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On the RP Podcast, Nick and Lori discuss various nutrition and training related topics with both the super accomplished members of RP’s 1:1 coaching team as well as with RP’s amazing athletes, across various sports!

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Do Hard Things
0:20 Intro to author Steve Magness 1:58 What do most highly successful people have in common 8:40 Dealing with struggles and negativity bias 13:00 Steve's take on social media 21:00 Limitations of willpower 23:30 Explaining minimum effective dose 29:05 Benefits of accountability 35:53 Why do hard things 41:01 What are hard things so rewarding 46:20 Finding meaning and purpose 48:20 How to become more resilient 52:30 Navy SEAL training 1:01:18 Explaining the mastery mindset
RP Transformation Challenge 3rd Place Finisher, Cathleen Turner
0:36 Third place female in transformation challenge 1:47 Her fitness background 5:11 How did her gym survive covid 8:46 Owning an ice cream shop while dieting 15:36 How she found out about RP 20:58 Dealing with cheating 28:19 Hunger levels throughout the diet 29:48 Her weight loss results and athletic performance 24:28 Meal prep 39:59 Dealing with peer pressure around eating 42:55 Nick started liking salads 46:37 How competitive was she about the challenge 48:48 How maintenance is going 51:51 Massing difficulties
RP Transformation Challenge 2nd Place Finisher, Elliott Arnold
0:20 Elliot 2nd place male finisher 1:09 Why did Elliot do the challenge 5:00 His food choices 9:30 Limiting temptation to overeat 11:50 His hard past diets 16:10 How he heard about RP 17:50 Initial Dr. Mike impressions 20:05 Not taking things too seriously 26:00 100 percent app compliance 30:00 Logging veggies 31:45 Doing no planned cardio 34:30 Dealing with eating different foods then family 37:45 Maintenance 47:18 Caffeine 49:45 Top tips 1:00:00 The Miami winners trip
RP Transformation Challenge 2nd Place Finisher, Courtney Sacket
0:38 2nd place female in 2022 transformation challenge 3:13 Why Courtney did the challenge 10:33 How she heard about RP 13:27 How she trained during the challenge 16:10 Step counting 17:08 Meal prep 21:25 Getting grief about dieting 30:20 Biggest obstacles 33:48 How was maintenance 39:30 Nick's flight delay breaking his diet 42:45 Starting a 2nd diet 49:09 What was it like to meet the RP team 51:47 Closing tips
2022 Transformation Challenge Ambassadors
0:20 Randy and Karen did the challenge together 3:19 How they feel after losing so much weight 7:36 Dieting with a pilots lifestyle 9:57 What type of training they do 13:23 Meal planning as a pilot 21:45 Favorite airports 25:42 How did they her about RP 29:29 Keeping long term results 36:25 Is dieting easier with a partner 45:35 Learning curve using the app 50:30 Upcoming goals 55:44 Training in different cities 59:03 Closing tips
Chasing Exotic Leanness with Dr. Mike and Nick
0:30 Interview with Nick about becoming very lean 2:05 What were Nick's diet motivations 6:08 What was Nick's diet before his weight cut 7:50 Nick's psychology when entering the diet 10:30 Did Nick have a weight loss goal 12:00 When did the diet get hard and how he dealt with it 14:55 Step counting 17:20 Nick's macros for the cut 21:32 How he's doing in maintenance 23:00 How he fought off hunger 25:33 Fluid consumption changes 26:47 Cognition and managing mood during the diet 38:20 Fighting cravings 42:31 Dealing with doubt surrounding a diet 50:45 Bodybuilding is a selfish sport 57:01 Worrying is not needed to meet goals 1:04:00 Dealing with what other people think 1:05:55 What does peaking look like 1:09:40 Dealing with hunger on maintenance
2022 RP Transformation Winner - Female
0:22 First place female in transformation challenge 1:28 Her weight went up in the first week 3:00 Dealing with weight fluctuations 9:15 Her nutrition leading up to the challenge 10:34 Challenges of dieting as a mom and executive 14:44 Cardio 19:18 How did she find RP 21:48 Newly discovered good habits 28:45 How she dealt with eating out 33:22 Go to meal prep foods 39:46 How maintenance is going 49:39 Upcoming goals 53:45 Helping others with her knowledge 56:30 Similarities between male and female winner
2022 RP Transformation Winner - Male
0:15 Transformation challenge winner 2:44 How Justin got into fitness 6:00 Justin's insane daily step count 8:45 How he found out about RP 10:55 His motivation to start the diet 13:26 Goal setting 15:53 How he weight trained 20:32 Justin's advice on schedule 22:30 What he ate and meal prep 24:40 Biggest struggles 31:30 Dealing with cravings 34:14 Peer pressure on the job 41:35 Using the app 44:57 What he's most proud of 47:00 How maintenance is going 51:04 Upcoming goals 53:40 How to find Justin
Dr. Derek Wilcox on 'No Pain No Gain'
1:11 Dr. Derek's standout clients this year 3:00 How to deal with goals not being met 6:45 Do you need to suffer for results 9:49 Dealing with all or nothing mindsets 12:25 Dealing with slip-ups 19:23 People working too hard and not progressing 32:07 Warnings against overworking 40:11 Difficulty of deloads 45:22 How often can you train to failure 50:00 Training and recovery
RP Client Weight Loss Story: Willie Gillis
0:35 Willie introduction, his long term weight loss 5:00 Nutrition growing up 8:30 Activity level as a child 12:16 What made Willie get into fitness 16:30 First weight loss phase 21:31 Gallbladder shutdown from weight loss 24:45 Dealing with weight rebound 27:45 Using covid to focus on weight loss 31:35 Weight loss phase two 34:55 Switching from calorie to macro tracking 39:08 His transformation challenge 45:30 Willie's current weight 47:58 Biggest challenges 50:50 Willie's weight goal 56:30 Planning past weight loss
Dr. Mike on Nutrition for Longevity
0:58 Long term nutrition intro 3:08 Nutrition for body composition 9:29 Biggest effects on longevity, genetics 14:52 Nick's book recommendations on longevity 20:40 Body Weight and longevity 24:35 Sleep, stress, and longevity 28:45 Nutrition and longevity 30:37 Medication and supplements 31:15 Nicks' top ten for longevity 36:13 Sugar getting a bad reputation 44:39 Risk aversion 46:25 Intermittent fasting and longevity 53:00 Other supplements 1:04:15 Reverse aging drug 1:09:30 Nick learns to eat his veggies  
The Ultimate RP Journey
0:56 Sam's introduction and incredible weight loss 4:13 Sam's nutrition growing up 8:47 Sam's weight as a child 10:35 How his weight ballooned in college 15:46 What finally made him change 22:06 When his weight loss first stalled 25:25 Sam felt unhealthy when we lost too much 30:18 How Sam found RP on Youtube 35:21 Ethan Suplee's similar weight loss journey 39:10 Sam started training with RP home workouts 42:50 Sam's learned everything he knows for free on Youtube 46:52 Biggest thing he's learned from RP 50:30 Sam's favorite YT video 51:18 Sam's new goals

