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In Sexier Than a Squirrel, the Official AbsoluteDogs Podcast, veterinary behaviourist Tom Mitchell and international agility competitor and professional dog trainer Lauren Langman talk training your dog, transforming your dog training struggles and getting real-life results through GAMES!

Podcast episodes

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Forever Young ft. Justin Prust
What if you could stay youthful forever? Most of us would love to stay youthful, enjoy living our best life, and give ourselves, our family and our dogs, our best energy. Being forever youthful is less about age and more about vibe, energy and a mindset. Join us with Justin Trust as we share the actions that have helped us to be youthful forever from the inside out.  While many of the actions we take will be relatable and might inspire you to take action, also, there will be other steps you can take that speak to you on a different level. It can be easy to fall into patterns and habits that do not encourage you to thrive. Measuring progress is so essential.  Jump into this episode, leave a review for us, and share with us what was your biggest takeaway!  Support the show
Celebrating Jasper
Jasper sparkled, in life and on camera, always ready to shine as he demonstrated the games he loved, the games that transformed him from a dog lacking confidence to the extraordinary dog he became. Jasper inspired thousands upon thousands of Gamechangers with his passion, his enthusiasm, and his story.  Today, we are celebrating his life, as we will do every day. Jasper may not be with us physically, but, as Michelle, his incredible (and just as tenacious) owner, shares, he is still here in so many ways. Join us in a celebration of everything he brought into her life, including an unexpected, and yet entirely fateful, journey from Bermuda to the UK so that he could become the ultimate teacher, not just for Michelle, but for the world.  Michelle reflects on the beginning of their journey together, as well as how she has discovered a new perspective, and a new appreciation. Jasper’s memory continues to push her in new directions. We know, without a doubt, that he will continue to inspire the world through the power of games, as Jasper X, the NBN dog that gave so many dog owners in so many countries hope that their dog could be their very best version of themselves, too, just like Jasper.   Support the show
Stop Your Dog Barking!
Barking! Barking! Barking! Whether it is: In the carAt random noisesAt the postmanIn excitement or in frustrationOut the windowAt visitorsBarking can lead to all kinds of conflict, with neighbours, in relationships and can even get local authorities involved.  While dogs barking is a natural behaviour, there is nuisance barking and we have the perfect training plan prepared for the dog owners that want to prioritise reducing barking in their home and whilst out and about with their dog. Alongside some really easy to implement tips and strategies in this barking focused episode, we also have an announcement. Get excited! Our Stop Barking! Mini-Course with 5 epic lessons focused on skilling up your dog and 5 equally awesome lessons focused on skilling up you will help you overcome your barking struggles with fun, effective training.  Go to to get involved today for just £27/$36.  Support the show
The Power of Thinking Differently ft. Justin Prust
Have you ever wanted to break away from the norm, challenge your thinking and step outside of the box the world might have placed around you? In this episode, personal and executive coach, and entrepreneur Justin Prust is back, joining our very own Lauren Langman in a truly thoughtful deep dive into how thinking differently and changing the way we frame our own thoughts can have a huge impact on our personal lives, our careers, the lives of loved ones around us and certainly when it comes to training our dogs! Listen in as Lauren and Justin cover top tips such as: Reframing your thoughtsGoing with and trusting your gutBecoming flexible and pivoting your thinkingLooking at things in different waysAsking intentional questionsBreaking the mould and making your own rulesWelcoming a little discomfort to embrace great changeWith this episode of the Sexier Than A Squirrel Podcast, we’re going to help you take the reins of your own thoughts, step outside your comfort zone and reframe your thinking to grow yourself into a more intentional and thoughtful person. You are not going to want to miss this one! Support the show
Dog Training Provides A Mental Health Boost
Our dogs can give us purpose, they provide us with opportunities to be present, and so much more. While in this episode we're talking about how training our dogs, enjoying our dogs and spending time with our dogs can improve our mental health, we also touch on how our dogs can do quite the opposite.  Going out for a walk with our dogs, going out on the beach, on an off-lead (or on-lead) walk and being in the moment can provide us with such an amazing outlet that will give us an optimism boost, and a mental health boost. Playing games, focusing on the fun and laughter, can bring us out of darker moments where we're struggling.  How does your dog help you enjoy more experiences, experiences you may not have enjoyed without that dog in your life? If you have a dog that tests you, what can you do to overcome what could be a broken relationship and unlock the ultimate real-life results? We have a few tips for you to get a dog-inspired mental health boost.  Support the show
Calling all dog rescues, this week is for you …
We are celebrating National Rescue Dog Day with a gift for all rescues! Jump into to today's podcast, share it with your favourite rescue (or rescues!) because for this week only we have something really special for all of the dog rescue centres all around the world.  Join us with gamechanger Caroline Johnson, general manager of Oak Tree Animals Charity. Caroline has a background of over 15 years in animal welfare, Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling (MSc), education (PGCE) and animal charity management. We talk about how games have transformed the rescue's approach to assessing and developing the dogs that come into their centre and so much more...  Plus, we talk about what we're doing this week to celebrate National Dog Rescue Day! Calling all dogs rescues, this is the episode you definitely want to dive into... If you know of a rescue that has helped to transform the lives of the dogs in their care, share this episode with them so they can take advantage of our 1-week giveaway! That's right, a giveaway! Listen in for more details. Support the show
