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A podcast by Enzo Caputo focusing on wealth management, Swiss banking, tax optimisation, international relocation, business opportunities and more. Enzo Caputo is the founder and CEO of Caputo & Partners AG (Ltd.), a Swiss Company helping international private clients. Most of our clients have bank accounts in Switzerland. All members of our team have collected professional experience inside a Swiss bank for more than 20 years and have a wide-spread network with other bankers. Such private connections with other Swiss bankers can produce much better results in the benefit of our clients. Our insider knowledge, combined with our insider connections are the key factors to be successful in solving the problems for our clients. Our boutique law firm is not on the payroll of the powerful Swiss banks as the other big law firms. Intentionally, we do not accept Swiss banks as our clients. Our highly-experienced team of international professionals consists of banking lawyers, bankers, taxation specialists, hedge-fund specialists and economists. We provide banking, legal, tax, fiduciary and corporate services for international HNWI and companies. Our founding partner, Mr Enzo Caputo, is a Swiss banking lawyer admitted to the Zurich Bar with post-graduate studies in compliance management and combating money laundering. He has been featured on popular media worldwide such as Bloomberg, Forbes, Al Jazeera, Globo (Brazil), La7 (Italy), RIA Novosti (Russia). As a former head of the legal and compliance department in the UBS Group and former CEO of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers, he built a unique relationship network. He has relationships with influential opinion leaders, bank owners, asset managers, prosecutors, judges, professors, state attorneys, journalists, compliance officers and other key-players. Enjoy and share our Podcast, available on the most popular platforms worldwide! For more info or collaboration, call us +41442124404, visit or email

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How To Find The Best Swiss Bank For International Payments
Finding the best Swiss bank for international payments is nearly impossible. Swiss banks are scared of doing payments. The money laundering risks are high if you are not an expert. Fortunately, we know very few banks that have a team of compliance experts for international payments. The business account will be opened if the turnover is attractive enough for the bank. Today’s interview partner of Enzo Caputo is Dario Berta, a former director with UBS. We have opened the first business bank accounts for our international clients doing business with commodities around the globe. Clients with important turnovers are accepted for all trade finance activities. Dario Berta is very happy with the trade finance activities of certain specific Swiss banks. Our few Swiss banks have recognised the latent needs of the market. If you do business with commodities you need a strong bank capable to execute international transactions with high amounts of money. If you need a business bank account for the execution of your international transactions call us or write an email. We are happy to introduce your business to our Swiss trade finance banks. Podcast chapters: 00:00 Intro 02:30 Why are Swiss banks refusing the execution of international payments? 04:49 What are the most sensitive industries? 06:53 How did you discover the trade finance banks? 08:41 How is the pricing structure for the execution of international transactions? 13:46 What happened to Dubai after the FATF listing on the grey list 2 months ago? 14:53 What is the USP offered by the trade finance banks? 16:38 What kind of banks are offering big international transfers? 17:40 What are the ideal clients for a trade finance bank? 18:27 What is the minimum turnover per year for being accepted as a business client? 18:44 Can the pricing be adjusted during the course of the relationship? Do you need help? ► Join our Boutique Law Firm
How To Start Your Own Swiss Bank In just 9 Months
Starting a bank within 9 month time means record time. Start your own Swiss bank within 9 months by engaging a legal team with former FINMA Lawyers. This video shows the best way for starting a Swiss bank from scratch. You buy a new Swiss company from scratch. All the directives are already in place and FINMA-approved. The full banking setup is already build for accomplishing the requirements imposed by the Swiss regulator FINMA. If you buy and existing bank you will buy problems, liabilities and an outdated IT system. Buying an existing Swiss bank means starting and a high-risk adventure. The costs involved are roughly 16 to 18 million CHF. The costs should be considered as an secure investment. After 9 months you will receive the Swiss banking license. One day after having the baking license the value of the bank can be 10 to 20 times more your initial investment of 18 m CHF. It will be very easy to raise capital as soon you have the license. You will be in a position to refinance the bank at exceptional low rates. The most important misconception is that if you buy an existing bank the deal has to be approved by FINMA anyway. It can take you 2 years until the acquisition of an existing Swiss bank will be approved by FINMA. The fasted way to start your own bank is hiring us with the former FINMA Lawyer as a team. ► Visit Our Website:
