing things you never thought you could. Having renewed confidence. And enjoying your body and your health more than ever. Week by week, I’ll provide bite-sized guidance - 15 to 20 minute episodes that pull back the curtain and reveal the truth about what it takes to lose weight and gain life - what strategy and approach real people are using to get results without giving up their day-to-day life. And here’s the really cool part … It’s really not as hard or confusing as you might think. Changing your body, getting crazy healthy, and demanding success from life is do-able for everyone - and it can be fun - and I’ll show you how.

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How To Lose Weight Crash Course
This is the stuff I WISH everyone knew (and would do!) before trying to lose weight by jumping into some fad diet or workout program. In this episode, I’m giving you 3 specific steps for losing weight successfully. I can almost guarantee it will totally change how you think about the process of weight loss. It’s time for you to have clarity, a clear plan of action, and some incredible support. If you’ve ever said or thought any of the following, then I highly recommend you listen and take notes! “I want to lose weight” “Lose weight to feel better” “I just want to be healthier” “I want to look fit” “I’m going to cut back a little here and there” “I’m cutting out bread” “I’m cutting out carbs” “I’m cutting out desserts” “Can I lose weight while drinking wine?” “I need to cut out sugar” “I’m going to cut out red meat” “I’ll exercise everyday.” “I’ve got to be more active” “I need to eat healthier” “I need to eat less sugar” “I’m going to track every meal” “I’m counting calories” Forewarning - there might be a tough love in there also :) CONTACT COREY: ( ) FREE CLASS: (
A Skill That Will Help You Achieve Almost Anything You Want In Life
What I’m explaining today is basically a required ingredient for success in any area of life. And it’s certainly required for weight loss success. Whether we like it or not, achieving our goals comes down to 2 things. And when we don’t have these two things … We eat things we regret eating. We say things we wish we could take back? We do things we wish we hadn’t done. We buy things that aren’t necessary and never get used. As if that’s not bad enough, it also chips away at our self image, causes us to doubt ourselves, lie to ourselves, and become mentally weak. Then, before we know it, we’re stuck in that dreaded “try and fail” cycle where you don’t believe in yourself and feel defeated before you even get started. But here’s the good news . . . Today you can learn how to overcome all of that. Ya ready? Let’s get to it! INSTAGRAM: @coreylittlecoach FACEBOOK: CoreyLittleCoaching FREE CATALYST AUDIO PROGRAM: (
Fast Weight Loss Benefits and Drawbacks
Is losing weight fast okay? Is losing weight fast the best choice for you? Can you keep weight off if you lose it fast? Today, we answer all of those questions and more as we explore the benefits and drawbacks of losing weight fast. See . . . It seems like there are tons of options for losing weight . . . Keto, Paleo, Whole30, tracking macros, counting calories, Weight Watchers, Noom, going gluten free, cutting out dairy, eating low fat, high protein diets, 7-day detoxes, circuit training, strength training, group fitness classes, 1 hour of cardio everyday, yoga to lengthen your muscles, and Pilates to tone. The list goes on and on, but in reality there are only two ways to lose weight. I explain both approaches in today’s episode as well as two hidden pitfalls that you definitely want to avoid! FREE ONLINE CLASS: ( CONTACT COREY:
The Worst Weight Loss Advice Ever
I can almost guarantee that you’ve heard one of these terrible pieces of advice. There’s a good chance some of this crap has sunk into your brain and you might even say it to yourself! The problem is . . . It seems like good advice on the surface, but it is 100% NOT helpful at all. Matter of fact, some of this advice just leaves us confused and discouraged. Today I share 7 of the worst pieces of weight loss advice I’ve ever heard. But we don’t stop there! We go from horrible advice to the best advice. I provide you with specific “do this” coaching guidance to replace each of the 7 tips that just don’t work. This episode could be the eye-opening, mindset-shifting piece of advice you’ve been looking for! INSTAGRAM: ( FACEBOOK: ( FREE CATALYST AUDIO PROGRAM: (
What Losing Weight Really Looks Like
