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Cars, Coffee and Comedy hosted by comedian and automotive enthusiast Spike Feresten and featuring Jerry Seinfeld, lawyer Paul Zuckerman, MotorTrend's Jonny Lieberman, and The Smoking Tire's Matt Farah with guests from the automotive industry, notable comedians and celebrities. As always, there's one empty chair at Spike's table saved for you, the listener.

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Pike's Peak Practice Runs
Jonny talks about his approach to racing in the Pike's Peak International Hill Climb; A Defender rolls ten times across a highway after catching an edge,  Porsche pays a multi-million dollar settlement and a new Rivian arrives.
Reggie Watts
The Late Late Show's Reggie Watts sits in for Jonny while he trains for Pike's Peak, Zuckerman covers a multi million dollar STD lawsuit against Geico and Spike's Land Rover driveway thief strikes again!
Jerry's Rare 1946 VW
Jerry's back to discuss his latest acquisition, an exceptionally rare, post-war Volkswagen and the importance of seeking friends' advice before buying cars. Plus, listener questions.
The Top Gun 911S
The gang discusses the value of the 1973 Porsche 911S used in the blockbuster hit Top Gun, the return of the DeLorean brand, Spike's car accident on the 405 freeway during rush hour.
Mercedes Vault #3
Spike tracks a downturn with collectible cars and watches, Lieberman talks about a mysterious car collection in Mercedes vault #3, and Zuckerman loses it on an old lady in a doctor's office.
Doctor Tow
Zuckerman's rare Mercedes 190 EVO is seized by the authorities, Spike dodges a Covid-19 bullet and Jonny reports on his trip to see F1's Miami Grand Prix. Plus listener questions.
Matt Farah
Spike visits West Side Collector Car Storage to catch up with Matt Farah about the new GT4 RS, the 992 Turbo S Lightweight; the Lucid Air and off-roading a Model T.
Jerry Drives a Tesla
It's just Spike & Jerry in this Sunday at Santa Monica Airport with a cars and cigars episode. Among the many vehicles discussed... The new Porsche 911 Sport Classic; The Tesla Model 3 Performance and vintage Hondas and Acuras. Plus Jerry answers listener questions.
Lucid, Lambos and Lieberman
Spike discusses Lucid's assembly line problems; Jonny returns from quarantine with a hacking cough and reviews the Lamborghini Huracan STO, and Dear Zuckerman returns.
The Maserati MC20
This week on SCR: Spike reviews the new Maserati MC20, recaps his trip to the Long Beach Grand Prix, then discusses the latest automotive news with a Wordle-distracted Zuckerman. Plus a welfare call to newly infected Jonny Lieberman and Richard.
GT3 RS v GT3 Touring
Spike, Jerry and Z compare the 991 GT3 RS to the new 992 Touring, Porsche's new investment in a synthetic fuel company, and a very desirable James Garner Heuer coming up for auction. Then many listener questions are answered!
Porsche's New Halo Car
Jonny brings in exciting news from Mallorca Spain about a new Porsche hyper car. Spike gives his initial thoughts on the new GT3 Touring; Porsche Connect, Zuckerman's new ultra low-mile 993 Turbo and the recent Denzel Washington Turbo sale.

Podcast Reviews

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4.3 out of 5
923 reviews
H.G Pennypacker 2022/04/22
Porsche, schmorsche
Enough already with the Porsche talk, dear god!! You give the anal Porsche crowd an even worse reputation. Zuckerman makes the show by the way.
nathanv 2022/06/23
Family Crisis Averted
My seat at the table with Spike, Zuckerman, Johnny, Matt and Jerry saved my marriage. Had I not been listening I’m sure I would have channeled the rea...
MooseBonersenn 2022/05/26
Mercedes Vault 3
The best episode since Bugattis in Beverly Hills. Zuckerman is a national treasure!!!
Evo1200 2022/05/20
Late Night meets Cars & Coffee
Spike Feresten brings his impeccable experience as a brilliant comedy writer for some of the best TV ever into a podcast that is as passionate as it i...
Srowan28 2022/05/12
Why would you let Farah back on the show after his last visit. He is a walking disaster of a person. I agree with other reviewers that you should lay ...
HankBeiter 2022/03/22
Zucker Man Rules
Anyone who left a bad review is a shmuck. These two are absolutely hilarious. I strive to be like the Zucker Man one day!
Ant from Cha Hill 2022/03/17
How lucky are we to get this to free!
I’ve been a fan of this show for years and never gave a review. So here goes. My wife and I love Car Matchmaker. We downloaded episodes on ITunes and...
BlueChew Blue 2022/03/16
Never Fails to Entertain
Bring Blue Chew back, no matter the cost!
The Epi Man! 2022/03/08
Great show
Fun and interesting. Great personalities.
Alpine Andy Allen 2022/02/28
Non-Journalist Spike
I have followed this podcast for a while now. But I am getting tired of Spike using his excuse “I’m not a car journalist - I just love cars” to babble...


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