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Co-hosts Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers have eight kids between them, little to grown. Weekly conversations offer practical tips and real-life encouragement for moms who want to enjoy motherhood more, and cut back on comparison, worry, and stress. We're not experts, we're moms who've been there. We're not perfect, we're real. Welcome to The Mom Hour.

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More Than Mom: Meagan & Sarah As Kids & Teens
What we remember from childhood helps build our narrative of who we were - even if those memories are fuzzy or slightly flawed. Today Meagan and Sarah get in the way-WAY-back machine and reflect on what we were like as kids and teens. As a child, Meagan was dreamy, imaginative, chatty, and obsessed with balloons (!!), while Sarah was studious, quiet-but-sociable, responsible, and circumstantially prone to tears. We touch on how our personalities developed as we grew up, whether we were “popular” or not, and if we felt clueless or confident come high school. Join us for this fun More Than Mom to get a glimpse into our growing up years (at least the way we remember it!).
A Week Of Real-Life Housework (Part One): Episode 370
Most of us enjoy having a clean and tidy home, but have you ever kept track of how much you do throughout the week to keep it that way? In today’s episode, Meagan and Sarah share what seven days of real-life housework looks like in our homes. We reflect on the tasks we knew went into running a home, and some surprising ones we thought of as housework before (like picking plums and chasing chickens!). Whether you prioritize deep-cleaning on a regular schedule or tend to tidy as you go and hope for the best, it’s eye-opening and gratifying to acknowledge the work that goes into managing a home full of kids.
Family Travel Mishaps & Why We Go Anyway: Voices 76
If you travel with kids, it’s just a matter of time before a trip goes off the rails in spectacular fashion. Maybe it’s a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, or an expensive vacation spent sick in a pricey hotel room. Today Sarah is joined by Catie, Stacy, Emily and Lisa – regular contributors to the show and seasoned travelers with a combined 13 kids – who share their most memorable travel mishap stories. (Full disclaimer: there will be puke-talk.) In sharing these stories, we hope to normalize that travel with kids doesn’t have to go perfectly to be “worth it” and remind you that you’re not alone if this summer’s adventures go awry. Plus, one of the only perks to surviving stories like these is that we get to laugh about them later.
8 Truths Every Mom Needs To Hear: Episode 369
As moms, we can be hard on ourselves…and sometimes we just need to hear the simplest, oft-repeated pieces of advice and encouragement to remind us that it is all going to be OK. Join Meagan and Sarah for a reflection on eight pieces of wisdom that have carried us through motherhood struggles at every age and stage. We are offering them to you, to ourselves, and to all of our future selves in Episode 369.
More Than Mom: Fantasy Summer Camps For Moms
Have you ever fantasized about attending a camp-like environment for grown-ups? Much about the classic summer camp experience is appealing to us (though not EVERYTHING--we could certainly do without the bugs), and the idea of simply showing up for a perfectly curated experience without any responsibility, or planning, sounds AMAZING. Listen to this fun More Than Mom to hear all of our must-have activities (like food and wine tastings, yoga, personal style consults and more!), things that would be a hard no (like swimming in the gross, murky lake or participating in corny, guided crafts) and our daydreams about creating a Mom Hour Retreat (maybe someday?)!
Glad I Did / Wish I’d Done: Tech & Devices: Episode 368
Among parents, technology and screen time can be a loaded topic. How much is too much? Is that movie too mature? And what's the best age for a first phone? In today’s episode, Meagan and Sarah share the role technology played in our families when kids were little, and reflect on how things changed as they grew. We discuss the tech parenting choices we still stand behind today, and with hindsight, what we could have done differently.
Getting Outdoors With Kids: Voices 75 With Jayme Sherrod & Jennifer Carroll
There are big benefits to getting kids outside as much as possible. But as a mom to young kids, it can feel intimidating to curate the perfect outside experience for them (and you)! In this Voices episode, Meagan chats with regular contributors Jayme Sherrod and Jennifer Carroll about ways to weave nature into your family's routine. Both Jennifer and Jayme love the outdoors, but their approaches to getting outside with young kids are very different; listen to get their best tips and must-have gear for successful outdoor family adventures. Whether you are looking for encouragement to take baby steps to get kids outside regularly or some inspiration to try bigger adventures, you’ll love this conversation.
Simple Summer Rituals & Traditions: Episode 367
It’s the last day of May, which means that for many families it's time to stow away backpacks, say 'see ya later' to early morning alarms, and settle in for a more laid-back (or at least DIFFERENT) routine. In this episode, Meagan and Sarah tap into the wisdom of our community and share your simple summer rituals and traditions for filling summer calendars with fun - without totally throwing structure out the window. Enjoy this mashup of sweet, family rituals along with clever house rules to help you prepare for summer days ahead!
On This Day In (Our Motherhood) History: Episode 366
Looking back at old photos is a quick way to feel a ALL the feels: everything from "I can't believe they were ever that little" to "What was I thinking with that haircut?" to "Oh riiiiiiiight, that was one exhausting season of life." Looking back is also a great reminder of the value in documenting everyday life - whether we share it publicly or keep it tucked away for our future selves. In this episode, Meagan and Sarah take a stroll down motherhood memory lane as we look back at one day (May 24) in our motherhood lives over several years. Spoiler Alert—our kids are cute, we’ve had many life changes over the past ten years and Meagan will forever be paranoid about applying sunscreen (sorry Owen!). Enjoy!
More Than Mom: Products We’re Loving Lately
Products. Just because. Yay! Meagan and Sarah pop into your Sunday feed with a light and fluffy chat about the products we are loving lately. From linen pants to fizzy beverage makers, pens for lefties and Very Many Opinions About Mugs, we cover our latest can’t-live-without products in this fun More Than Mom episode.
Real Stories About Postpartum Mental Health: Voices 74 With Emily Roark And Kia Hammond
Between the raging hormones, sleep deprivation, and overstimulation that occurs on the daily, it's no wonder most moms feel a little "off" for a few weeks after delivery. But how do we know when the baby blues develop into something more? In this episode, Sarah chats with contributors Emily Roark and Kia Hammond, who share their personal postpartum mental health journeys, including how they recognized signs of postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety, when and how they got help, and which coping strategies worked best. We also get into preparing for mental health support during subsequent pregnancies, how the COVID upended mitigation strategies for pandemic babies, and more. We hope you'll join us for this important conversation.
Oh Hey, It’s May. (End of School Chaos, 2022 Edition): Episode 365
Performances. Plays. Graduations. The lusty month of May is upon us as we ditch our well-oiled, calendar-planning systems and enter our end-of-school-year survival mode. In this episode, Meagan and Sarah share strategies for tackling the extra-ness of this season (like death by a thousand emails), setting intentions for the next few weeks and the many lessons May tries to teach us year after year (maybe someday we will learn?). Enjoy this May madness roundup as you dream of the peaceful, calm days of summer ahead (Ha, wouldn't that be great!).

