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If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.

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Selects: Chiggers: The Phantom Menace
Chiggers are tiny little mites capable of making your life miserable. Worse than mosquitoes? Maybe. But they aren't insects - mites are actually part of the arachnid family and behave a little like ticks. Learn all about these nearly invisible pests in this classic episode. See for privacy information.
What's up with bariatric surgery?
Bariatric surgery can also be called weight loss surgery. Some people think it's a highly underused tool to fight obesity. Others think it's a shortcut. We discuss all the ins and outs in this week's episode. See for privacy information.
Short Stuff: Do Fish Get Thirsty?
One of the greatest questions we’ve ever heard, answered (in a roundabout way). See for privacy information.
The Appalachian Trail: A Heckuva Hike
A few short years after the hiking trails from Maine to Georgia were connected into the world’s longest hiking-only footpath, a WWII vet walked the whole thing in one go. He kicked off a challenge that’s still taken on by thousands of people each year. See for privacy information.
Selects: How Steadicams Work
There have been many inventions that have advanced filmmaking, but maybe none as important as the steadicam. Invented in the mid-70s, it literally changed the way movie making happened, and made the impossible possible. Learn about the fascinating history behind this amazing technology, in this classic episode. See for privacy information.
What were the IRA hunger strikes?
In the early 1980s, imprisoned IRA members went on a prolonged hunger strike, leading to the death of ten men. This is their story. See for privacy information.
Short Stuff: HR8 Gun Legislation
Today we dive into HR8, a gun bill supported by 90% of Americans that will likely never get through the Senate. See for privacy information.
How Wind Works
Beloved egghead Buckminster Fuller said the wind doesn’t blow, it sucks. And he was pretty much right, depending on your perspective. Find out how everything from the hurricane to summer breeze makes life on Earth possible. See for privacy information.
Selects: How Drowning Works
Hundreds of thousands of people drown around the world every year, and yet it can be easily prevented and is widely misunderstood – like how you can officially drown but live to tell the tale, or how you can drown but die days later. Learn all about it in this classic episode. See for privacy information.
The 4-minute Mile: Greatest Sports Story?
Nobody thought the 4-minute mile was humanly possible, until it was. The story of how it happened is remarkable. So sit back and take a listen. See for privacy information.
Short Stuff: Cleveland’s Infamous 10-Cent Beer Night
In 1974, the Cleveland (then Indians) baseball club held an unlimited 10 cent beer promotion to attract fans to the game. An actual riot broke out. See for privacy information.
How Freedom of the Press Works
Countries around the world – capitalist democracies to communist unitary states – guarantee a free press in their constitutions. It turns out, though, that there is a galaxy of methods for subverting a free press. Find out why that matters in this episode. See for privacy information.

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4.5 out of 5
63794 reviews
MERTX 2008/04/30
Very interesting.....
Who knew?? I found these podcasts to be very interesting and informative. It's refreshing to know that there are people out there who care enough to...
Eleasha_00 2022/06/25
Awesome podcast
I love the way the information is laid out and I appreciate the content is void of vulgarity so I can listen with my 5 yr old in the car as well.
sUrReALKiNG 2022/06/25
Best podcast ever created
Started listening a few months ago because my younger brother was. I never listened to podcast before this one. Thanks all who run the show.
madgman256 2022/06/23
So interesting!
Great topics that I would never think to look into myself but that are so interesting when you both describe them. I just enjoy learning. Thank you!
DavidT46 2022/06/22
Altitude or Elevation
Great podcasts, always very interesting! However, on several podcasts you don’t use altitude and elevation properly and this just bugs me to no end. ...
marketpop 2022/06/22
Appalachian Trail
First really great episode on SYSK in a looooong time! No movie critiques, thank god. ??
shwndvs 2022/06/21
My First and Favorite
This was my introduction to podcasts and remains one of my all time faves! I listened to it during my commute to work during high school, my commute t...
chayw4 2022/06/21
Oh geesh
Fellas…love the content in general… App trail doesn’t end at cat-a -din… It ends at Ka-TAH-din That made my ears bleed.
this=cool 2022/06/19
Bedtime podcast
I am 11 years old and have listened to all of your 2020 episodes and thinking that you guys do a lot of animals but I would recommend one about ducks....
alsjfktkebjgbt 2022/06/20
Turned into woke garbage
Typical NPC mindset dominating the show. The same mainstream media liberal gun control takes.


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