Live, Laugh and Train ft. Ann McGloon
Join us with Ann McGloon, a Pro Dog Trainer and incredible Scent Work Geek, Search and Rescue handler, top notch instructor, and an amazing human being.  Ann shares her experiences with us, how Pro Dog Trainer has grown her as an instructor, as well as offers her fresh perspective with her clients to help them reshape their dogs brain in the best way possible.  Listen in as Ann shares how games and concepts have helped her in her journey. We love talking with Ann as her passion, joy and optimism shines through. We delve into facing challenges with our dogs, with life and navigating tricky situations with a more optimistic approach. As someone who has been featured as a guest speaker at our Super Trainer Live annual dog training conference for both pet owners and dog trainers, Ann always offers wonderful insights. This podcast episode is filled to the brim with how your training, your relationship with your dog and daily life can be transformed through the joy that games bring from Ann's unique perspective. Jump in!  Support the show
How To Fix A Broken Recall
Your dog's recall should be instant!  If it isn't, would you like to have a dog that immediately (and quickly) comes back when called? If your dog's recall is broken, how can you enhance the experience so that your dog chooses you every single time? Does your dog question whether you're where the value is?Does your dog only respond when no distractions are present?How can you make your dog's recall reliable?Join us as we play a bit of top tips tennis and share how we achieve reliable recalls with our dogs. What games work for developing a recall?  The world is going to throw so many distractions at you and it is entirely possible, no matter your dog's breed (that includes sighthounds and huskies!), you can sort out your broken recall and overcome this struggle.  Support the show
You Deserve Joy - Embracing Adversity ft. Justin Prust
We face adversity daily. In this episode, we talk about how you can embrace the change that exists in your day to day to life and how you can embrace it, rather than run away from it or find yourself unable to escape its weight.  Join us with Justin Prust as we discuss how change can facilitate good things in our lives and how we can learn from our dogs in their approach to life. We talk about how adversity goes so much wider than the lives we live with our dogs and can be applied to the bigger picture too. We cover top tips on how you can meet adversity head-on, including growing a good bank, changing your language, as well as putting in place so many different strategies for the times that you face adversity that will encourage you to change and pivot in your perspective.  This is one episode you do not want to miss because the strategies can help you to transform how adversity impacts you, and even those around you.  Support the show (
When You Dread Walking Your Dog
Help! Walking my dog is stressful! How can we get past this? For many of us getting a dog consisted also of a dream of daily walks, adventures with this newfound canine friend, that would be fun, harmonious and peaceful. The isn’t always the reality.  This episode will empower you and give you the step-by-step breakdown of how you’re going to transform your daily walks from stress-full to stress-free!  How can you start your walk in the right way?  What does a walk mean for you? How is the walk moving your dog in the direction they need to go for their training? Is your dog rehearsing behaviour that isn’t what you’d like to see? What are some awesome, healthy alternative solutions to those crazy, chaotic walks? This episode is immense in the value that it offers. We know you’re going to love everything and you’ll be on the edge of your seat, ready to take action and achieve real-life results!  Check out  Support the show (
How To Reinvent Yourself
Join our very own Lauren Langman and Justin Prust as we talk on reinventing yourself. Justin Prust is an authority on corporate leadership, culture-building, change management and team development, and provides an empowering and innovative approach to continuous improvement .  When life changes, sometimes throwing unexpected obstacles our way, it can be an opportunity to reinvent yourself, and what’s truly exciting about this?  You can reinvent yourself no matter your age, no matter what you’ve done or where you intend to go with your life…  There is no “it’s too late” or “now is not the time”. Reinvention can be refreshing, revitalising and can lead you to exciting opportunities you would never have experienced.  No one ever says they regret not working enough or going on too many adventures that grew them as an individual.  This candid conversation will motivate and inspire you. Discover the questions that will empower you to get the results in your life that will help you to be the very best possible version of yourself.  Support the show (
Pulling On Lead Secrets
Is a big part of your dog owning dream Stress-Free Walks? What are some top secrets to loose-lead success? Calm (not comatose calm, good-decision making calm!) Laying the foundation that encourages your dog to choose staying close vs. dragging to get to the end of the lead. Providing clarity in where the value is - not the distractions but rather the ability to discover the value in NOT engaging with the distractions of the world (this is HUGE!).We talk through these secrets and a few others to help you get to a place where you can see the wins and successes that begin to grow your dog into the best version of themselves they can, and that you both can be, as a team together.  Overcome your dog’s pulling on lead struggles with these top tips.  And released today, we have compiled the core exercises, skill build ups, and learning in an epic Pulling on Lead mini course that you can discover right now. And a gift for our Training Academy members! (Listen in members, this is yours, for FREE!).  Support the show (

