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Hey, We’re Colin and Samir, YouTube creators and podcasters that break down the latest news in the creator economy from a creator's perspective. We have a long history building communities and brands through digital content. New episodes of The Colin and Samir show go live every Monday on Spotify and

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Why KSI can do everything all at once
Today on the Colin and Samir Show, we’re talking about the British YouTuber KSI. He’s one of the most influential figures on the platform, with 39 million subscribers across his two main channels.  He has found massive success both on and off YouTube. KSI has built successful careers in music, boxing and live performance.  That success isn’t due to the size of his audience, or because of pure talent. It’s because KSI knows how to build true community by taking feedback from his audience. In this episode, we break down the creator mindset, and what it means to build community on YouTube.
How short-form content gets monetized [Creator Support]
On this episode of the Colin & Samir Show, we’re discussing when to promote your brand on social media, how short-form content gets monetized, and an update on our merch. Links we talked about: YouTube releases its Culture & Trends Report 2022 Emma Chamberlain returns to YouTube Canadian bill regulating YouTube passes Mark Rober launches Crunch Labs
How to build a podcast on YouTube [Creator Support]
This is part two of our two-part series with Nick Martell and Jack the first episode you heard how they built Snacks Daily, their wildly successful newsletter and podcast. In part two, you'll hear us troubleshoot the problems they're facing as they build a podcast audience on YouTube in this special edition of Creator Support. 
Why our show is changing [Creator Support]
In this episode, we’re covering why we joined the LinkedIn Podcast Network, if creators should have standardized fees, and whether or not a YouTuber’s employees should be able to post their own content. Links we talked about: Tubefilter: Colin and Samir look to “support the growth of more careers” by bringing their podcast to LinkedIn The Publish Press: Canadian Bill To Impact Creator Discoverability Colin & Samir’s Reddit Ask us a question to be included in Creator Support
How Nick Martell & Jack Kramer built Snacks Daily and then, The Best One Yet
Nick Martell and Jack Kramer met in college in Middlebury, Vermont -- they became fast friends and eventually business partners -- launching a business newsletter called Market Snacks that eventually went on to become a daily podcast acquired by stock trading app Robinhood. Both Colin and I have been huge fans of the show for years. We're very inspired not only by how these two tell stories via audio but how good they are at building a true community and including their audience in the show. They make complex stories from the business world accessible and relatable, which is something Colin and I try and do as well. Recently Nick and Jack left Robinhood but kept their podcast under a new name "The Best One Yet". You'll find out why that's the name later on in the episode. After Nick and Jack went independent they reached out to Colin and I to help them build a video version of their show on YouTube. This is part one of a two-part series with Nick and this first episode you'll hear how they'll built their wildly successful newsletter and podcast, and in part two you'll get to hear us troubleshoot the problems their facing in a special edition of Creator Support. That episode will come out on Thursday. Alright, hope you enjoy this episode of The Colin and Samir show with Nick and Jack.
How much do YouTuber employees make? [Creator Support]
On this episode of The Colin and Samir Show we're answering questions from creators in what we call Creator Support. The questions today include how much do the employees of YouTubers make, how to handle underperforming videos, and how can colleges educate student-creators better.  Check out our newsletter
How Ryan Trahan Changed YouTube with a Penny
Ryan Trahan is a YouTuber who's "Penny Series" has found him massive success. In the series he's relied on his entrepreneurial mind to turn one penny into $1000, a house, and now he'll be doing it for 30 days straight in order to raise money for Feeding America. 
Does Consistency Matter on YouTube Anymore? [Creator Support]
Today we're talking about different storytelling formats, how to hire, how much to charge for a brand deal, and long-form vs short form content. We also dive into the latest news from the creator economy.  Subscribe to our newsletter
How Michelle Khare Became the Most Badass Human on YouTube
Michelle Khare is a YouTuber and former professional cyclist with over 2 million subscribers. She is best known for her series Challenge Accepted where she attempts some of the most grueling professions. We speak with her about leaving her job and Buzzfeed and building her career on Youtube. 
What does a recession mean for Creators? [Creator Support]
In today's episode, we're answering your questions about how creators will be impacted by the pandemic, how to negotiate rates, and our thoughts on YouTube's latest feature. 
Meet YouTube’s Worst Inventor: Simone Giertz
Today on The Colin and Samir Show we're talking about Swedish YouTuber and Inventor Simone Giertz. Once dubbed "The Queen of Sh*tty Robots", Simone found success on YouTube making "useless things" that went extremely viral. Today, she's pivoted and is finding unique solutions to everyday problems, creating products that are more than just viral memes. On the episode we answer three questions that all creators should think about when it comes to their careers and defining what success means to them.  Download our creative vision worksheet:
Has Instagram turned its back on creators? [Creator Support]
Today on The Colin and Samir Show we talk about Instagram and its relationship with creators, how to hire as a creator, attract the right brand deals, and when to get an agent. 

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5 out of 5
327 reviews
harley jsy 2022/06/14
pog is chad 2022/06/10
Nice job Colin and Samir
Good job to both of you guys!! I hope you hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube so you can interview Mrbeast again! Really like it how you can fit so m...
Ecouia 2022/06/07
Exceptional Show
I am truly enjoying this podcast and I love how you guys give tangible advice that you can use to grow as a creative
SanchoTheLegend 2022/05/21
3-Star Experience
Kidding! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Question for you guys: I’ve been binging old vlogs, and have enjoyed vicariously living through your figuring-it-out era. What ev...
micah_knox 2022/05/20
Love it!!!
Colin and Samir is the reason I want to be a YouTuber. so keep on going. don’t stop helping us.
Colin and Samir 2022/05/04
How long have you guys have been a creator?
DR. JAMES DON 2022/04/26
Tips on starting out in creative feild
Love the show, thanks for all the great content. Any tips on starting out as a creator?
gershom2112 2022/04/05
Unlike any other ?
Love the podcast - especially the eps that are packed with value and analysis
Inside Apple Official 2022/02/05
Best podcast ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WhiteNitro7434 2022/01/21
Sush a great podcast
I started listening to this podcast on a long and boring drive. I put my feet up, closed my eyes, and by the time I got home, I remembered the whole ...


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