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Bossbabe is one of the largest online communities of ambitious women and female entrepreneurs in the world. With a digital presence of more than 3.6+ million followers, 380k+ subscribers, a high-value podcast and the top online membership for female entrepreneurs – we're passionate about creating content that supports ambitious women in building wealth + creating lives they love. The bossbabe podcast is the place where we share the real, behind-the-scenes of building successful businesses, achieving peak performance and learning how to balance it all. Co-founders Natalie Ellis and Danielle Canty share their experiences candidly, inviting experts to join them on the show to give their insights. A combination of funny, raw and actionable, this podcast is a must-listen for ambitious women creating success in their own way.

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BBS: Stop Taking This Business Advice
Natalie drops in for the third edition of bossbabe business school…to make a confession. Mistakes were made, bad advice was taken and lessons were learned – we share these kinds of stories to help you avoid the same fate!
What Zodiac Signs To Hire (Or Not To Hire) In Your Business
Zodiac and personality expert, Ophira Edut, one half of the amazing and influential AstroTwins, joins the podcast to teach us how to build a truly aligned team using the stars as a guide. Who is best for which jobs? Which signs compliment each other? And who should NOT work together? The answers might surprise you. Don’t miss it.
BBS: 6 Steps To Starting (+ Growing) Your Business
When it comes to building a business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the information and advice out there. So let’s simplify things. In this episode of bossbabe business school, Danielle is sharing just SIX (really, just six!) things to think about if you want to grow your business. And the best part is – you can start applying these things right now.
How to Read Peoples’ Body Language & Control Your Own
Vanessa Van Edwards is an expert on people – specifically, how we behave. She’s studied social cues and body language for seventeen years and packs so much actionable advice into this episode – you’ll want to listen twice. From vocal tone to eye contact, email sign offs to Zoom tips, Vanessa covers all the bases on the way to establishing more authority and authenticity in your business dealings – and in your everyday life.
BBS: How To Look & Sound More Confident (Even When You're Nervous)
Welcome to the very first in a new series of mini episodes where Danielle will be leading the bossbabe community through extra actionable, no BS business tips to help you grow — fast! Today, we’re learning to sound, look, and pitch our business with more confidence.
4 Changes You Should Make To Your Business In This Economy
The best way to handle unexpected challenges and changes is to prepare for them as best we can. But how can we prepare for something we can’t see? Danielle recently had the pleasure of attending a mastermind session where she participated in conversations with some of the world’s best business leaders from Tony Robbins to Dean Graziosi, Jenna Kutcher and Russell Brunson. What shook out was a list of actions that they, and anyone, can take to weather unpredictable future market conditions.
The Struggles Of Balancing Motherhood And Business With REAL Housewife Heather Dubrow
Heather Dubrow is an actor, reality TV star and fellow podcaster – and most importantly a mom. In this week’s episode of the bossbabe podcast, Heather is sharing her approach to motherhood and how she’s been able to prioritize her family above all else – while also striving for her ambitious goals.
The Truth About The Beauty Industry + What’s REALLY In Your Makeup Bag with Andy Hnilo
Andy Hnilo, the founder and CEO of Alitura Naturals, is here to warn us about the harmful and dirty ingredients hiding in our makeup bags. Sure, it’s a reality check we probably aren't ready to face, but it’s one we need to raise major awareness on. Why? Because the toxic chemicals we’re applying to our skin and ingesting in our bodies are affecting us more than we could ever imagine.
How To Use Social Media To Make A Positive Impact
Chloe Hakim-Moore is an internationally acclaimed social designer, TEDx speaker, the founder of NEXT Memphis and was named one of Forbes’ 2020 30 Under 30. She’s used her platform and her story to enact meaningful change in her community – and in this week’s podcast, she’s sharing how you can do the same.
How To Build F**king Confidence with Lisa Bilyeu
Lisa Bilyeu, co-founder and president of Impact Theory and co-founder of the billion-dollar business, Quest Nutrition, is here with the tools that anyone can use to become confident + stop giving a f**k what people think.
Your Essential Guide To Prenatal Nutrition
Katie Dewhurst is the bossbabe behind Hello Balance. Using her knowledge of functional medicine, she’s on a mission to help close the 2-3 decade gap that exists between nutritional guidelines and what the latest research shows. In this episode, we’re covering how to make the key changes to support your (and your baby’s) health.
How To Tell If You're In A Toxic Friendship
We have couples therapy, family therapy, individual therapy but there’s almost no help out there when it comes to handling our friendships. That’s why psychotherapist, Erin Falconer is here to share her guide for managing and growing your relationships to get the best out of life.

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
1252 reviews
thenonjudgyvegan 2022/05/12
Fun, informative, packed with wisdom
Love the energy and value packed interviews! Love learning from women entrepreneurs who do things their own way and are shaking up what business can l...
catcain089 2022/04/29
love love LOVE!
As an aspiring entrepreneur, they offer SUCH good business advice and support. Also as just a human and professional, I love listening to episodes whe...
Ellejaye1999 2022/05/01
It’s ok but...
I like some of the episodes but I feel like a lot of the advice is to sign up for their masterclass. It’s a lot of fluff with a few nuggets of info sp...
thekatherinemarie 2022/04/19
This fills my cup!
I am beyond happy I decided to listen and follow the Boss Babe podcast! I can’t believe I am just now starting to listen to it. The generous advice is...
lbarb038 2022/04/19
The most epic podcast
This podcast has taught me so much!!! I seriously have changed my life so much by just listening to it. They are so honest and vulnerable that you can...
SParkhotyuk 2022/04/15
Must listen to!!!
I absolutely love the Boss Babe podcast. I listen to it religiously!! I have learned so much for my personal growth but also for my business and brand...
MonyByTheSea 2022/03/22
Amazing podcast!
These ladies are really inspiring. I get excited every time I see a new episode in my podcast feed.
jaebarbie22 2022/03/25
Show note
Where is the show notes
oki_lets_talk 2022/03/18
So many helpful nuggets!
I love this podcast. The boss babes are always talking about something super relatable and helpful. I get a lot of inspiration and knowledge from thes...
MayaGrossman 2022/03/04
You need this podcast in your life!
I have been listening to this podcast non stop in the last few months because I’m building my own business. I have learned so much!! It’s like having ...


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