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The Shutdown Fullcast, the world's only college football podcast, is only about college football when there are no weirder topics available. However, there are not many topics weirder than college football. Hosted by Spencer Hall, Jason Kirk, and friends.

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Shale Varsity, or How To Get Stupid Rich And Still Finish .500
Notes… Yet another discussion of Noah, History's First Regretful Boat Owner  The World Cup gives D.C. what it really craves: sports disappointment The petrochemical state of the SEC West, including one school we think might burn chickens for heat LeBron James, French Toast Hercules Let's assume LIV Football will be a thing and figure out who's joining up, when, and why, and what the NCAA will do in response (it's nothing, absolutely nothing)
DAD DISASTERS, PART 2: Deleted Scenes
SHOW NOTES A tour through dads of the western canon, featuring its three most prominent pillars:  Greek mythology, the Bible, and Star Wars The danger of making your own energy-efficient garage door Spencer does an accent again, sorry We were fighting the audio haint for much of this recording and as a result accidentally glossed over Jason inventing NASA Applebees but that’s our trademark Why sparkler disasters are better than other fireworks disasters Visit sunny
A new era of talkin' bout the Noles dawns For new listeners: What IS a Fullcast Disaster? Introducing Dad A and Dad B, our new national champions of self-inflicted wildlife injuries Contains spoilers for Splash Mountain, the ride Visit sunny
Horse Girls Vs. Balloon Boys
In hindsight, Finnish prohibition may have been ill-conceived Gaming out the secession of Wisconsin The surprising historical origins of the "horse girl" A short history of British basketball Dutch horse navy  >>>>> German war balloons Introducing FenderCare, the dog park for lonely cars Your calls, after the break
Aaaaand That’s Our Show
Fully 20 minutes of free advertising for Hard Mountain Dew. SPONSOR US WE LOVE YOU  Introducing the Green Bay School of Ayurvedic Medicine! It’s February, and everyone is sad! Phil Mickelson! Wow! BEAR OF EXCEPTIONAL SIZE NEWS Until we meet again, visit sunny
"It's called JEOPARDY!" feat. Uncle Skip
FOLKS, we have corralled for your personal enjoyment one recent Jeopardy(!) winner, one former classmate of Cap'n Surber, one distant cousin of Holly's, and one dapper-dressed stay-at-home uncle, all contained within the form of East Bend, North Carolina’s own "Uncle" Lawrence "Skip" Long You may actually not ever guess where Jason is this week, at least not if you’re Spencer; fortunately we tell you right up front Elements introduced into the Lore this week include the concept of "wine uncles" as well as "luxury sideburns" One host spends this entire time trying to figure out whether or not this means they can get on Jeopardy or not Visit sunny
Harsin’ Around
Tennessee has the same problems over and over again; you can tell them apart from Auburn because Auburn has different problems every time! Introducing Spencer’s perpetual Warhammer purchasing machine Jackass and Moonfall are here to save you from caring about the Oscars Visit sunny 
Zoroastrian Cincinnati Bengals Appreciation Episode
Welcome noted Cincinnati export and most prestigious flower of the EDSBS coaching tree, Jane Coaston! Spencer thinks rocking chairs don’t want it enough A detailed film review of the Golden Corral brawl We lost vigilance and the Applebees song snuck back into the public’s ears via the NFL The Marines are at it again NEW MERCH AVAILABLE at sunny
Our unstoppable train of Dawg-respecting is blasting through your tiny town to bring you the good news: the 2008 Florida football team was not very good! Boats These Days: Are they too big now? "Fellas, is it gay to be buried in the earth after death?" Worry no more! Midway through this episode, Spencer begins insisting that Jason Statham, the actor, has "range"; best of luck hanging on until the end. NEW NEW NEW MERCH available at sunny!
We knew about Josh Allen this entire time, and if we have ever indicated anything to the contrary, we were clearly bluffing Dildo Jai Alai is invented We are giving Satan too much gas Introducing two new segments, “how’s the Tahoe?“ And “let’s remember some dawgs“
Glory, Glory, Hallowed Blue GA
- Celebrating the great victory for our shiny cerulean antifa state!  - Hear our entire production meeting as a preshow treat, not a postproduction glitch! It's mostly about the dadlife murder fantasia "Yellowstone" masquerading as prestige television and the people who have lied to us about that. - Is Mark Richt totally Mark Wrecked over Kirby winning a title with yet another no-account quarterback? - From the Great Beyond of parental leave, hear Ryan's theory about what took so long for Georgia to get this one done! - Jason returns home with a newfound appreciation for Indianapolis! - Everyone on the show adds "Get in a barfight on GMA" to their respective bucket lists. - The gang invents an entirely new kind of funeral, the “Catch-a-Carl." - Welcome to the Fullcast EU, airborne sensei Ronald O. Hamburger! - Spencer mixes up "less than zero chance" with "greater than zero chance" – will this have consequences??  - Visit sunny
A National Title Game Preview
Holly, Jason, and Spencer review the two most important things we can talk about this week. The first is a national title game between Georgia and Alabama. The second is a regional tradition of building an entire floor of a house devoted to a single unprotected toilet. 

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4.8 out of 5
2455 reviews
itsapodcast 2022/06/24
Bug spray Coffee Milk Olive oil Pasta
Doug from Eufala 2022/06/20
Satisfied with tree removal
Quick and painful
goodflightcowboy 2022/06/18
This is the Only College Football Podcast
Specifically the only one that’s signed a 7 figure deal so that all the hosts can buy new Tahoes. Chew on that, Dan Rubenstein.
wontchangeanyway 2022/06/14
Greatest show about……
Tahoes, dawgs, timber rattlers and dads. Listen, you’ll see!???
Bsuttle07 2022/06/11
You’re back
YAY‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ I’m so glad you guys are back it’s has been such a long break ?????
Tculu 2022/06/08
Dad disaster episode
As a Dad, I feel seen. What an awesome episode!
hdhrhi 2022/06/08
Pun opportunity missed
Missed opportunity to refer to Dad stories as ‘Dad-sasters’.
Rightbackatdrew 2022/06/03
If 20 ribeyes for $30 was a podcast, this would be it
Never told a joke, but it's still somehow hilarious. I'm still waiting for the appropriate Disaster themed episode to submit my story about evading ar...
Rasta Reverund 2022/06/03
Increases Work Productivity
If Steve Spurrier actually knew how to operate a smartphone or computer, or knew what a podcast was generally, this is the one he’d enjoy
Kma1220 2022/06/03
Jim “Dana” James
Th first podcast to suppose the link between My Morning Jacket not touring in the fall and Dana Holgorsen


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