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Our Webby Award-nominated show captures the magic that sparks when kids and best-selling authors meet up in person to collaborate and grow original stories inspired by children's story ideas! Each episode ends with a story time read aloud by the author. Bonus episodes feature author interviews with our host Betsy Bird! Our show has been featured in Wired, Time for Kids, Parents, The New York Times, and CBC. It was The Week Junior magazine's 2020 Podcast of the Year. Our theme song and music is composed and performed by Andrew VanWyngarden, the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter/musician and co-founder of MGMT. Our companion activity book "Imagination Lab: Experiments in Creativity" is a New York Times/Wirecutter "Best Gift for 10 Year Olds" pick. Vote for us in the People's Voice Webby Awards Family and Kids "Best Individual Episode" category through April 21, 2022 -! This podcast is a Literary Safari Production.

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Whoa, a Webby Award Nomination for our Podcast!
Betsy Bird shares the exciting news that we are nominated for a Webby People's Voice Award in the "Individual Episode - Family and Kids" podcast category. Listen to find out how to vote for our nominated episode, "A Nose that Knows," with Katherine Applegate. Every vote counts, so we're counting on you to cast your ballot and share this episode with three friends!
Bonus Q&A: Betsy Bird Interviews Katherine Applegate
In our bonus interview episode of The Story Seeds Podcast, host Betsy Bird chats with Newbery Award-winning Katherine Applegate (author of the newly published eco-fable Willodeen) after her starring appearance in Episode 11 “A Nose that Knows.” Listen for a behind the scenes look at Katherine’s collaboration with nine-year old Jocelyn on her real-life inspired story idea about a dog who helps a girl with cancer (and the story that grew out of it, “Two Girls, One With Four Paws".) The episode concludes with a fun rapid fire Q&A with Katherine on everything from why she writes to the grossest thing she has ever eaten! This bonus episode is brought to you by Macmillan Children’s Publishing.
A Nose that Knows with Katherine Applegate
The Story Seeds Podcast is back with a special episode to raise awareness for childhood cancer. Nine-year old Jocelyn teams up with Newbery Award-winning author Katherine Applegate to grow her story seed about a super dog who helps a girl with cancer feel better. Jocelyn’s story idea was inspired by her own experience and diagnosis with leukemia—the most common type of childhood cancer in the world—and how her dog Sally sensed she had cancer even before the doctors knew. Listen along as Jocelyn and Katherine meet up on a video chat with their BFF canine companions to hash out Jocelyn’s story idea, then sit back and hear the story Katherine grew out of their collaboration, “Two Brave Girls, One with Four Paws.” This episode is sponsored by Macmillan Children’s Publishing.
Kids on Air with Friends & Family: Podcasting Camp Showcase
During the summer of 2021, Story Seeds hosted an inaugural virtual podcasting camp where young people learned the skills they need to grow the seeds of their curiosities into their own podcasts. One of their assignments was to develop five questions and interview an elder, family member or friend about one of three topics: music they listened to as a teenager, food they like to make, or something they are proud of. This montage of eight intimate interviews conducted by our campers ages 8-15 captures moments of curiosity, lifelong passions, and new perspectives on the familiar.
Encore Presentation: A Worm's Worth with Jason Reynolds
We're honored. Our episode "A Worm's Worth" with author Jason Reynolds is in the spotlight on CBC Podcast Playlist, a bi-weekly podcast from Canada's Radio One which samples "fresh, new, provocative, and the most intriguing" programs from the podcasting world. This episode is featured on their June 3rd episode titled "Feel good stories for when you need them most." This week, we give it the good old encore treatment because we agree that it will brighten your day. (If you've already heard it, trust us, it's worthy of a re-listen because there’s always something new to discover in Jason Reynold's stories!)
