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Sleep Tight Stories produces for you two calming bedtime stories every week. Stories that promote wonder, creativity and fire young listeners’ imagination while helping them drift off to sleep with ease. They are just the perfect length, are safe for kids of all ages, and feature originals and classics that never grow old. Our stories add a little happily-ever-after to your bedtime routine. Sleep tight! Submit your story ideas at

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Bobby and the Dinosaurs ??
Bobby and the Dinosaurs is a story about Bernice’s friend Bobby and what he decides to do on a rainy day. Bobby wakes up and has his day all planned until he looks out the window and sees the pouring rain. Bobby’s world has come to an end and he has no idea what he can do now. His mom suggests a science project but Bobby says he doesn’t like science anymore so he decides he wants to build a time machine and go back to visit the dinosaurs. He heads off to his room to see what he needs for the machine. Advertising Inquiries:
[Encore] Mary’s Dream ?
Mary’s Dream is a story about a young girl who loves Math. Mary has been told that she will be the greatest mathematician one day and she believes it. After a while Mary doesn’t know anymore what she wants to be doing. She talks to her Math tutor Miss Ross and Miss Ross helps her to see what her dreams can be. Advertising Inquiries:
Wilfred the Stinky Dog ?
Wilfred the Stinky Dog is a story about Gianna and her French Bulldog Wilfred. Wilfred and Gianna were in the backyard playing ball when Wilfred found something to roll in. It was something yucky and stinky and now he needs a bath. Gianna takes him into the house but Wilfred sees something in the laundry room that sends him to hide under the couch. What could he have seen? Advertising Inquiries:
Why Spotty the Turtle Carries his House with Him ?
Peter is visiting some friends when he sees Spotty the Turtle and realizes that he has never seen his house. Peter asks Spotty and Spotty tells him it is on his back and he carries it with him all the time. Peter thinks this is pretty cool but realizes there must be a reason why so he heads off to find Grandfather Frog to hear the story of why. Advertising Inquiries:
[Encore] Bunny Loves to Learn ?
Bunny Loves to Learn is a story about Bunny and his friends at school. Buster Bunny, Sam the Squirrel, Max the Mouse, and Francine the Frog all arrive at school and see some boxes. The teacher says there are costumes inside and the students are going to dress up and make something to tell their classmates about the time when their character lived. They are going to be Vikings, knights, Princess and …… Max cannot decide what to be. When Buster gets hurt Max and Buster come up with a plan for Max’s costume. It is going to be great! Advertising Inquiries:
The Biggest Little Rabbit Learns to See ?
The Biggest Little Rabbit Learns to See is a story about some little rabbits that have just been born and are learning all about what is around them. One of the little rabbits eyes opens first and he gets a fright when he sees something at the end of their burrow. Once they all have their eyes opened they head outside to learn how to take care of their teeth from their father. The little bunnies listen carefully to what their parents have to say. Advertising Inquiries:
Nia Visits Earth P.3 ?
Nia is at Georgina’s house and has just met her mother. Georgina’s mother faints when she sees Nia but after she is revived she shares some cookies, cake and milk before Nia gets called back to her capsule and it is time to go. Georgina walks Nia back and they talk about future visits. Advertising Inquiries:
Nia Visits Earth P.2 ?
Nia is still exploring Earth. She has met a crow and a dog and then meets a calf. Beebs asks her to return to the capsule but Nia just wants to look over one more hill, then she’ll go back. At the top of the hill she sees lots of structures and hears a new sound. The creature that is making the sounds stops after a bit and the next thing Nia hears is “Hellooooo there.” What is she going to do? Advertising Inquiries:
Bernice And The End Of The School Year ?
We are back with another Bernice story. Bernice is talking to Papa Bear about things that are coming up and they start talking about summer vacation. Bernice has lots of plans for her summer vacation and talks to Papa Bear as she gets ready for bed and listens to a story about Boo-Boo and Kai-Kai. Advertising Inquiries:
Nia Visits Earth ?
Nia Visits Earth is an original story about an alien called Nia who is on her way to Beta to study. Nia is not very happy about this decision and makes some alterations to her capsule to slow down her journey. When Beebs, the computer, gets an alert they have to land and recharge their batteries. They find a suitable planet and land their ship. Nia decides to go and do some exploring while they are waiting. Advertising Inquiries:
The Stratford Academy for Cats and Dogs P.2 ?
This is the second part of The Stratford Academy for Cats and Dogs. Fuzzy is ready for his second day at school and the art competition. When he arrives lots of animals are still hissing and murmuring but some are being nicer. At the end of the day everyone moves to the art room for the art competition. Will Fuzzy win? Sleep Tight!, Sheryl & Clark ❤️?? Advertising Inquiries:
What the Dandelion Told ?
Do you like dandelions? Their yellow color is usually a sure sign of spring. In this story as all the flowers are getting ready to go out and give the signs of Spring the Dandelion tells us what happened to him in the farmers front yard. The other flowers listen to his story. The little fairy who was dandelionfriend told him not to worry, nothing can ever take them away. Advertising Inquiries:

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4.3 out of 5
948 reviews
love Mario and Luigi 2022/06/13
Best podcasts EVER!!!
I LOVE all of the podcasts and I recommend Yuki and Koro and … Nia visits Earth
hchoroomi 2022/06/26
This is an AMAZING ? podcast I love it so muchhh it’s hard to sleep without it by the way can you pls do more Bernice stories those are my favorite s...
Miriam 8 2022/06/23
Great to help me fall asleep
I love this podcast because it helps me fall asleep at night and your stories are amazing.???????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????????❤️
DSM56 2022/06/21
I loved it
Okay first I love turtles and I loved this podcast
gteecfj 2022/06/15
An amazing story for an amazing podcast
My name is jack and I live in Alaska. My favorite episode is the corgi that played basket ball because I love basket ball. I would like it if you made...
Hymelnator 2022/06/13
Hello!! ??
I’m Amelia and I love Yuki and Koro I listen to it every night I have memorized the whole story even the shouts please make a series for Yuki and koro...
Roseycheeks77 2022/06/10
Sleep tight stories!
I love this podcast so much! I recommend Cat city! We been listening since 2020. Everynight w daughter. She has such a soothing voice.
izzalyyyyyyynnnnnnn1437 2022/06/09
this podcast is awesome!!
I love your stories! If your new, this is a great podcast with amazing stories. My personal favorite is the Bernice stories! If i were new; I would ch...
gihbtb 2022/06/03
I am very proud of you and how happy my children are with your stories, the story makes the house quiet in the middle of the night lol ?
daphne corgi 2022/06/02
Please do a podcast about greek gods
I am 8 years old and my name is phaedra. I really like your stories and I really want one about greek gods thank you bye


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