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A business podcast for product entrepreneurs. A creative balance of life and business to help you create your dream life. Featuring product businesses that start out of their living rooms from start-up to multi-million dollar businesses, episodes include Small Business owners, Female Founder episodes and BIPOC and Black voices, as well as workshop-style podcast episodes from co-hosts and product experts, Jacqueline Snyder and Minna Khounlo-Sithep. Featured in Forbes, NBC News, Yahoo! Finance and more. Also co-founders of the Shop 1 in 5 pledge and Small Business Shopping Directory - a commitment to shop 1 in 5 of your purchases from small businesses online and offline. The goal in every episode: uplevel you as the Boss of your business. Take your physical product sales and strategy to the next level to create your dream life. As women entrepreneurs, product experts, and biz besties, Jacqueline and Minna deliver a workshop-style strategy hour of social media marketing strategies and marketing made easy and simple. Juggling life as a boss mom, goal digger, coach and female business owner in this ever-changing online world has its ups and downs. Join us in a training and “marketing school” format with actionable takeaways that include how to grow your online platforms and revenue, e-commerce business sales channels, gaining steady and perpetual traffic to your website, such as Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, brick and mortar, social media influencer marketing, small business marketing ideas, content calendar, scaling handmade, visibility and Instagram tactics, abundance entrepreneurial mindset and growth, productivity hacks and organization tips. Guests include: Jamie Kern Lima, Cat & Nat of #MomTruths podcast, David Meltzer, Jasmine Star, Angie Lee of The Angie Lee Show and Mike Lee of Soul CBD, Suzi Weiss Fischman, Pura Vida Bracelets, Mike Michalowicz of Profit First, Joy Cho, Jaclyn Johnson of Work Party and Create & Cultivate, Kelly Roach, and more. Are you asking yourself: Is it possible to create consistent income and multiple streams of revenue in the product world? Can you take your Etsy business, physical product or private label business a full-time income from a side hustle to a substantial household income for you and your family? Can makers be millionaires? Can you take your handmade items and scale your team, inventory, and production? The answer to all: YES! Let’s dig in! Don’t forget to subscribe.

