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Comedian Chris Porter and his hilarious TV producer sister talk about weekly events in their lives and in the world.

Podcast episodes

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Swapping Joes
Andi gets confused about Trader Joe’s, Chris is all boned up over John Larroquette, and they reminisce about Holidomes. 
Comedy is Hard
Chris and Andi go on so many rants about malls. Most of them are good. The rants… not the malls. Well, maybe the malls. Why are you still reading this just listen and find out. 
Chris and Andi learn German and they ruin the ending for No Time to Die, even though neither of them have seen it.
Andi is highly caffeinated and Chris still hates Hollywood.
On The Strand in Venice
Chris and Andi want to bring Kurt Loder back to MTV News.
Dicked Down By Dumbo
Chris comes up with a new instagram handle for Scott Disick and Andi can’t think of the word “endorse”.
Kitchen Chickens
Chris and Andi are back with tales from the road (Chris) and the crypt (Andi).
Chris brings up Casey at the Bat for the first time ever and Andi is taking a wizz again in Margaritaville.
Just Lefts
If you think Chris and Andi take a lot of lefts, you should hear about this kid in Miami. 
But Gary Hungry
Chris and Andi talk mega-spiders, breastfeeding adults and horse-sized ducks.
Strand of Dover
Forgive the amount of phlegm but let’s be real, we’re lucky there’s an episode this week. And don’t miss Chris and Andi at this year’s Potty-Con in Sheboygan, WI where they’ll be signing headshots of David Copperfield. 
Mr. Nice Guy Awards
Andi educates Chris on lip fillers, and Chris got slighted by a cab driver in Buffalo. 

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
227 reviews
cokie636 2021/08/28
Drinking game??
Fun podcast. If you’d like to make it fun take a drink and/or hit every time Chris mentions Zach Myers, kid rock or the black crowes; you’ll be good ...
Lauren61821 2021/05/05
This pod slaps
Chris Porter is my faves comedian of all time. Yeah, I said faves and he probably loathes it. I could listen to Chris and Andi reading the phone book ...
HannahRex86 2020/09/30
Don’t Be an Idiot, LISTEN
Seriously, the best duo of all time. You NEED to be listening to this Podcast.
LayMan410 2020/06/12
My first review
Hey Chris I came across your material in March, From pandora. As a black man from Miami, you are the first white guy go in-depth as to our recent poli...
RMRedline 2020/02/18
Talent Receivers FTW!!!
Love this podcast. Chris and Andi are such a great team. This is one of the few podcasts I literally laugh out loud at while at work and cause the l...
stlinkinpark 2019/12/05
Literal laugh out loud funny!
Such a fun podcast to listen to. You guys are the best and I’ve laughed out loud during every episode. Keep up the great work and please come to St. L...
Okie Rocker 2019/09/23
Dynamic sibling duo
Just 2 sibs catching up on their weekend shenanigans & talking about the latest insanity on the interwebs. Great for laughing on your way to work!!
Ike650115 2019/09/10
Dillons Reference ??
I might be biased because Chris Porter is one of my favorite comedians, but he and his sister are hilarious and present a great podcast! Would be wort...
asizz1 2019/09/06
Kansas City
I’ve recently found Chris as a comedian and now the podcast. Your relationship reminds me of my older brother and I (were 9 years apart) I live in KC ...
Seahorse09 2019/08/09
Love this
Chris Porter is already one of my favorite comedians. After seeing him lives few times and listening to his albums, it’s great to have another platfor...


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