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As a Special Education Teacher, you are always helping others. But who support YOU? In this podcast, I'll be sharing my SPED tips, tricks, researched based strategies, and professional development to help you grow and learn as a resource room teacher. In the coming seasons, I'll be discussing how to improve reading comprehension, decoding, encoding, math computation, and so much more!

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Dawn Ellis | Making Sub Plans & Guilt Free Sick Days
Dawn Ellis has been teaching for over 12 years in elementary and preschool special education and has an Educational Specialist degree in Special Education. Dawn has also a National Board Certified Teacher in the area of Exceptional Needs Specialist. She has worked with inclusion, resource, severe/profound, and autism classrooms throughout the years. She has been a state finalist for Teacher of the Year, as well as other awards within the district and state. One of her most noted accomplishments is starting a school garden and coffee cart that was accessible and maintained by our students in the self-contained special education classroom. When she's not teaching, she is a mom, an avid reader, and also a podcaster. She has a podcast specifically designed for special education teachers, Be The Exception, to gain weekly tips to use in their classrooms. She also maintains a blog, sticker shop, TPT store, and a social media presence as Cultivating Exceptional MInds where she creates and shares time-saving strategies and resources for special education teachers. Links Mentioned: Escape RoomsBlog Post: Board GamesBlog Post: ESYBlog Post: Take Your Sick DaysFind Cultivating Exceptional Minds Online:WebsitePodcastInstagramTikTokEtsyTeacher's Pay Teachers
Sarah Paul | Teaching Phonics & The Science of Reading
Sarah Paul is a reading interventionalist for kindergarten through third grade. Prior to that, she taught first grade. She has a blog called Sarah's Teaching Snippets that she started in 2010. She started studying dyslexia about ten years ago, which began her journey with the science of reading. She has received OG training through the Dyslexia Training Institute and additional training through PDX Reading Specialist. Links Mentioned: Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally ShaywitzExplicit Instruction by Anita ArcherSpeech to Print Louisa MoatesEquipped for Reading Success by David KilpatrickSpeldsa.orgAssessmentsFind Sarah's Teaching Snippets Online:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTeacher's Pay Teachers
Caitlin Beltran | Emotional Disabilities, Rewards, and Data!
Caitlin is a certified special education teacher and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She works full time as a behaviorist for a public school district. In addition, she teaches part time for Rutgers University (Graduate School of Education) and manages a successful Teachers Pay Teachers store (Beltrans Behavior Basics).Find Beltran's Behavior Basics:InstagramTeachersPayTeachers
Meredith Mitchell | Writing IEPs that Are Manageable, Measurable, and Meaningful
Meredith Mitchell is a special education teacher with over 20 years of experience. In 2021, she was named teacher of the year for the state of Alabama for District III.Meredith has her own special education consulting business called Meredith Mitchell’s Methods. She speaks at conferences all over the south east educating other special educators on how to write IEPs that are manageable, measurable, and meaningful. She is also a Master IEP Coach.When she not teaching, she spends time with her family. Meredith is married and has three children. She stays busy going to soccer games, tumbling practice, girl scout meetings, and taekwondo.Links Mentioned:IEP Essentials ToolkitFind BIAS Behavioral Online:WebsiteFacebookInstagramOverbooked
Brittany Blackwell | Self Care for Special Education Teachers
Brittany Blackwell, M.Ed. is an award-winning special educator and self-care strategist from South Carolina with over ten years of experience working with elementary and middle school classrooms. Brittany is no stranger to teacher burnout and has a passion for empowering teachers, parents, and students to prioritize self-care and mental health. Brittany's digital approach to self-care through digital planning, vision boards, and strategies has reached the homes of thousands of educators across the world. Also known as "MsPrincessTeach" on Tiktok, Brittany's social media following grew through her fast-paced, lighthearted tutorials and humorous real life experiences. Brittany helps teachers create their own Individualized Self-Care Plan by providing sustainable strategies, handcrafted products, and digital resources to reduce stress, automate the mundane tasks of teaching, and prevent overall teacher burnout. Her approach gives support so that educators can maximize fulfillment and effectiveness in their personal and professional lives.Links Mentioned:The Individualized EduCare ProgramUntamedTiny HabitsThe Resilient Teacher PodcastFind Teaching Mind Body and Soul: WebsiteFacebookInstagramTikTok