Podcast Reviews

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4.8 out of 5
332 reviews
yaaaaaaaaaaasssssss1 2022/06/07
Long time listener, first time reviewer
The RP Strength podcast quickly became one of my favorites! I have learned so much from Nick, Lori, Dr. Mike and all of their guests! They seem to a...
thewillwright 2022/01/06
Reduced Cal & Overweight to Fed and Leaner
Read your RPD2.0 last year during 75 Hard and I lost more weight than ever before with eating more food. Finishing Ph 3 75Hard now and after finding y...
Jd0687 2021/11/08
Straightforward and simple
I love the way they present real science straightforward and simple to understand. And anytime Dr. Mike is on, he’s hilarious!
Bert2312 2021/09/23
Love this podcast
RP is the only platform that has ever worked for me. It caught like wildfire at my gym and now we have quite a few people utilizing it. I appreciate t...
Ryan Burnham 2021/10/31
Bad host
The host has the most irritating voice I’ve ever heard. He talks like his teeth are all clenched together and he’s always inhaling loudly and smacking...
jordanashley_94 2021/07/23
More Addicting Than Dessert
I had to download iTunes just to leave this review. I recently started a cut (my second attempt with the first one ending rather quickly). I decided...
JennG8853 2021/08/16
Not a great host
There are some interesting guests who I’ve enjoyed. Lori Shaw comes off very warm and friendly in each episode but Nick Shaw always sounds like he doe...
Granite 1994 2021/07/05
Atomic Habits
Another great podcast and distinguished guest !! Thank you Lori and Nick
Kerriannebrowne604 2021/05/04
My all-time favorite podcast!
I cannot stop listening to this podcast! It’s so educational and motivating. They cover such a wide variety of topics with their episodes, but every s...
Eliz Ann 12 2021/04/05
More Dr. Mike
Please bring Dr. Mike on consistently... Not to discredit anyone, but I’ll tune into EVERY episode with Dr. Mike. Thanks! ?


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