77 Reasons For Swiss Bank Account Opening | updated
In this Podcast by Enzo Caputo you will hear 77 reasons, advantages, examples, facts for Swiss bank account opening. We provide the best Swiss bank account for foreigners. People fear the effects of money printing, helicopter money, inflation and political instability. Smart investors have a plan B. Since Covid-19, Swiss banks collected a ton of new money. Specially the USA and Asia are opting for Switzerland for offshore banking business. The world has become more insecure. Not only diversification with investments, but the geographical diversification of investments in the safest banks is more important than ever. Take your money out of your country before your country will take your money out of you! If you want to secure and grow your wealth write us an email: or give me a call for a free consultation +41 44 212 44 04 Timestamp Question 00:00 The world is becoming more insecure 01:30 Why Switzerland is attracting so much new money since Codid-19 crisis? 02:17 Most countries are sinking deeper and deeper into insolvency 03:12 How to circumvent Lebanese capital export restrictions? 04:14 The last will be bitten by the dogs 04:27 Capital export restriction are coming overnight – no announcement! 05:10 Having a Swiss bank account is not illegal - hiding money is! 05:16 How to circumvent OECD reporting obligations? 07:00 How to tell if a bank is safe? 08:32 Smart investors have a plan B 10:12 The best asset managers of the world are located in Switzerland 11:04 Why is the Swiss Franc so strong? 12:30 Swiss asset managers achieve better results than banks 13:35 Why you will make more money with your Swiss bank account? 14:25 Since Covid-19, US investors are buying a second passport 15:00 Here is the typical performance of a Swiss best in class asset manager 18:02 A Swiss bank account guarantees a much better medical treatment 20:50 Asset protection must take place before bad things take place 20:58 Geographical diversification of assets is more important than diversification of investments 22:22 How to avoid the risk of financial kidnapping? 23:20 How secure are banks in Georgia? ► Visit our Boutique Law Firm Website Caputo & Partners AG, Zurich, Switzerland
How To Prepare For The Global Currency Reset | Advice by Enzo Caputo
The interview partner is a financial analyst. He’s name is Silvan. He is concerned that the world, or at least some countries, could implement far-reaching monetary reforms and that the citizens of these countries could be expropriated. He collected very illustrative charts showing that a Global Currency Reset 2020 can be possible. These charts show how indebted the world is and what the central banks are currently doing with the currencies. He will show that the world has turned on the printing presses on an unprecedented scale never seen before. He also points out that the eurozone has long been in a state of sharp disparity between North and South and that - contrary to what the politicians always say - nobody has benefited from the Euro. It also shows our viewers that the world's central banks are causing unprecedented crises with their monetary policy. In his opinion, the state will not be able to solve the situation with ever-higher debts and ever-increasing money supply. We show the viewer some solutions about how he can protect himself from the devaluation of his own currency. Learn more on:
Golden Visa in Europe: Expert Insights
A Golden Visa allows you to live in Europe with the obligation to effectively stay in the country. A Golden Visa opens the doors for second citizenship in Europe. A Golden Visa is a residency by investment. Unlike Citizenship by investment that provides you with a Citizenship within months, a Golden Visa ensures a permanent residency by investment, including the option for a second passport in a later stage, Enzo Caputo, Swiss Banking Lawyer, Caputo & Partners AG. Learn more on
Recent Family Office Trends In Switzerland
What keeps family office executives awake at night? Global instability and political developments are challenging the family office industry in Europe. House and boat keeping services are not enough. Educating and motivating millennials have become more important than concierge services. Internet and social media will have a tremendous impact on family office trends, says Enzo Caputo, Swiss Banking Lawyer at Caputo & Partners AG, Zurich.
