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An audio guide to the world’s strange, incredible, and wondrous places. Co-founder Dylan Thuras and a neighborhood of Atlas Obscura reporters explore a new wonder every day, Monday through Thursday. In under 15 minutes, they’ll take you to an incredible place, and along the way, you’ll meet some fascinating people and hear their stories. Our theme and end credit music is composed by Sam Tyndall.

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The Goiter Belt
A public health crisis plagued the Midwest until a simple solution was introduced to a ubiquitous cooking ingredient.
Tiny Doors ATL
A number of tiny, mysterious doors scattered throughout Atlanta, Georgia ask viewers to imagine what might be found on the other side. READ MORE IN THE ATLAS:
The House on the Rock Re-Listen
Join host Dylan Thuras and producer Harry Huggins as they visit the unruly architecture of The House on the Rock - one of the inspirations for Atlas Obscura. READ MORE IN THE ATLAS:
Catalina Island Bison Herd Re-Listen
The strange story of Catalina Island’s herd of bison, and the harrowing story of producer Sarah Wyman’s encounter with these intimidating residents. Read more in the Atlas:
National Corvette Museum Sinkhole Re-Listen
Eight rare vehicles at the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky vanish, thanks to a massive sinkhole. Read more in the Atlas:
The Cardiff Giant Re-Listen
All summer we’ve been asking you to send us your summer travel stories. In this installment we hear a listener’s tale of a theological dispute that became a real money-maker known to some as “Old Hoaxy.” READ MORE IN THE ATLAS:
Leimert Park Re-Listen
Producer Baudelaire Ceus travels to Leimert Park, a unique neighborhood in Los Angeles characterized by its historical relationship to Black liberation.
Booming Dunes Re-Listen
An audio postcard from the desert of Badain Jaran in China, home of the Booming Dunes, and possibly the coolest sand sounds you’ve ever heard. Read more in the Atlas:
Garbage Goat
This sculpture in Spokane, WA was created by a "welding nun" decades ago. READ MORE IN THE ATLAS:
The Divorce Colony
For a brief period the small frontier city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota drew in socialites and celebrities who were desperate to end their marriages. For more stories from the Divorce Colony, check out April White's book: The Divorce Colony: How Women Revolutionized Marriage and Found Freedom on the American Frontier.
The Cincinnati Subway
There are two miles of abandoned tunnels beneath the streets of Cincinnati, OH. A relic of an attempt to establish underground transportation in the city. READ MORE IN THE ATLAS:
The Places You Return To
Atlas Obscura listeners share stories from places they love so much they keep going back.

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Ottoman Bird Palaces


Dylan Thuras 0:04
Turkeys for the birds. I mean, every year, millions of birds migrate from Europe to Africa, by way of Turkey. There are Red Hawks, there are Imperial Eagles there are storks, and so many more.

Unknown Speaker 0:20
And some of these birds like storks passing through the holy cities of Mecca and Medina and also the Jerusalem and people considering this verse it kind of like pilgrims.


Underwater Places


Hey everybody, Dylan here. So I do not know how to scuba dive I've I've never taken the lessons. But a few months ago, I got to go to Tarpon Springs, Florida and get to sort of play at being a professional sponge diver for a day, I didn't have to do a real scuba I was on a kind of oxygen line, so that I could go underwater and walk around on the ocean floor, but not have to be fully certified. Anyway, it was a crazy experience I got to put on this original copper 150 pound dive suit was kind of like this astronaut Frankenstein being and slow and heavy walking on the, you know, bottom of the ocean, I was only 12 feet underwater. But anyway, it was just this incredible experience. And being there deep under the water was like stepping into another universe. It was filled with life and mysterious creatures and things growing and it was just completely and totally magical. And it got me thinking about all of the strange, incredible wonders that are found underneath the oceans at the bottom of lakes. And so today, we're joined by the Atlas Obscura places editors Jonathan Kerry and Michelle Cassidy, who are choosing two stories to tell us that both take place deep underwater. First is Jonathan Kerry, who's going to take us to the sunken crosses of Malbec gay, get ready and dive down deep with us under the blue sea of the palm of Spain.


Concrete Animals of Mexico


Abby Perrault 0:04
Under Solana row has an eye are gazing into the face of a concrete crocodile.

Unknown Speaker 0:09
It has seen better days, that poor thing. Now it's green, rain, bluish. It used to be more green. Or actually

Abby Perrault 0:17
we're looking at where part of his face should be but has fallen off.


Classic: Milo Bitters


Abby Perrault 0:04
Under Solana row has an eye are gazing into the face of a concrete crocodile.

Unknown Speaker 0:09
It has seen better days, that poor thing. Now it's green, rain, bluish. It used to be more green. Or actually

Abby Perrault 0:17
we're looking at where part of his face should be but has fallen off.


Plain of Jars


Dylan Thuras 0:02
The first time he visited the Plain of Jars, so yeah, it was it was a university student. He'd been hearing about these giant ancient jars carved from rock since he was an elementary school. Why did your family decide to go see the Plain of Jars?

Unknown Speaker 0:18
Oh, because everyone wants to visit this for once term of their life.

Unknown Speaker 0:23
Like a bucket list?


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4.4 out of 5
939 reviews
Brooke276 2022/05/26
Interesting but PLEASE CAN ABBY
Abby is like listening to a rambling teenager. She is incredibly annoying.
Octostarr 2022/06/16
Interesting to listen to other activities that people do around the world
I am legally blind and this podcast gives me other perspectives of what people do worldwide. I do not know what else to say but I look forward every w...
Jensuechiv 2022/06/11
Get serious
The women all have the annoying, I’m-so-important-because-I-have-writing-degree vocal fry. Abbey P sounds like she’s trying to talk a jumper off a led...
mikhailharamati2002 2022/06/09
Delightful alternative to the news!
Wonderful stories about interesting places. Great at piquing my curiosity and transporting me to a fascinating place or time!
Velcrosquid 2022/05/29
Abby is fantastic
I love Abby’s episodes, they are beautiful and all the producers on this show are fantastic, each in their own way! Reviewers on here talking about “v...
Lorde de Code 2022/05/18
Fantastic except…
I REALLY enjoy this show, but the amount of advertisements that are placed that offset the content really hinders my experience. You don’t do 15 minut...
Vhgdnign 2022/05/17
Poor ad choice
I like this show very much, but I can’t believe that in light of all that’s going on in the world he’s still doing ads to travel to TX. It always jolt...
etherdog 2022/05/12
Baudelaire is a great addition to the team!
Baudelaire Zeus brings a lot of well placed anger at colonialism, and that is not only appropriate but also refreshing.
sarah0900 2022/05/13
ads are way to long
13 minute episode..5 mins of ads
badvalgal 2022/05/09
Awesome podcast!
Love this podcast, all the adventure it contains. I have always loved exploring new places, and this gives me a good sense of new ideas to check out. ...


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