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Supergreat Kids' Stories is a collection of fun tales to make you laugh and cry, told by some of the best storytellers from around the world. Recommended for ages 5 to 105…

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Troll Mother and the Humans
Humans are moving into the forest and most of the trolls are moving north to get away from them. But Troll Mother wants to live near the humans because she loves the smell of coffee and baking bread. How will it work out? Find out by listening to this magical song story told by gifted storyteller Emily Hennessey.
Aadi and the Zimwi
In this story from the sunny island of Zanzibar, Aadi goes to the beach with her big sisters and is captured by a demon Zimwiand shut away in his drum. How will she escape? Listen to Kim telling this entertaining ‘singing story’ from Tanzania and find out.
King Arthur and The Cape of Beards
A Giant is very pleased with his cape made from 100% Kings’ beard. But there’s just one problem. It’s got a hole in it, and the only way to fix it is by shaving the beard off the great King Arthur. Will the Giant be able to defeat this noble King and mend the hole in his cape? Have a listen to this fun story told by Wilf Merttens and find out.
Baba Yaga and Masha the Clever
Masha is told by her stepmother to visit Baba Yaga the witch who eats children to ask for a needle and thread. Is that a good idea? How will she escape the witch's clutches?With a bit of magic, and kindness and help from her friends. That's how. Listen to Kim telling this lively story from Russia to find how how Masha outwits the witch. You have to be a bit brave to listen to this story, but it does have a happy ending.
Subscribers Only Episode - The Giant's Stairs
A Blacksmith dreams about a little boy who needs rescuing from the giant who steals children - Mahon McMahon. Will the Blacksmith listen to his dream and save the boy? Here's Kate Corkery to tell you more of this intriguing Irish tale from her home in Cork.
The Golden Bowl
The King is very ill, but a young boy arrives at the palace with a special gift. Everyone who receives it gets 'a warm feeling in their heart, like honey'. What is the special gift? Listen to this beautiful tale told by storyteller Nick Hennessey.
The Lonely Giant
Listen to this Scottish traditional tale told by storyteller Wilf Merttens about a lonely giant who sets off on a quest to find a wife so he won’t be lonely any more.  He fails miserably in his mission, but surprise! he finds the thing he was looking for was right there back at home - waiting for him.
The Seed
The King is getting old - and he has no children. How will he decide who to choose as the next King or Queen? Listen to this fun, English retelling of a traditional Chinese story told by storyteller Amy Douglas and find out.
Coyote Makes The Stars
In this week's Native American story, Coyote, (half-dog, half-wolf, half- god) is full of questions. He climbs to the heavens seeking answers from the Creator, and surprises himself by creating something himself. Listen to storyteller Emily Hennessey to find out what, and how and why.
Why The Sky is so High Up and Far Away
A Long time ago in Nigeria, people enjoyed eating the sky. But what happened when they ate too much? Listen to this thoughtful story from Kate Corkery and find out.
Subscribers Only Episode - Oniroku and the Bridge
A master builder is asked to build a bridge across a river. Not such a difficult task - except there's a nasty Oni with a huge, red mouth and yellow horns, guarding the river. What can the builder do? Listen to Kim telling this Japanese folktale and find out. (It's a teeny bit scary.)
Eggshell Soup
What would you do if the fairies swapped your brother or sister for a green wrinkly old fairy? How would you get your sibling back? Listen to this Irish tale celebrating the first of May from Kate Corkery to find out.

Podcast Reviews

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4.6 out of 5
336 reviews
? ? ? dog 2022/06/19
My sister is adi! We love stick women! Great podcast.
74manatee 2022/06/27
Best stories ever
Some podcasts stories are not good enough if you want good stories
harr0547 2022/06/17
The stories are good
the stories are really great! because my son Isaac likes them
DibbFamily 2022/06/12
The Best!
Our family loves listening to these stories whenever we ride in the car together. One of the children speaks with Ms. Kim when she says she loves stor...
Suechops 2022/06/12
Please reveal the real reason why something is the way it is
Great shorty telling. This would be even better if you revealed the real reason why something is the way it is at the end of the story - or incorporat...
Michelle Pontbriand 2022/06/05
Djc-psu 2022/06/04
My daughter, Capria, is fascinated with these stories! I love the exposure to a vast vocabulary and all of the engaging questions that the story telle...
kspraker 2022/06/01
New subscriber!
My daughter, Olivia from Cripple Creek, Virginia, US is a new big fan of the stories. She loves them! Thank you ?
ohh ohh head shot 2022/05/30
Me and my kids love these so much thank you for making theses story’s for kids we love them so much and we love you thank you so much I can now play t...
Zitro Iak 2022/05/27
I can’t stop listening to the amazing stories that either come out every week, or the older stories, and I really thank you and the story tellers for ...


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