Economic Collapse: How To Protect Your Wealth In Switzerland. Expert advise by Enzo Caputo
Switzerland has become the most secure place in the world for International Asset Protection. Swiss banks realized a new record with Assets under Management. Never before so many assets were transferred to Switzerland. Swiss banks are managing ca. 7'500 Billion Swiss Francs. This is a signal that: the world has become more insecure. The international business élite needs solutions before the next economic stock market crash. The business with Golden Visa & Second Passports is skyrocketing. Immigration rules are becoming more stringent. The international investor community needs answers on how to best protect money before uncertain times. Switzerland can satisfy the needs and expectations of international investors. There is no credible alternative to Switzerland. Find out more on
Can You Still Hide Money In Swiss Banks?
If you want to hide money from the taxman, don’t do it with a Swiss bank account. Switzerland is the most dangerous place for criminals as anti-money laundering laws are very severe. You will blow up. You have to go out of the banking system to hide money in Switzerland. Many people created a Dubai company and fabricated a false residence in Dubai to hide money from the taxman. Don’t do that. Sooner or later it will come to the surface, Enzo Caputo, Swiss Banking Lawyer, Caputo & Partners AG.
Best Way To Invest Money: Investment Strategy advice
If you want to turn 1000 Dollars into 1 million fast – That’s not the right video for you. Don’t watch this video. Based on my 30-years experience as an international private banking lawyer, I have seen wealthy people losing millions because of the wrong investment strategies and bonus-driven advisers. I show you step by step how and where the world’s business elite, the oil sheikhs and celebrities are investing successfully. They protect their money long-term and secure with global strategies. This video offers a unique inside-view on the investment strategies of the rich and famous. This video will help you constantly growing your assets without losing millions. The best learnings are based on the proven mistakes of financially successful people. ► Read the full article
?? Golden Visa Portugal ? the most Detailed Analysis
This podcast tells in detail how the Golden Visa Portugal works, including costs, benefits and processing time. The Golden Visa Program in Portugal is the visa-free entry ticket to the Schengen countries (European Union). The best part is that there is no need for relocation. After 5 years, he can become a Citizen of Portugal, an EU Citizen. Effective residency is not required. That’s a unique gateway to freedom. It’s a safe haven protecting from political instability. Learn more on:
?? Malta Citizenship By Investment ? a New Status Symbol
This podcast tells about the cost, the benefits and the time frame of obtaining a Malta Citizenship by Investment 2019. The Malta Passport has become the latest status symbol. Some of my Arab clients have become passport collectors. They have a few of them. Since immigration policies are becoming more restrictive everywhere, freedom of movement is a key factor for international business people. A Malta passport is the most reputable passport money can buy. Malta Citizenship by Investment Program was introduced in 2014 and is approved by the European Union. The official name is Malta Individual Investor Program (IIP). It offers a second passport and citizenship option to families wishing to relocate to a European Union country. The Malta Passport by Investment granted by this program is valid for life. It can be transferred to future generations by descent. Malta has a strong economy and a very stable political system. The country is a member of the EU since 2004 and is part of Schengen since 2007. Maltese citizens have freedom of movement and direct access to the markets in the European Union. Malta sold over 1500 passports. Learn more on:
How To Find The Best Swiss Bank For Private Banking: 11 Hidden Facts
Investors searching for the best Swiss bank for their investments have an un-transparent and challenging mission. Some Swiss private banks are even not disclosing their financial figures, their annual reports. The criteria for testing the quality of a Swiss Private bank are not available on the internet. A list of ALL Swiss private banks does not exist. Fulfilling the strong demand of our clients, we published on the first Swiss Private Bank directory with all 132 Swiss private banks. On top of that, we invented a working tool for you with 11 criteria to measure the quality and the security of your favourite Swiss Private Bank. This video will illustrate the most important criteria to you. I will explain step by step how they work. After this video, you will have a tool in your hands to test and measure the quality and security of your Swiss private bank. ► Find out the exclusive list of Swiss Private Banks on:

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Iberian Fan 2020/08/19
A very interesting listen. Always something new and valuable.


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