“It's amazing the insight I get when I stop using food as a crutch.” “You’re not alone if you’re having a hard or weird or off night.” “There is no pause button on life” “Treat yourself with kindness while still maintaining integrity.” Just a few incredible words of wisdom from people going through the same journey that you are. Today I’m sharing stories from real people (just like you!) who are at all different stages of losing weight. You’ll hear their victories and struggles and what the bully in their brain says to them along the way. They’re overcoming hurdles, changing their brain, and transforming their life. You’re going to hear about non-scale victories, emotional eating, “feeling our feelings”, and how to stop beating ourselves up mentally. Plus … the goal you didn’t even know that you should have! See, many of us have this dream of what losing weight will be like. When, in reality, it’s not that way at all. Success often doesn’t look or feel how we think it will. It can be really helpful to get a real life view of what people are doing and overcoming in order to lose weight and achieve their goals. That’s what today’s episode is all about! FREE ONLINE CLASS: ( CONTACT COREY:
Weight Loss and Diet Myths - Part Two
Lose belly fat, the best diet pills, how to lose weight fast, fat loss cream, burn fat while eating your favorite foods, detoxes, herbal cleanses, and the grapefruit diet . . . Those are the obvious weight loss myths that I hope you’re not falling for. But that’s not what this episode is about. Today we explore the less obvious stuff - the things that you might say or believe, that seems to make sense on the surface … but can totally derail you or just leave you unsatisfied and unhappy. Check out this episode and you’ll discover . . . How your hormones and genetics impact weight loss Why “not having enough time” might really be a way of saying something totally different How to lose weight when you’re busy and don’t have time Does keto work How carbs impact our brain and body The truth about carbs FREE ONLINE CLASS: ( CONTACT COREY:
Weight Loss Myths
Diet pills, 7-day detoxes, herbal cleanse, apple cider vinegar, and the best weight loss supplement … you know, that special extract from the Amazon rainforest that melts fat like butter! Those are the obvious weight loss myths that I hope you’re not falling for. But that’s not what this episode is about. Today we explore the less obvious stuff - the things that circulate in the weight loss that seems legit, but can totally derail you or just leave you unsatisfied and unhappy. Check out this episode and you’ll discover . . . How your body is kind of like a swimming pool Why losing weight with exercise is similar to getting out of debt How to find your ideal weight Why you might be shooting for the wrong goal FREE ONLINE CLASS: ( CONTACT COREY:
The Question You Should Ask Before Starting Any Diet or Weight Loss Program
Have you ever wondered if a certain diet is right for you? Or maybe you just want to know which diet is best for you. Or which weight loss program is best for you. In today’s episode, we explore some pros and cons of Keto, Paleo, Whole30, tracking your macros, counting calories, weight loss detoxes, cleanses, and 21 day weight loss challenges. Plus, I explain the question you need to ask before starting any diet or weight loss program. Answering this one question will give you so much insight and save you from tons of wasted effort and disappointment. We wrap up with 3 big takeaways that will help you overcome some mental hurdles that might’ve been holding you back and move forward without “falling off the wagon”. FREE ONLINE CLASS: ( CONTACT COREY:
How To Overcome Negative Emotions That Keep You From Losing Weight
There’s so much more to losing weight than just “eating right” and “exercising more”. Diet and exercise don’t exist in a vacuum. We must learn to navigate all that life throws at us and overcome the negative emotions that cause us to fall off the wagon. That’s exactly what today’s episode is about - learning how to lose weight when life gets messy. You’re going to learn about . . . The wrong way to handle our mental-emotional tornadoes The power of “getting it out” How your brain works just like your car’s alignment Where I might’ve been accidentally misleading you The death bed vs Instagram philosophies to weight loss And 3 ways to calm negative emotions and see more clearly Carve out 30 minutes, listen, and take my challenge! FREE ONLINE CLASS: ( FREE CATALYST AUDIO PROGRAM: (
The Problem With Starting Fresh Monday
