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Follow Matt Risinger on the Build Show Podcast as he discusses Building Science, Craftsmanship, & Best Practices for Building & Remodeling. Matt is a Builder who specializes in Architect Driven & Fine Craftsmanship Work.

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Episode 53: Why Wood Over Other Products
On this episode of the Build Show podcast, Matt and guest Robbie Davis, owner of Delta Millworks, an architectural mill and experts in shou-sugi-ban. Matt and Robbie discuss wood as infrastructure and how the industry moved away from its use in outdoor locations like siding, decks, and fascia, but are now using wood more than ever. They talk about forest management, sustainability, and tree farming. If you're a builder, tune in to learn about "pickled wood" and more.
Episode 52: Waterproofing Homes and Wood
On this episode of the Build Podcast, Matt speaks to Brian Long, one of the best builders Matt's ever met. Brian is the owner of Brian Long Custom Homes, and he and Matt met back in 2015. The two Texas-based builders discuss waterproofing, covering everything from the "double burrito" to a few of their waterproofing mistakes.
Episode 51: Foundations, Framing Approaches, Role of the Structural Engineer
On this episode of the Build Podcast, Matt meets with Witt Smith, a second generation engineer to discuss residential engineering. They discuss alternative building systems like SIPs panels, insulated concrete forms, and ICFs. Are these alternative methods just hype, or is all the buzz justified?
Episode 50: Best Plumbing Specs
On this episode of the Build Podcast, Matt and Eric Aune are going to take a deep dive into the best plumbing specs. They'll compare plumbing systems and nerd out over PEX. They touch on Viega and Uponor products, talk about copper piping, and Eric shares his experience with dry fitting. They even touch on plumbing for the zombie apocalypse and PTC (Push to Connect) systems. Whether you're a builder, a plumber, or a project manager, you don't want to miss this episode of The Build Show Podcast.
Episode 49: Everything You Need to Know About Building Science in 30 Minutes
On this episode of the Build Podcast, Matt and Steve Baczek are going to break down everything he knows about Building Science in just about 30 minutes. Whether you’re a veteran of building science or not, this episode is going to be valuable. What you’ll learn: The true definition of the term building science The role of climate, location and water in your builds Were houses built better in the past? Four things that happen when you understand building science
Episode 48: What the American Workman Wears (And Why It Matters)
On this episode of the Build Podcast, Matt is joined by Brian Ciciora, CEO and Founder, Truewerk Workwear, to talk about the story of the American workman and why what you wear on the job matters. Think about it—everything you communicate, what you wear, and how you present yourself is a big deal for your business, so this episode will dive into innovations that protect the American worker, including better, more durable fabrics that look good (and don’t have to be ironed out of the wash). Listen in to learn more about Brian’s background in construction, and discover the important and significance of the role the American builder plays in advancing society.
Episode 47: Why Do You Build?
On this episode of The Build Podcast, Matt sits down with his VP of Construction, Tim Hill, to chat about why they build homes. Some might say it’s certainly not for the money, though sometimes the money is pretty good, but really, they narrow it down to two reasons: relationships and the fact that they enjoy being heroes. (Yes, you can be a hero in the building industry). Listen in and mull over the question for yourself: why do YOU build?
Episode 46: Client Expectations (And How to Deal with them)
On this episode of The Build Podcast, Matt is joined by Build CEO Steve Lesem and Tim Hill, Build VP of Construction to discuss client expectations. Many clients start projects with some preconceived notions or ideas set from television shows they’ve watched or prior conversations they’ve had, but those ideas are not necessarily rooted in reality. It’s important for builders to understand what their clients already believe and really process that information. Getting to know clients is one of the best things you can do. Then comes the education process. During that phase you’ll come to understand whether or not this client is really a good match for you, and this requires being very upfront so that nobody wastes any time. Tune in to discover more about the builder-client journey and how you can make the process smooth and efficient for everyone.
Episode 45: Home Chemistry
On this episode of The Build Podcast, Matt is joined by Corbett and Grace Lunsford, Hosts of Home Diagnosis, and who Matt considers the OG YouTubers, to discuss building high performance houses and the microbiology that goes into it. They'll talk history of our homes, facts and stats that may surprise you, as well as a deep dive into the chemistry behind indoor air quality and materials we use to build.
Episode 44: What do builders do during a recession?
The pending possible recession is top of mind for Matt. So, this week he’s sitting down with his friend, and fellow YouTuber, Kevin AKA “Meet Kevin” to talk about what builders, architects, landlords and homeowners should be doing to prepare for what could come. Kevin is an expert in both real estate and investing/finance and the two will discuss the overall market, what happens to housing sales during this time, what to look for in cash buyers, and if we should be selling properties. You’ll gain some insight into cashflow and investments and other macro economics topics.
Episode 43: How do we encourage more young people to get into the trades?
On this episode of The Build Podcast, Matt is joined by Rex Tibbens, CEO of Frontdoor and Travi Brungardt, Builder and Co-Owner, Catalyst Construction to talk about a topic that we just can't talk about enough: young people in the trades. You might want to listen to this episode while driving the kids around! The three will discuss the need for more tradesmen in the industry, the value proposition that we could use to talk to young people about becoming a tradesman or woman in our industry. and the skills needed to excel. There's a ton of opportunity to not only excel, but to make good money doing it. Tune in.
Episode 42: Water - The Builders Enemy
On this episode of The Build Podcast, Matt gets his VP of Construction, Tim Hill, back on to discuss water, water management, and the mistakes and problems that come along with it. This is a core topic to builders and there's a need to understand this because ultimately water is our number one enemy and a building's number one enemy for durability. Water in all of its forms accounts for 80% of construction defect litigation. And right now, we're in a very litigious market, so buckle in for this discussion where the two will discuss: drainage planes house wraps mold sealants/adhesives and more!

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
84 reviews
Lew in Chicago 2021/11/06
Deep and wide
Hear build info not found elsewhere. Tremendously interesting and diverse.
Hi7man 2021/08/10
Great info
If you’re not following Matt, you’re missing out. Matt has a ton of great information whether you’re a builder or a remodeler (I’m a remodeler myself...
weq123 2021/06/08
Great information that both contractors and homeowners need to hear.
guy hhhjkj gf se 2021/04/19
So far so good! I know you’re worried about them being to long but anyone who is listening to this would mind a good hour’s worth of a podcast. Can’t ...
Bottleworks 2021/05/24
It Started strong…
It started strong, but the past few episodes seemed to turn into long ads or an audio only infomercial. I didn’t come here for that…
Dr-Greg 2021/04/09
I love all Matt’s home building stuff
I’ve been following Matt for years on YouTube so when I learned he was starting a podcast i wasted no time in subscribing. The podcast format is perfe...
york_tony 2021/04/09
Great info!
Really enjoying the open and honest discussion of successes and hard lessons.
Graysponge1 2021/03/31
Here for the first, good luck on the new launch!
Go jop 2021/03/30
The teacher at their best
So glad Matt finally made the leap to podcasting. Nothing but very informative information from him and I’m sure from all future guests. 5 stars for ...
J_LeBlanc 2021/03/30
About time
Been waiting on this. Matt in a year or 2 when me and the wife start to build ima have to get you over to Orange TX so I can pick your brain.


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