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From Children’s Book Author to Publishing Powerhouse with Maria Dismondy of Cardinal Rule Press
Every entrepreneur has their own story to tell—but not all of them are professional storytellers themselves! Maria Dismondy is the founder of Cardinal Rule Press, a traditional publishing company that specializes in realistic children’s fiction, stories that children see themselves in and which help them be their best selves. Her journey is story-worthy all on its own, and is sure to inspire current and future entrepreneurs alike.
Transformational Takeaways from Our In-Person Mastermind Event
We’re hot on the heels of our recent in-person Mastermind event where we got to spend several days together in Scottsdale, Arizona. We wanted to share some of our takeaways from the experience to help you get excited about being out there, connecting with other like-minded people, and feeling supported.
Turning into a B2B Candle Business During the Pandemic with Johanna Porter of Porter Candle Supply
We love to bring on people with different backgrounds and voices on the show, and this episode is no different! We’re talking to Johanna Porter, the founder of Porter Candle Supply and Kozie Provisions. She uses all biodegradable, reusable products, and she’s grown her business to over six figures in less than two years. Whether you’re thinking of starting your business or looking to take the next step, Johanna’s story is sure to make you feel like you’re not alone!
Inflation-Proofing Your Business
People everywhere are talking about inflation and how prices are going up across the board. We’re going to help you be proactive rather than reactive and find ways to inflation-proof your business and get ahead of things now so your business can thrive.
Growing an Iconic Brand with Jaclyn Johnson of Create & Cultivate
Jaclyn Johnson is an entrepreneur and product boss who started both of her companies with nothing but a laptop and an idea. She quickly grew them from self-funded side-projects to multi-million dollar businesses and nationally recognized brands, including the iconic Create & Cultivate. She talks about growing her business, what you need as you’re growing, finding the right community, her experience selling part of Create & Cultivate, and why she invests in female-founded businesses.
Reair: How to Get More Email Subscribers for a Product-Based Business
In the spirit of National Email week, we are re-airing one of our most popular episodes as we hear this question all the time: "How do I grow my email list?" In this episode, we give you tips to get more email subscribers and talk about how you can start using your list as your new superpower!
Reair: Three Emails Every Product Biz Needs
To kick off National Email week, we're re-airing one of our most popular episodes of all time, Three Emails Every Product Biz Needs. If you're new here, this episode will give you the three email campaigns that every product-based business needs. If you're a long-time listener, we still encourage you to tune in and listen. You never know what new strategies may stand out to you now that didn't before!
How to Build Your Business Without Feeling Like You’re Drowning
As a business owner, it's very common to feel overwhelmed, especially when you are starting to scale or grow your business. It's easy to feel like you're drowning and have to do everything on your own to grow your business, but the truth don't!
Carving Out Your Own Path with Marilyn Pham Tasdighi of Gemini Fusion
In this episode, Marilyn Pham Tasdighi, the owner of Gemini Fusion, and our very own Masterminder helps us celebrate AAPI Heritage month. Marilyn started her business as a single listing on Etsy which then grew into a full-blown business. After only one year of selling, she hit six figures. Tune in now to hear her story!
Prioritizing Mental Health as Women Biz Owners
As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to a close, we want to have an open conversation about mental health and how it can impact your life, especially as a product boss. We want you to know that there shouldn't be any stigma around discussing mental health which is why we believe this conversation is so important. We all struggle with it, so remember that you aren't alone and that it's okay to ask for help!
Re-Air: Creating Your Dream Business & Life as a Maker with Susan Gordon Pottery
Our conversation with Susan Gordon, the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Susan Gordon Pottery, was so inspiring, we’ve decided to re-air it for anybody who missed it the first time round. She shares how being part of a mastermind helped transform her business and unlocked the limitless possibilities of being a maker.
Re-Air: Breaking the Glass Ceiling to Your Millionaire Mindset
Today, we are re-airing an episode that resonated with a lot of our listeners and it's all about leveling up your mindset. This episode focuses on what it takes to create a millionaire mindset as product-based business owners, from shifting the way we talk about business to joining masterminds with like-minded biz owners.

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4.9 out of 5
545 reviews
maddie@podcastingyou 2022/05/30
Amazing podcast!
This podcast is a must listen for anyone looking to elevate their business and their mindset! Jacqueline and Minna are amazing hosts and each episode ...
Ieshakyrie 2022/05/29
We are not alone
Just listened to the latest episode… and wow. I am so grateful for it: it was raw and honest and talked about things others wouldn’t. Must listen podc...
Hc1189 2022/05/12
Learning to Fear Less
Just finished listening to this episode and it was so inspiring! I’ve been listening to The Product Boss for years now and love it! I love how Jaqueli...
leileiscuisine 2022/05/23
If you have not reached there set revenue goal then this podcast isn’t helpful with the tools they offer. The content is great but again if you don’t ...
galakz 2022/05/02
The Product Boss Rocks!
I love the easy to understand explanations for the ins and outs of a product based business. Each time I tune in I learn something, or validate an ass...
kim580 2022/04/30
Amazing podcast - I love these ladies!
I love listening to this podcast to learn great new tips on how to more efficiently run my small jewelry biz. Minna and Jacqueline are so passionate a...
Runnergrl09 2022/04/29
Best product business podcast
The Product Boss is the best product business podcast I’ve listened to! They give a lot of great advice and insight that they’ve learned from their ma...
Steffmx 2022/04/23
Really good podcast
I purchased their content training and find that their podcast has great content. It makes my workout fly by!!!
erikaheroldart 2022/03/21
Alert!! Game Changer for Small Business Owners
I just wish I had found this podcast years ago! I’ve been Binging all the episodes and just gaining soo much clarity and strategy for my business I ca...
CelinaLion 2022/03/18
I’ve only listened to a few episodes so far but I’ve already learned so much. Not only that but their podcast made me realize the dream I have for my ...


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