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A podcast about entrepreneurs who quit their jobs to start successful online businesses. Through a series of personal interviews, Steve extracts the little details and the exact strategies that contributed to their success. All of the entrepreneurs featured on the show bootstrapped their businesses from the ground up and hustled their way to the top without risking their life savings, without sacrificing their relationships by working 100 hour weeks and without needing extensive technical knowledge. There is no fluff and every episode is packed with actionable takeaways.

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410: How To Start A 7 Figure Clothing Brand From Scratch With Raphael Schneider
Today, I have my friend Raphael Schneider on the show and he runs a successful men's clothing brand. Now men's clothing is one of the most challenging niches to sell into but Raphael has managed to create an impressive 7-figure high-end men's brand over at Fort Belvedere by leveraging the power of YouTube. In fact, Raphael is so popular that I can't hang out with him without being randomly accosted by people on the street wanting to take pictures with him. In this episode, he's going to teach us how he created his incredible brand.
409: A Template For Creating Powerful And Persuasive Ads With Cody Iverson
In this episode, I have my friend Cody Iverson on the show. Cody is the founder of Viscap Media, an ad creative agency that works with influencers to create high converting ads. If you have been having problems with your Facebook Ads, it's likely because you are using poor quality creatives. In this episode, Cody outlines his exact system for scaling eCommerce brands and the templates he uses to create effective ads.
408: A Strategy That Gives 10X Better Returns Than Email With Adam Turner
Today I'm thrilled to have Adam Turner on the show. Adam is the CEO of Postscript, the text messaging provider I use for all of my businesses. When I first installed Postscript in my store, I was a little skeptical about sending texts to my customers.  But since then, it's become a top 5 revenue source for Bumblebee Linens. In this episode, we talk about the ins and outs of SMS marketing from someone who lives and breathes it.
407: Starting The World’s Fastest Growing Backyard Game With Greg Meade Of CrossNet
Today I have my friend Greg Meade on the show. Greg is the founder of which is an amazingly fun game that is a combination of volleyball and four square. I have a set, my kids love it and in this episode we're going to learn how to launch a successful game to the market.
406: Why I Threw Away 300K And A Successful Engineering Career With Steve Chou
Today I'm doing a solo episode to tell you the story about why I eventually quit my $300k/year job and closed the book on my 21-year engineering career. Unlike most people, I really loved my job and the exact story of why and how I left was kind of funny. Ultimately, the reason why I quit wasn't about the money and in this episode, I will share with you 8 important life lessons that I learned along the way.
405: How To Make 100K Per Day Using TikTok With Miss Excel (Kat Norton)
Today I have my friend Kat Norton on the show. Kat goes by the name Miss Excel on TikTok and if you are on the platform, you have probably seen her videos. Kat has over a million followers on TikTok which she has leveraged into a successful software training business in just 2 years. In this episode, you'll learn how to create viral TikTok videos for your business.
404: The Most Creative Teaching Business That I’ve Ever Seen With Kalyan Mazumder
Today I'm very happy to have Kalyan on the show. Kalyan runs where he helps kids crush the SATs and ACTs in a widely entertaining way. He uses sketch comedy videos with real Broadway actors to help kids master every topic and it is literally the most creative way to teach that I have ever seen! After you listen to this episode, sign up for a sample video. It's incredible!
403: Few People Use This Platform For Marketing And They’re Missing Out With Judi Fox
Today I have my friend Judi Fox on the show. Judy is the owner of LinkedIn Business Accelerator where she helps others grow their businesses through LinkedIn. Prior to this interview, I had no idea that LinkedIn could be such a powerful marketing platform until Judi opened my eyes. Pay attention because these simple LinkedIn strategies will grow your business.
402: How To Stop The Counterfeiters And CopyCats In Their Tracks With Steven Weigler
Today I have Steven Weigler on the show. Steven is the founder of Emerge Counsel, which is a law firm that specializes in intellectual property protection. If you sell on Amazon, you know that counterfeits and knock-offs are still a very serious problem on the platform. In this episode, Steve and I talk about low-cost ways to protect your IP from evil Amazon sellers.
401: How To Make $1.5 Million Per Month Investing In Real Estate With Brandon Turner
Today, I have my long time friend Brandon Turner on the show. Brandon was the former VP of Bigger Pockets before he left to start his own real estate fund over at Open Door Capital. He has 2 successful books on investment property and the man makes $1.5 million per month with his 3 thousand plus properties. In this episode, we're going to talk about what it takes to become a real estate entrepreneur.
400: Special Episode! Steve And Jen Chou Get Interviewed By Toni Herrbach
Today is special because it's the 400th episode of the My Wife Quit Her Job podcast! Can you believe that I've been publishing this podcast religiously once per week for 8 years? During this period, I've met and chatted with 100s of successful entrepreneurs at length. I've been invited to speak at many conferences, and the podcast has opened many doors for me over the years. To celebrate this milestone, I invited my partner Toni Herrbach to interview both myself and my wife. Enjoy!
399: How Podcasters Are Getting Rich And The Secret To Growing An Audience With Joe Saul Sehy
Today I'm thrilled to have my long-time friend Joe Saul Sehy on the show. Joe is a former financial adviser, the host of the popular Stacking Benjamins podcast and the author of the best-selling book Stacked: Your Super Serious Guide to Money Management. Joe is one of the most successful podcasters and bloggers that I know and in this episode, you'll learn about Joe's unique approach to content and building wealth.

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4.9 out of 5
1160 reviews
KurtFLA 2022/06/17
Great instructor!
Steve is a wealth of knowledge, and provides “nuts and bolts” guidance and instruction on how to start an e-commerce business. He doesn’t leave any to...
SandraLep. 2022/06/17
Valuable marketing and ecommerce info
Great relevant info broken down in a step-by-step manner. Steve does a great job of sharing his experiences and knowledge to help develop e-commerce b...
MichaeliusLongus 2022/06/15
No Nonsense Advice
I love Steve’s approach to teaching a money making business that he and his wife found providentially. I’ve learned a lot listening to his podcast and...
ashrecords 2022/06/15
Great content!
Great interviews from entrepreneurs and very informative for learning and growing in the e-commerce space!
WeJ2022 2022/05/26
Great Resource and Helpful Information
Thanks for the work you out into this podcast! A super resource for someone who wants to learn about the online store world, and someone trustworthy ...
Dabugg44 2022/05/24
Thank you
Thank you Steve for having patience with me. I’m not computer savvy and I believe I will learn everything I need to start my own business. It’s my ti...
CindyWilm 2022/05/23
Great Information
Steve gives away so much valuable information. He's easy to understand and shares his own experiences, including the things to avoid, to help you deve...
sarahbeyersbeloat 2022/04/22
Invaluable lessons
I really can not thank Steve enough for all of his free information. He is helping so many businesses and People who feel like they are stranded and a...
Macfalcon 2022/04/25
Steve is Inspiring
Steve is an inspiration when he speaks - he is confident and speaks from his heart. When he he talks about bootstrapping his own business, he means th...
Eagle PA 2022/04/22
Honest & Thorough
I just completed Steve’s 4-day e-commerce workshop and it was chock-full of relevant information. What I appreciate most is that he didn’t use high-pr...


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