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It's official, stand-up comedian and America's favorite husband Steve Treviño has a podcast. And to give her side of the joke is Steve's wife Renae - AKA - Captain Evil. The couple will navigate the treacherous topics of relationships, family and stand-up comedy. All while trying to stay married.

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The Cabana Boy
Steve and Captain Evil live one of Steve's jokes on Father's Day.
Picked Cherries Contest winner announced, Renae's high school reunion and the meaning of spaghetti, at least for the Treviños. This, and more, on this week's episode.
The Comment Section
Road trips, high school reunions and a Top Gun re-review.  Steve may or may not have taken some heat for his first review.
Warning: Top Gun: Maverick Spoilers Ahead
After announcing the Picked Cherries contest in New York City Steve and Captain Evil are back in the studio. Steve gives his honest and unfiltered review of Top Gun: Maverick. Fair warning, there are a ton of spoilers. If you don’t want to hear them, skip the Top Gun section. Question: Do you think Tom Cruise had a little work done?
The Petty Arguments Podcast
Steve and Captain Evil are going at it like feral ferrets on this episode as they present their arguments on the patio furniture debacle. Captain Evil is skeptical at Steve's casino winnings math. What is Hula Dula? Let Steve tell you that story! 
I Am A Large Child
Chairs, chickens and Steve sitting alone on a rock eating watermelon.  See how Captain Evil fits into this scenario.  Plus the Vegas trip is already being planned.  Steve will be performing at the Mirage December 2nd - 8th.  LET’S GO!!!!!!
Happy Mothers Day
This episode is dedicated to all the Mothers. In this special episode, Steve expresses his admiration for everything that mothers do and go through.  Happy Mother's Day!    #stevetrevino #captainevil #podcast #mothers #happymothersday #family
History Lesson
The First Time I Moved a Port-a-John
The Houston Astros Unboxing
A much healthier and energetic Steve and Captain Evil talk about their plans for Easter, their favorite holiday. Is it the nostalgia, is it the cornhole competition? Plus find out what the Houston Astros sent Steve as he unboxes it on the podcast
I’m Never Getting Old
What goes around comes around… and what’s going around the Treviño household is a bug that doesn’t go away. Steve is the latest casualty. The couple talk about the important lessons they want their kids to learn.
Getting in Cars with Strangers
Steve and Captain Evil give their take on the “event” that happened at the Oscars. Plus, Steve got to go shoot a big budget commercial while leaving Captain Evil home with two sick kids. And find out why Steve got into a car with strangers.

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
161 reviews
GummiBear2016 2022/06/08
From Texas
This couple are so so funny, they say things that I laugh so hard because it is me and my husband. But also they say and do things that I am like oh m...
Dominictovar 2022/05/18
The truth about relationships
This podcast is amazing. The banter between these two is just great. I have never heard of Steve Trevino until 2 days ago…but I laughed so hard at his...
OsmaraLaMala 2022/03/22
I’m 23 and happily married with two boy toddlers, well technically 3 if you consider my husband. I love the podcast even when they have disagreements ...
moding123 2022/03/10
Thank you and a cure altitude sickness
As a person from Colorado, water helps but the best cure is canned oxygen. It will lift your altitude symptoms- head ache, nausea, etc in moments of t...
TinaH5003 2021/12/20
New listener and I couldn’t stop listening! Hilarious all the way through, keep the new episodes coming!
NC1314 2021/12/09
I’m so glad Steve Trevino and Captain Evil have this podcast! I first discovered him when I was pregnant, and 5 years later, he’s still hilarious! I l...
Joe56984 2021/08/07
Steve and Captain Evil rock!
Steve is super funny, and this is a great podcast for laughs, lessons, and advice on marriage. If you are married you will relate to them and if you a...
Outofhabitt 2021/07/14
Their dynamic as a married couple is exactly how me and my husband interact. Love it!!
AMoney10 2021/07/12
Makes me belly laugh
I love Steve’s comedy, however, him and Captain Evil together are my fave. I listen when i have down time at home, at work, when I’m traveling, etc. I...
Webhead2013 2021/05/22
361 represent!!
Love these guys my wife and I listen all the time and helps us out so much. Very honest, real point of view from home grown Texans. This is a must lis...


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