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The best podcast for the best franchise in sports. Hosts Hubbs and Tommy Smokes are two lifelong Yankees fans who eat, sleep, and breathe Yankee baseball. Airing Mondays and Thursdays during the regular season and weekly in the off-season, the show covers both major and outside-the-box stories from Yankees Universe as we all chase World Series championship number 28

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Episode 337: Miracle Split + Aaron Judge is a Hero
The Yankees concluded their gauntlet of a 13 game stretch with a miraculous split against the Astros. For a while it looked like they weren’t gonna get a hit every again, but they found a way to win Sunday thanks to Giancarlo, DJ, and Judge. Gerrit Cole put together two fantastic starts this week and may have cemented himself as the best pitcher in this rotation. Joey Gallo is worthless. Do the Yankees need to add a premier SP? We reveal our most hated players on the Rays, Jays, Sox, and Astros and give out pinstripes.
Episode 336: Are These Supposed To Be The Good Teams?
The Yankees are 49-17. They’ve won 17 of their 21 series this year. Nothing feels real. They just put a beat down on the Rays and Blue Jays this week after being told they only beat the bad teams. It’s all fun, we break it all down and hand out pinstripes
Episode 335: Mustache Muscle - The Yankees Are a Preposterous 44-16
The Yankees continue to dominate baseball teams, this week handling the Twins and Cubs. Wednesday’s game was a Ryan Ruocco special. Barstool at the Ballpark was a blast and the Yankees offense blew out Chicago. Matt Carpenter is actually amazing and needs to play more. The legend of Jose Trevino continues. All this and more, plus we hand out pinstripes.
Episode 334: Build Matt Blake a Statue - Yankees Sweep The Week And Continue Dominant Pitching
The Yankees swept both the Angels and Tigers this week as they continue their unbelievable start to the season. Every Yankees starting pitcher is shoving each and every night it’s amazing. Jose Trevino is a legitimate good hitting catcher and needs to be named the starting. Matt Carpenter has been the spark plug this team has needed. Judge is ahead of Mantle and Maris’ 1961 home run pace. Miguel Andujar wants a trade. Derek Jeter joined twitter. How do we know which seed makes what fruit or plant? How many people died trying this stuff out back in the day? Plus we hand out pinstripes - BUY TICKETS TO BARSTOOL AT THE BALLPARK
Episode 333: Split With the Rays, Send Aaron Hicks and Joey Gallo to the Moon
The Yankees went into Tampa short-handed because of injuries and managed to split with the Rays and maintain their comfortable lead in the AL East. The starting pitching continues to be amazing and is carrying the team. Aaron Hicks and Joey Gallo are completely worthless and Cashman has to move on. We break down the last two weeks and hand out pinstripes as well
Episode 332: Nasty Nestor The Cy Young Candidate? Yankees Take 3 of 4 in Chicago And Continue Their Dominance
It was another great weekend for your New York Yankees, taking 3 of 4 in Chicago. Giancarlo and Judge stay red hot while the entire pitching staff keeps on rolling. The only question is where our confidence in Aroldis Chapman is going to be in October. Nestor Cortes Jr. continues to amaze, shutting down the White Sox lineup on Sunday with ease. Can he start the All Star Game at this rate? Maybe Cy Young consideration? It’s time the world recognizes this man. The guys hand out and takeaway pinstripes while also share some news about the pod and what’s to come. Barstool at the Ball Park is this Saturday, make sure to buy your tickets and come hang. Outro song: "Fall For You" & "Urban Sunset" (Both via APM Music Library) Producers Note: Sincere thanks to everyone who has listened to the pod over the last few seasons. You all have a bigger impact than you think. Thank you Hubbs and Tommy for bringing me on to the show as an intern in 2019, Marty for joining us, and Avery and Noah for production help over the years. Been a pleasure working on this show. Thank you. - TJ
Episode 331: Yanks Sweep the Jays, Gleyber is Back, Best Team in Baseball
The Yankees continue to roll, sweeping the Blue Jays in their two-game series and further extending their lead in the AL East race. Aaron Judge is on an absolute tear right now, crushing a walk-off homer on Tuesday and putting himself at the top of the HR leaderboard. Aaron Hicks on the other hand, can go kick rocks because we're SICK of seeing him repeatedly being placed in the leadoff spot and do absolutely nothing. We also discuss the current state of the division, as the Red Sox are a complete mess and the Orioles are playing surprisingly well given their expectations. Finally we share our current bullpen trust trees, which was honestly tough to rank considering how dominant the pen has been so far this season. Outro song: "Flash Ride" (via APM Music Library)
Episode 330: Nestor The Magnificant + Chris Woodward is a Gigantic Loser
Nestor Cortes Jr. is a gift from the baseball gods and he never fails to amaze. Nasty Nestor pitched 7.1 no-hit innings against the Rangers on Monday, further cementing his status as the team's current ace. In other news, Rangers manager, Chris Woodward, is one of the biggest crybaby losers in the league after whining about Gleyber's walk off home run being helped by the Yankees' "little league stadium" (despite the fact that it would've been a home run in 26/30 MLB ballparks). The Yankees also became the first AL team to reach the 20-win mark, while the Red Sox look like they legitimately might be sellers at the deadline with how bad they are right now. Vibes continue to be sky-high with this team, ever upward. Outro song: "Magnetic Power" (via APM Music Library)
Episode 329: Boone Goes Nuclear, Winning Streak Ends, But Yanks Take Series In Toronto
The Yankees' winning streak finally came to an end Wednesday night, but not before the Yankees secured the series victory against the Blue Jays. We also saw Aaron Boone lose his mind at the umps, very reminiscent of the "f-ing savages" rant. Everything has been clicking for this team, with even guys like Gleyber beginning to hit their strides again. Finally, Tommy gives his take on the young fan who received an Aaron Judge home run ball from a Blue Jays fan who caught it, and how the entire thing was insanely overblown. Outro song: "Higher" (Instrumental Mix) (via APM Music Library)
Episode 328: 9 in a Row - Best Team in Baseball
The Yankees continued to employ their new strategy of not losing this weekend by sweeping the Royals. Aaron Judge is back to playing like a full blown MVP and it’s awesome. Aaron Boone is a managing like a guy who knows these early games are important. The Yankees are winning in a lot of different ways, but Sunday stood out to Hubbs and Marty. Michael King is actually the best reliever in baseball. Vibes are sky high. We end the show revealing our fourth edition of ‘Earning Your Pinstripes’. Outro song: Pretend B (via APM Music Library)
Episode 327: Bird Huntin' - Yankees Sweep Homestand And Move Into 1st Place
The Yankees took care of business against the Guardians and the O's, winning 6 straight to cap off a dominant homestand. Anthony Rizzo has officially been crowned the King of the Short Porch after hitting 3 HRs on Tuesday and becoming the current MLB HR leader. DJ and Judge are both on hot streaks and the pitching remains stellar. Right now this team looks phenomenal and there's truly not much to complain about for once. Finally, we discuss the mysterious letter that, to the dismay of Red Sox, Astros, and Mets fans, revealed absolutely nothing about the Yankees being involved in some major cheating scandal. Outro song: "Sunny Skies" (via APM Music Library)
Episode 326: Fun And Chaos - Yankees Sweep The Guardians, Fans Wage War Against Cleveland, Marty Almost Gets An Entire Airport Shutdown
The Yankees had themselves a great weekend sweeping the Guardians and getting an ace-like start from Gerrit Cole. DJ continues to remind us how hurt he was last year by hitting everything in sight. Fans in the outfield caused chaos after Gleyber’s walkoff on Saturday by throwing trash on the field at the Cleveland players. IKF might actually be just what this team needed. Amazon Prime games stink. Chad Green has to stop getting put in high leverage spot. Michael King is absurdly good. Nestor is the best and has gained super powers. We break out the 3rd edition of ‘Earning Your Pinstripes’ where Marty reveals he almost got arrested for suspected terrorism. All that and more on today’s show. Outro song: Tropicana A (via APM Music Library)

