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Greg Fitzsimmons and Mike Gibbons bring you a funny weekly summation of news straight from the Sunday Papers.

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Sunday Papers w/ Greg and Mike Ep: 120 6/26/22
Oh yeah we talk about it. And then some. Also an Oklahoma theatre fast forwards past a Buzz Lightyear kiss, something scary comes out of a Florida woman’s pants and ‘what is the best first song on a first album’?
Sunday Papers w/ Greg and Mike Ep: 119 6/19/22
A mushroom update, Apple’s new product that helps you murder and Kim defiles a national artifact. Also stories on Canadian beavers, illegal Saudi rainbows and someone throws out a first pitch like a girl.
Sunday Papers w/ Greg and Mike Ep: 118 6/12/22
An update on mushrooms, a handicap drug smuggler and a quick chat with CHAOS author Tom O’Neill. A FedEx truck slams into a guy getting road-smoke and Make America Florida!    
Sunday Papers w/ Greg and Mike Ep: 117 6/5/22
Lot of news from Florida as well as a Mexican hurricane which identifies as THEM. An 83 year old pastor takes up doing gay porn and a 22 yr old Scottish woman is hired to watch it.
Sunday Papers w/ Greg and Mike Ep: 116 5/27/22
  Ellen is off the air and thus our NDA’s are null and void! A jumper in NYC, a rectal hemorrhage on a cruise ship and Spacey is charged. We do not speak of the Amber Heard trial. You’re welcome.
Sunday Papers w/ Greg and Mike Ep: 115 5/22/22
Elon Musk is making jokes about his penis, Nancy Pelosi can’t eat those Jesus wafers, Clapton has the Vid and a Florida Man is on fire this week!    
Sunday Papers w/ Greg and Mike Ep: 114 5/15/22
Mike recounts his week working with Letterman, we make a big announcement about Norm and tell some Andy Dick stories. The new Barbie has a hearing aid and Ellen is wrapping up her show. Also two extra Florida Man stories! Follow Mike on Instagram @GibbonsTime
Sunday Papers w/ Greg and Mike Ep: 113 5/8/22
Mike recounts being at The Chappelle show where he was attacked, we talk about Norm’s memorial and then get into news about escaped convicts, Canadian abortions and Sydney Sweeney getting cat-called at The Met Gala. Follow Mike Gibbons on Instagram @GibbonsTime
Sunday Papers w/ Greg and Mike Ep: 112 5/1/22
A hiker falls in the tank of a port-o-potty, Trump can’t define what a woman is and a couple is married on a Southwest flight to nowhere. Also we talk about who will replace James Corden and penis fish in Florida? Where else?
Sunday Papers w/ Greg and Mike Ep: 111 4/24/22
Mike takes a COVID TEST on the air, we reveal the results (it’s not good) and we discuss sex with a lizard. A Tyson takes out a Karen, a weed truck overturns on 4/20 and an entire wedding gets dosed by the bride.    Follow Mike Gibbons on IG @GibbonsTime
Sunday Papers w/ Greg and Mike Ep: 110 4/17/22
Mike gets an aggressive TSA pat-down on his way to a Wheeler Walker Jr show in Nashville. Ted Cruz will not felate a man to end world hunger, Cuba Gooding and Gary Coleman and a 28 year old girl dating Al Pacino are this week’s pervs and AC/DC helps in the operating room.
Sunday Papers w/ Greg and Mike Ep: 109 4/10/22
We comment on Matt Gaetz commenting on Marjorie Taylor Green commenting on Jimmy Kimmel wanting Will Smith to smack her. Greg reports on doing Joe Rogans show this week and hanging at the Comedy Store 50th anniversary party. Author of How to Murder Your Husband charged with murdering husband, a dead rapper is stuffed and propped up for his wake and Florida man is… well, Florida man.

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4.8 out of 5
1096 reviews
Breeb714 2022/06/12
Yes yes yes
Like listening to friends, the format is easy and it flows well. I look forward to my Sunday papers when walking the dog?
vecnavp 2022/05/10
Paper crinkle
Mike’s in a closet hating Family Circus and Greg’s plotting to cuckold/murder Dagwood. Five stars.
jimm D 2022/05/08
Always Funny
Mike and Fitzdog should have their own Sirius XM Channel.
Cleech74 2022/05/04
Big fan! Found this from hearing Greg’s guest spots on several of my favorite podcasts, as he is up at the top of the list of comedians that always br...
StonySparks 2022/05/02
Five star men…
Listening every Sunday for two years now, please never stop; easily my favorite podcast.
D.H.Miller 2022/04/22
I don’t do reviews, but these guys earned it. I look forward to this each week and invariably laugh out loud at inopportune times. Kudos, gentlemen.
Seaniegaga 2022/03/28
Sunday Papers - Wit and Wisdom
This show is sitting around with two very witty, funny LA guys who work in the industry and hang out with some cool people with funny stories and come...
John Oslomer 2022/03/17
Yes yes
x5girl 2022/01/19
I love listening on Sunday! Excellent, fresh Podcast!
Hi, this is Stacey! haven’t missed an episode since you two started the Podcast. I look forward to the Podcast and truly laugh out loud. I have so man...
Avree22 2022/01/17
Just The Facts
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