Tiffaney White | Bringing Positivity to the Resource Room & Co-Teaching
Tiffaney is a Special Education teacher and single mother who finally decided to go for her dreams of designing shirts and becoming a Special education teacher.Links Mentioned:Happy MailFind De'avionBlu Innovations:WebsiteInstagram
Dana Howell | Behavioral Interventions
Dana Howell is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and the face behind BIAS Behavioral. She has over 15 years of experience in the field of special education. Her mission is to help parents and school professionals learn evidence-based strategies which they can use to safely manage challenging behavior. She breaks down tough behavioral concepts into visually engaging, actionable steps that anyone can use.Links Mentioned: Smarty SymbolsVisual Supports on TpTFind BIAS Behavioral Online: WebsiteFacebookInstagramTeacher's Pay Teachers
Emily Norris | Using Centers in the Resource Room
Emily Norris is an Alabama native passionate about inclusive education for all! She is currently a K-3 resource special education teacher servicing children with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Specific Learning Disabilities. Emily has served on the Teach it Special team as a presenter, won Teacher of the Year for her sweet school for the 2020-2021 school year, and presented multiple times for differing professional development platforms on supporting behaviors in the general education classroom. Emily is married to Tyler and the reside in their happy hometown with their dog Beatrice. Links Mentioned: Lessons and Latte's Progress Monitoring PageAutism Resource Classroom Data SheetGOAT Educators: Trauma InformedTeach It SpecialFind Emily Online: Instagram
Jennifer DeBrosse | Simple Tips to Get Yourself Organized
Jennifer has held a variety of roles in special education for over 25 years! She entered the classroom every day dedicated to making learning inclusive AND engaging. As much as she loved seeing her students' faces light up, she now feels the EXACT same way mentoring other teachers. Through instructional coaching, mentoring, and content creation, Jennifer is sharing what she’s learned along the way. At Positively Learning Blog, you will find behavior supports grounded in restorative practice, tried and true tips on incorporating fine motor development skills through literacy, literature recommendations to build your classroom community, and that's just a start!In summary, Jennifer stays busy behind the scenes supporting you while you're busy changing lives!Links Mentioned:Swipe File YouTube LinkSpecial Educator's Resource RoomFind Positively Learning Online: WebsiteFacebookInstagramTeacher's Pay Teachers
The Finale | I'm Bringing Them BACK for a Round Table Discussion
I could sit and talk about special education all day long. In this surprise, finale episode, I invited back all of this season's guests to talk about several special education topics. Links Mentioned: Amanda's Solid Colored Amazon ShirtsAmanda's Camo Amazon ShirtCassandra's Snow Shoveling Meme
Cassandra Cornwell | Using QR Codes & Students Binders to Make Things Easy
Cassandra is a self contained behavior teacher from Indiana. She's a good friend of mine and is always full of helpful ideas and strategies. She's a full time teacher and mom to a newborn. She's sharing her tips for making data collection easier to save you time!
Stephanie Delussey | Before, During, and After an IEP Meeting
Stephanie is the author behind Mrs. D’s Corner. She’s your go-to-girl for inspiration on everything elementary special education. Her passion is making grade-level content functional, engaging, and meaningful for all students, and to make learning fun and easy by providing tried and true lessons and activities that are implementation ready, differentiation provided.She provides tips, tricks, and hacks that actually work in the special education classroom setting. And she’s your biggest advocate when it comes to taking care of yourself (because you are important too!).For as long as she can remember, she has always wanted to be a teacher. You know, the taking extra worksheets at school to come home and teach my [invisible] students kind-of-always-wanted-to-be-a-teacher.After 9+ years in the field, she knows first hand how exhausting teaching can be, yet how absolutely wonderful and life changing it is. Links Mentioned: Draft StickersIntentional IEP MembershipWrights Law Find Mrs. D’s Corner:WebsiteInstagramFacebookTeacher’s Pay Teachers

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4.4 out of 5
14 reviews
JennReg 2021/03/28
Great ideas for any teacher!
Listening to Amanda talk about the process of kids learning to read and ways to run successful small groups, has sparked a new element to my teaching....
becker515 2021/01/25
Looking forward to it!
I am excited for the rest of his podcast to unfold! I am a member of The Resource Room Facebook group which is very helpful to be a part of that commu...


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