Podcast Reviews

Read Sexier Than A Squirrel: Dog Training That Gets Real Life Results podcast reviews

4.4 out of 5
206 reviews
sunnydaymountain 2021/11/03
Grateful to be learning from T&L
Found this during a hard week of learning how to raise my pup Peako. Love this podcast - I pair it with Sexier Than a Squirrel training and feel very ...
Jada2424 2022/04/21
Not so much a podcast, as an advertisement for online sales.
Admittedly, I only listen to one episode, and got a single training tip and bombarded with tantalizing tidbits about how much more info I could get fr...
Dynamo Deb 2021/06/26
Helpful, Informative & Fun!
I love this podcast. At first I was hesitant, because Tom and Lauren's energies felt so chaotic to me. I kept tuning in tho, because I always walked a...
MarisaLacy1996 2021/05/26
Wow. I just listened to a past episode about barking because my normally quiet dog started barking like crazy in our new apartment (we only moved yest...
Zephyrluna 2021/05/05
Progressive dog training made accessible!
My journey with Absolute Dogs and the Sexier Than a Squirrel podcast started with a Naughty But Nice (NBN) rescue dog we fostered. At the time, I devo...
lady16130 2021/05/04
Love the podcasts!
So much learning and information. Great advise and learning to understand my dog.
amyeb1 2021/05/01
Love this podcast!
I love listening to the dog training advice on this podcast. It is upbeat and positive and a lot of fun as well as info.
griffinmaus 2021/05/01
Yes! Nice! And what ever your positive marker word might be.
I have fallen in love with absoluteDOGS! The message of positivity and fun is exactly what we need in this world; with our dogs and with our fellow pe...
Squirrels don’t have a chance 2021/05/01
DriveTime Delight
I listen to STAS podcast whenever I run errands in the car— it’s the perfect break from too much news. Lauren and Tom’s energy and positivity is inspi...
gordie's mum 2021/04/30
Episode 71: the dog that chased a chicken
I had to smile as I listened to this episode. Fourteen years ago I took my dog to an all day training class, and the instructor was trying to get us ...


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