Have you ever said - “Oh, I’ll just start fresh on Monday”? Have you ever been on a diet, royally screwed up, fallen off the wagon, and then . . . You just trashed that week and planned to start over fresh, with a clean slate? If so, don’t worry, it’s not just you. This mentality is very common. Which is unfortunate, because it can also be crippling. This “start fresh Monday” mentality can really screw up your chances for long-term weight loss and health success. In today’s episode, I explain … Why “starting fresh on Monday” is a total lie The 1-2 punch that falling off the wagon causes The difference between fresh start mentality vs truly changing your lifestyle Why we must look deep into our weight loss “black box” And I wrap up with 3 specific steps to help you overcome this problem and actually move toward true, life-changing success with your body. FREE CATALYST AUDIO PROGRAM: ( FREE ONLINE CLASS: (
From Fad Diets and Depression to Healthy and Happy
“Why am I starting my day getting on a scale, getting mad, and then looking in the mirror and saying a bunch of nasty stuff to myself that I would never say to anyone else?” Do NOT MISS THIS EPISODE! Low fat diet, Herbalife, South Beach Diet, No Carb diet, reintroducing carbs, Hydroxycut pills, The Plan elimination diet, and Carrot Soup. He’s done them all! You’re going to hear Rob’s incredible story. And I guarantee you’ll connect with his experiences and what he shares. Rob has … Tried almost every fad diet you can think of Always gained 10+ pounds during the holidays Had back surgery Battled depression Been downright mean to himself Fought the bully in his brain And lost a lot of weight and gained it all back multiple times But now … Rob is healthy and, best of all, HAPPY. Has he lost weight? Oh yeah! But his emotional state and peace of mind with food and his body are what he loves most. From college football player to truck driver to teacher … From overweight to losing 50+ pounds and gaining it all back … From depressed and lost to happy and healthy. Like I said, don’t miss Rob’s story. FREE LIVE CLASS April 14th 8pm EST: Register at
Is This The Fastest Way To Lose Weight?
Is combining keto and intermittent fasting the fastest way to lose weight? It's becoming a popular diet trend that I’m seeing more and more. It seems like a can’t-miss combo of two powerhouse diets, but . . . Is it a good idea? Is it the fastest way to lose weight? Is it the best weight loss approach? And should YOU do it? That’s exactly what we’re discussing today. I’m going to explain what Keto is, how it works, if it’s safe, and one of the biggest keto mistakes people make. I’ll also pull the curtain back on Intermittent Fasting and explain the benefits, drawbacks, safety, and if research shows that it works for losing weight. Today you’re going to learn the truth about both diets and if combining Keto and Intermittent Fasting is the right choice for your weight loss goals. We look at the science and research along with my real world experience to provide the best, most realistic answers. Grab your cup of coffee and let’s do this! FREE LIVE CLASS April 14th 8pm EST: Register at

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4.9 out of 5
161 reviews
NeWaGe24 2022/06/21
Very helpful
A very knowledgeable weight loss coach and every episode is worth listening to.
jennable1 2022/06/04
So helpful!
I stumbled across Corey’s podcast, and wow! The information he shares is always spot on. In order to be healthy, you must first start with your mindse...
Kiki4663 2022/06/01
Common sense advice
I love the simple, common sense, and actionable advice! 100% worth the listen!
NiniMomof3 2022/05/20
Life changing!
This podcast has really changed my life! I’ve struggled with weight since I was a teenager, and I’m a smart and informed person so I’ve read the books...
Tim 1657 2022/05/04
Having this guy in your corner is a game changer
Much more than a weight loss podcast - it’s life changing
Falconwing 's life 2022/05/02
Factual & Funny
Today I was listening to an older episode and was laughing out loud in my car. Truths are spoken here! “It’s not a college degree” was such an eye ope...
Mark Lovecchio 2022/03/21
Most impactful podcast I have ever listened to
If I could give Corey 100 stars, it still wouldn’t be enough. For most of my adult life I have been in reasonably good shape, but it was always a phys...
elizad123 2022/03/20
I just found this…
And I’ve been thinking differently! Corey Little has a desire to change the way we think about weight loss and I’m finding it refreshing, motivating a...
debba2011 2022/03/17
I have been listening to different podcasts, about weight loss. When I found this one I stopped. I really understand what he is saying. It is very p...
In-house Bob 2022/02/06
Excellent podcast
Corey provides honest and thoughtful advice for life and weight loss. Each podcast has a nugget to ponder. I never considered the mental part of losi...


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