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THE CARDONE ZONE is the one place to find everything Grant Cardone: Real Estate Investing Made Simple, Power Player interviews with superstar entrepreneurs, authors, experts, coaches, and business leaders; The G&E Show - the business of Marriage and How to Build an Empire; Digital Marketing tips; Young Hustlers for Sales Professionals; and much, much more!

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Top 3 Money Mistakes
Which Money Mistakes do you live by EVERYDAY which are costing you your money?
If You're Not First You're Last
The concept of first or last sounds unfair, but first place is the only place you want to be in, it earns more rewards.
Feed The Beast
Success matters! Reaching your potential will feed you, drive you, and push you to where you need to be. feed the beast and starve the doubt!
Steps To Success
In order to obtain and keep success, you will not be able to compromise on discipline. Here are 32 successful traits and habits to live by...
How To Get Your Money Right
First thing you need to do is change your target and you need to look at the target daily!      
Give Give Give
Selling is the act of giving. As much as you give in life I believe that it will equal to the amount that you get...
Recreate Yourself To The Next Level
Finding your driving force is critical for you to get to those goals that you believe are a real reality and not just some concept that you think can not happen
Power Schedule
Time multiplied by your actions, equals the measure of your advance. Most people complain they don't have time which just takes up time. Keeping a disciplined tight schedule may help you with this.
Millionaire Mindset
I want to help you reach millionaire status by simplifying the process of becoming one. Anyone can do this by putting in the work and doing the following...
Motivation For Your Life
You need to start investing in YOURSELF, it's the only guarantee pay back... 
Grant Cardone's Net Worth EXPOSED
Get the formula on how to create a billion dollars of net worth for yourself. If you want to do more than a billion, I'll show you how to get to whatever number you want.
How to Stay Motivated and Dominate
If you want to be successful, achieve financial freedom, have time with family, and choose to do what you want then you need to learn one essential tool to fulfill these goals.

Podcast Reviews

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4.8 out of 5
3628 reviews
JJKANG95 2022/06/01
I started to listen this podcast after finish his book . It is amazing!! Always inspire me!
doggywoggy85 2022/05/31
This man is a blessing!
Oxfordkid 2022/05/21
Excellent Motivation
I have listened to Grant before since I am not a spring chicken at age of 64. Recently went through some serious health problems concerning high blood...
Joey Phillips From The TN 2022/03/30
Love listening to GC, his strategies and methods are like no others.
ifixbadcredit at icloud . com 2022/03/04
Uncle G
Great work, I am happy I am now a partner!!!!!
Zcoltrin 2022/01/26
I listen to Uncle G everyday because I’m obsessed with Success.
SLFLYHI 2022/03/01
Love Uncle G! Podcasts too long!
Man, I love listening to Uncle G! 10X changed everything for me and I’ve recommended it to dozens of colleagues. I know GC reads this, so take it as y...
kelseyqueen1991 2021/11/17
Great info
Thank you needed to hear about inflation
Ashley ?❤️? 2021/11/10
Amazing Podcast!
I got in to real estate when the pandemic started I am now close to owning a million dollars in real estate. I love listing to Grant and the advice he...
malfoxley 2021/10/12
Great show!
Grant, host of the Cardone Zone podcast, highlights all aspects of real estate, entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and ex...


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