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Each week host Heather Bernt-Santy and a member of the ECE Nerd Collective share and discuss a quote with a focus on effecting change in the early learning world.

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NERD_0244 No, We Are Not Grooming Children
This is a serious one, folks. Starting with a quote from a Washington Post article titled "Teachers Who Mention Sexuality are 'Grooming' Kids, Conservatives Say," Richard Cohen, Mike Huber and Heather Bernt-Santy refute those claims, and talk about how we can PROTECT children by helping them make sense of the world around them, including gender and sexual diversity.
NERD_0243 Tired Of “Education”
"You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time." ~Angela DavisHeather and Richard are ready for an anti-"education" revolution. 
NERD_0242 Interrupting, Interfering…Teaching?
A brand new guest joins the show! Liz Hicks joins Heather to talk about the teacher urge to interfere with and interrupt play in an effort to "teach."
NERD_0241 Mike Asks Heather–Schema Play
Mike Huber has listened to some episodes of the Child Care Bar and Grill podcast about schema play, and has some questions for Heather
NERD_0240 Inquiry Based Science With Chad Nunamaker and Dr William Mosier
Chad Nunamaker and Dr William Mosier, authors of the article "Promoting Inquiry Based Science Education" are Heather's guests in this episode, with a lot to say about science anxiety in early childhood educators, self regulation, and "supporting the development of inquiry without the 'inquisition.'"
NERD_0239 It Starts In The Baby Room
Most of us in ECE agree that infancy is just as full of learning as preschool, but what should practice look like under that philosophy? Is it letters and numbers and shapes? Is it group activities? Lisa Murphy and Heather don't think so.
NERD_0238 Pushing Back On Letter Of The Week
In this week's episode, the Two Pushy Dames (LeeAnn Soucy and Kathy Gallo) drop in to push back on the academic pushdown that makes "letter of the week" instruction so prevalent and popular in early childhood programs, why it doesn't work, and what we can do instead. 
NERD_0237 Challenging Behavior…Of Adults
In which Mike Huber and Heather have a very smart conversation about adult behaviors that are challenging for children, but also manage to work in references to cinematic classics Wayne's World, Stepbrothers and The Big Lebowski.
NERD_0236 Gatekeeping, Professionalism And The Regulatory Gaze
Lizz Nolasco, Richard Cohen and Heather have a conversation about efforts to standardize and professionalize the field of ECE, and the ways some of these efforts could be considered harmful. And Heather just likes to say "regulatory gaze."
NERD_0235 What Mindfulness Can Look Like in ECE
Sometimes it seems like "mindfulness" in our work with young children has become more of a product than a process. Bethany Corrie and Richard Cohen join Heather to talk about how we can bring back its authenticity. 
NERD_0234 Critical Thinking In ECE Higher Ed
Richard Cohen joins Heather for another episode on teaching ECE in higher education. How can we break away from traditional teaching models to provide spaces and experiences that teach critical thinking? 
NERD_0233 30 Years of Experience Or One Year 30 Times
Lisa Murphy and Heather discuss the difference between having 30 years of experience teaching and having one year of experience 30 times. What are the implications for the profession and for children?

Podcast Reviews

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4.5 out of 5
60 reviews
GossamerPink 2020/06/10
Very good topics, very boring implementation
The podcast is very informative. They tackle very relevant issues and discuss articles. While I learn a lot from the podcast, I struggle finishing an ...
piggypuggle 2022/01/09
Insightful Podcast
I love this podcast it has opened the doors to terrific new books to add to my reading list and I have been introduced to a wealth of new voices in EC...
Kelsey Marie Palus 2021/09/24
Loveeeeee these podcasts!
When Lisa & Heather get together it’s always a good time! I just want to say thank you for taking time to make these podcasts! You guys remind me that...
Mama2Charlotte 2021/02/22
Great Takeaways!
I love hearing the insight each episode brings! Keep it up! -Cherishing Childhood: The Low-Tech Parenting Podcast
Emerson2468 2020/07/03
Fun and educational
This was a great episode. I am graduating in December and I start working as a two year old teacher next week. I am so excited. I’m all about teaching...
TBoneStone 2019/12/04
So glad I found this!
I’ve started having the teachers at my preschool listen and discuss!
AJBaguel 2019/09/09
I think I listened to every podcast this summer before going back to work. Not only have I been listening, but I told my boss about this podcast and s...
Home Nurses 2018/05/12
Fun and reflective
I really enjoy listening and reflecting on these podcasts!
bmogee 2019/08/05
Podcast sound
This would be a better podcast if you worked on the volume. You’re voice is so loud but guest speakers are muffled.


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