Podcast Reviews

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4.8 out of 5
1397 reviews
Saundi7 2022/06/22
Best Mom/Life podcast!
I’ve have been listening to this podcast for a couple of years now and it has consistently been a favorite from the very beginning. Doesn’t seem to ma...
Older mo 2022/06/17
The Mom Hour
I have loved listening to you both. Thanks for all your heartfelt honesty and encouragement. I’m a mom of adult kids and grandkids. I appreciate how ...
Laura • 2022/06/09
My top favorite podcast!
I feel like Meagan and Sarah are my best friends! I listen to a lot of podcasts and this one is my very favorite. I love the perspective and advice of...
TamiHackbarth 2022/06/08
A Roadmap to the Future *update June 2022*
Update June 2022 * - Sarah and Meagan ON the parenting journey WITH listeners. They bring a realness to these conversations about what is really happe...
BigDreamer86 2022/06/08
The choice you make is the right choice
This is what I feel I’ve most learned from my many years of listening. You both encourage mothers to make the choice that is right for them. You never...
_________OnOn_________ 2022/06/08
Excellent parenting podcast!
I’ve been listing for about five years and appreciate how kind, open, and supportive Meaghan and Sarah are to each other and to the parents listening....
Shutters527 2022/06/07
Thoughtful and Supportive
Thank you, Sarah and Meagan, for all the care you take preparing your episodes. It’s obvious that you’re very thoughtful with your words and the choi...
Sarah G. - Southern Illinois 2022/06/07
Motherhood Sherpas
I started listening to the Mom Hour four years ago when I was 28 with a newborn. I went through a period of time where I felt particularly anxious, ov...
catherinerbp 2022/06/07
Thoughtful & Honest
The Mom Hour has been my favorite parenting podcast for 5+ years. It’s honest, thoughtful, smart, professional, and funny. I love listening to these w...
Not so starving artist 2022/06/07
Real, kind, relatable
I’ve been listening to The Mom Hour since my now 6.5 year old was a baby. I had a hard time postpartum and transitioning to life as a mom (despite alw...


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