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Three "Sophs" with a lot on their plate talk about the endeavors of life along with fellow "Sophs" and guests. With nothing set in stone, this improvisation of three teenagers will either change your perspective on life or fill you up with laughs!

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S1 Ep 9- Random!
And they are back with the same sound but different (not really) energy!  To commemerate coming back after a couple of weeks on break, the three Sophs decided to be a bit chill in this episode. From creating conversations out of generated words to an uproar of disapproval concerning one particular question (answer the poll!), the episode is bound the bring back the chaotic side of the trio as well as the improv- and hopefully comedy(!)- aspect of their podcast. Be sure to answer the poll below and hear the results in the next episode (first viewrs on our website, too!) ADVISING: There are some books mentioned (very briefly) with themes that may not be suitable to the tastes of some of our listeners, so please be wary of those parts when listening and when buying.
S1 Ep 8- Let's Talk Future
In an unplanned episode, join the Sophs- Tahir and Olivia- as they tell of their times at school. From a purely academic and ice-breaker-type atmosphere to the judgment of their own practices and memory, Episode 8 is likely to be purely improv- a factor of the Sophs!  'The Sophs' is available on all platforms where you access your podcasts (except for YouTube) so be sure to share with those around you. Link to our website (one of our Sophs forgot we even made one!):
S1 Ep 7- What is Time? Really.
And they are back as a trio! After being apart for a couple of episodes- more than they would have liked to- the Sophs challenge themselves in their reunion in their Time labeled episode. Answering questions from their English teacher- former lawyer and referred to as an "old man with shaky hands"- the three Sophs rack their minds for answers to some of the most thought-provoking questions that will appear on the show. From the thoughtful and insightful questions to the borderline chaotic (and offtopic!) remarks, this week's episode will leave you with major laughs and a helpful insight on what time really is.
S1 Ep 6- It’s Beginning to Look Like the Holidays!
In this episode, a new voice is heard- a guest! As the holiday season is coming to a close and the new year is about to begin, join Olivia and their guest in their conversation about the holidays and how they each celebrate. From the modern traditions of celebrating to the absolute reality of the season, this episode is bound to be interesting! Our Website:
S1 Ep 5- Question Time!
With a week before the holidays, join Olivia in answering a few questions and an assumption or two! From the classical ice beaker questions to the weird and out of the blue type assumptions, this episode will be just as relaxing as the next few days roll around- near the end of the year and the holidays.  Be sure to visit our website and leave a voice message!
S1 Ep 4- Let's Turn Back Time
The Sophs are back again this week! In this episode, the Sophs reflect on their busy week as high school students on the night of an event some will be attending. From the unexpected to the highly anticipated, the past week's experiences will either gift you with understanding, agreement, or neutrality. The Sophs now have a website for anyone willing to check out more information about them and other things!  Click the link below to see it:
S1 Ep 3- Let's Talk About Life: An Abbreviation
In this episode, our Soph takes a quick dive into the world of being a teenager and what awaits them moving forward. From defining the word "teenager" to discussing modern media- in a sense- this episode will show the surface thoughts of one Soph who will either: a) agree with all of society, b) reject certain ideas in society, or c) provide an insight on both sides of the same coin. Listen to find out more! (Psst... This podcast is also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Anchor, and Listen Notes.)
S1 Ep 2- Care For a Storytime?
In this newest episode, our Sophs relish in the time of their pasts and current futures. Ranging from borderline chaotic to seriously serious (yes, seriously serious), this episode is bound to make any listener cackle with joy until their bodies tremble or gain insight and understanding while shedding a tear or two (maybe). 
S1 Ep 1- Back to the Routine... and Height?
Join Olivia, Joy, and Tahir as they discuss the changes they've gone through since the pandemic began and everything that has happened since then, particularly in school. You'll chuckle, nod in understanding (hopefully), and gain an interesting glimpse into the sentiments of a few youngsters as they discuss everything from online learning to the greatest courses to even height discrepancies.
S1 EP 0- Meet the Sophs! (Pilot)
For the commemoration of the new podcast, Olivia, Joy, and Tahir introduce themselves to the world even behind a screen. Learn about their ideas for this podcast and what you, the listener(s), can possibly gain from it!

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