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Inside the biggest stories in music, hosted by Rolling Stone senior writer Brian Hiatt. Featuring interviews with top artists, expert insight on new releases and breaking news from the Rolling Stone staff, and much more.

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Drake, Beyoncé, and the Dance-Music Vibe Shift. Plus: Paul McCartney at 80
Drake and Beyoncé's house-influenced new releases want to make you dance; Jeff Ihaza and Mankaprr Conteh join host Brian Hiatt to discuss. Plus: Rob Sheffield on Paul McCartney at 80 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Kate Bush's "Stranger Things" Moment – and the Confessions of Megan Thee Stallion
We explore how "Stranger Things" revived Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill," with Rob Sheffield joining host Brian Hiatt – and go inside the reporting of Megan Thee Stallion's new Rolling Stone cover story and preview her new album with Mankaprr Conteh Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Steve Jones on the Sex Pistols' Real Story
From his relationship with Chrissie Hynde to the truth about Sid Vicious, Steve Jones tells all about his time in the Sex Pistols Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Inside the World of Blackpink
We go inside the reporting of Rolling Stone's new cover stories on the world's biggest girl group, with reporter Haeryun Kang joining host Brian Hiatt Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Harry Styles' "Harry's House": The Ultimate Breakdown
We go track by track through Harry Styles' new album, "Harry's House," with Brittany Spanos and Rob Sheffield joining host Brian Hiatt for the discussion Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Triumphs and Controversies of Kendrick Lamar's Return
Kendrick Lamar is tearing apart his own image – and everyone's confused. Marcus J. Moore, author of the definitive biography The Butterfly Effect, joins host Brian Hiatt to break down the long-awaited Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ben Fong-Torres on Backstage Secrets of the 1970s
Writer Ben-Fong Torres, star of the new Netflix documentary 'Like A Rolling Stone: The Life and Times of Ben-Fong Torres,' looks back at his groundbreaking Rolling Stone work – including interviews with Ray Charles, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, and George Harrison – in conversation with host Brian Hiatt Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sheryl Crow Tells All
Sheryl Crow, the subject of the new documentary Sheryl, looks back on her whole career in revealing interviews with host Brian Hiatt  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Notorious B.I.G.: The Untold Story
As the Notorious B.I.G.'s 50th birthday approaches, we look back at his life and music, with Justin Tinsley, author of the revelatory new book It Was All a Dream: Biggie and the World That Made Him joining host Brian Hiatt Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Kurt Vile: The Rolling Stone Interview
Kurt Vile digs deep in an interview with host Brian Hiatt, discussing his new album Watch My Moves (including his killer version of Bruce Springsteen's "Wages of Sin"), loving Wu-Tang Clan, getting high at a Bob Dylan concert, why he wants Miley Cyrus to cover his songs, drugs, "dad-rock," guitar sounds, and much more Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Puerto Rican Rap Superstar Residente on His Campaign to Redefine "America"
Residente explains why his new song "This Is Not America" tells U.S. residents to stop calling themselves "Americans" in an interview with Julyssa Lopez. Plus, a look back at his Calle 13 days and much more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Exclusive: Grammy Producers Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Secrets, Address Criticism and More
Grammy executive producers Ben Winston and Raj Kapoor explain how BTS' performance almost didn't happen and other backstage tales, take on various critiques of the show, and explain how the Grammys are going to keep on changing Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Podcast Reviews

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4 out of 5
738 reviews
Srconroy77 2022/05/28
Mostly awesome podcast
Really wonderful podcast, I just wish they’d make a bit more effort on the production side. Too often these remind me of awful Zoom meetings at work w...
gigisurfs 2022/06/18
Musical honesty
So grateful for this podcast.
alexvoz 2022/02/07
Good content, subpar production
I enjoy the conversations very much. However, the production value is pretty bad. It sounds cheap. Voice levels, cut-ins to and from the ads, even the...
Mary Gladstone 2022/04/09
Rolling Stone Music
I’ve enjoyed listening to Rolling Stone music as someone who dabbles in song writing it often provokes new ideas for creativity. How thinking outside ...
Megan 0571 2022/02/18
immature gossip
programs and commentary with the likes of andy green and brian h, are inane. pathetic, brain clog yapp.
camanz 2022/02/06
Rolling Stone politics?
In response to comments about it should be just about the music, you obviously have no idea of what “music” “lyrics” are about. Keep it up rolling sto...
bostonme 2021/12/30
Steely Dan
How I love them They write the story of my youth!!!❤️❤️???
Sldub 2022/02/04
Skip the politics
Not interested in the political takes. Stick to the music.
ChaucerXIV 2022/02/04
Would love to hear discussions on music - but what you will get here is nauseatingly smug, lock-step, left-wing, uneducated political comments from ps...
Kirky Silverspoon 2021/12/31
Racist Clapton is peak EC!
5 stars when you talk about music for White people. 0 Stars when music from untermensch is acknowledged.


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