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4.5 out of 5
1642 reviews
Bhavik Upadhyaya 2022/06/11
Go yankees
Show is funny love that they are playing into the pinstripes Marty is a idiot who should be out of a job.
K. Lombardo 2022/06/13
Clown Show
Hey Barstool, aren’t you embarrassed?
Y.A.G.12 2022/06/10
Best #NYYankees pod around!!!
I absolutely love this show it’s for sure the best Yankees pod around!!! I listen to a bunch of barstool podcasts and this is by far my favorite. I wi...
vsil4 2022/06/01
Must listen for any yankee fan
I’ve been listening to this show for over a year now, Hubbs, Tommy, and Marty give great baseball insight and a passion to the Yankees that you don’t ...
kabm5294 2022/05/31
My favorite barstool podcast! Bummer it’s down to once a week - but thank you Hubbs & Tommy for keeping it going!!
RYANHERB 2022/05/30
Best Yankees Podcast
This is by far the best Yankees podcast going! Hubs is awesome, would love to hear these guys 2-3 times a week! Congrats guys, you’re the best!
GeorgetownFire 2022/05/21
My favorite Barstool show
I listen to 4-5 Barstool shows a week. I look forward to these episodes the most. These guys are spot on with their takes and make watching Yanks game...
ender357 2022/05/16
Best Yankee pod
Favorite listen after each series.
JBreese56 2022/05/18
Team Hank
No more Marty Mush
ShaineB118 2022/05/16
Fiya Jones
Peacock sally


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