Special Introduction of Imagination Lab: Experiments in Creativity
We’d like to tell you about our new activity book, Imagination Lab: Experiments in Creativity. It’s techie, yet screen free and pairs perfectly with Story Seeds. Inside, you’ll find QR codes that link to each episode of season one and hands-on activities to get you writing, reading, baking, experimenting, and so much more! Grownups, learn more at
Bonus Q&A: Betsy Bird Interviews Jason Reynolds
In this special bonus interview, host Betsy Bird chats with the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, Jason Reynolds about his collaboration with 12 year old Irthan in last week’s episode, “A Worm’s Worth.” They dive into the story Jason grew, “Hoo and Wut”, and explore its themes of friendship, being seen for who you are, and fairness–all of which, Jason explains, reflects his own values and that of his young collaborator. Jason also shares his writing tips and tells all the listeners out there to challenge your curiosity, that's the way to keep growing your imagination.
A Worm's Worth with Jason Reynolds
On this week’s episode, 12 year old Brooklynite, Irthan joins forces with the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, Jason Reynolds, to grow his story seed about an earthworm that turns into a human every 28 days, on the night of a full moon. Join Irthan and Jason as they meet up at the Youth Wing of the central branch of Brooklyn Public Library where they get to know each other and plant the seeds for their collaboration which explores music, social justice, and being seen. Then, sit back and listen to the lyrical and timely short story, "Hoo and Wut," that Jason grew out of Irthan’s idea. Before You Listen: You should know that Jason and Irthan talk about police violence during their meeting (15:10). If you haven't already talked to your child about this subject, they may have some questions for you after hearing this episode.
Bonus Q&A: Betsy Bird Interviews Bil Lepp
On this bonus episode, host Betsy Bird chats with Bil Lepp (five-time champion of the West Virginia Liars’ Competition and author of the 2014 PEN award-winning picture book, THE KING OF LITTLE THINGS) about his collaboration with 11 year old Keshav in last week’s episode, “Look Before You Eat.” They talk about the ins and outs of performing as a professional storyteller, his former life as a pastor, and Bil shares a handful of neat tips for telling a good story, both out loud and on paper.
Look Before You Eat! with Bil Lepp
We've got a delicious story seed on deck for this week's episode as 11 year old Keshav collaborates with author and professional storyteller Bil Lepp (he's a five-time champion of the West Virginia Liars’ Competition and author of the 2014 PEN award-winning picture book, THE KING OF LITTLE THINGS). Together, they stir up an inspired cast of characters —three animals and a big bad wolf!—mix in some sweet  treats and a few red hot chili peppers and give us a fractured fairytale titled "Not by the Hare in My Chili Pepper Den!" Join host Betsy Bird as she follows Keshav and Bil on their field trip to Jacques Torres Chocolates, one of NYC’s finest chocolate shops, where they spend a morning “researching” chocolates and chilis, getting to know each other, and growing Keshav's treat of a story idea.
Bonus Q&A: Betsy Bird Interviews Susan Muaddi Darraj
On this bonus episode, host Betsy Bird chats with Susan Muaddi Darraj (author of the debut middle grade series Farah Rocks) about her collaboration on a mystery story seed with 12 year old Sulaf in last week’s episode, “A Girl Who Looks Like Me.” They talk about why representing Arab-American girls like Sulaf matters in children's books and about being inspired by the works of Agatha Christie and Edgar Allen Poe. Plus, Susan shares her tip for getting through writer’s block—reading! *Spoiler Alert* Susan also reveals who’s behind the disappearing objects in her story, "Mystery at the Theatre."
A Girl Who Looks Like Me with Susan Muaddi Darraj
On this week’s episode, we bring you a whodunnit shaped story seed! 12 year old Sulaf collaborates with author Susan Muaddi Darraj (author of the debut middle grade series FARAH ROCKS) on a story starring a young Arab-American girl, who looks like Sulaf, and who finds herself at the center of a mystery at the theatre where she works. Join our host Betsy Bird as she follows Sulaf and Susan on their all-access backstage tour of the Riverside Theatre at the landmark Riverside Church in NYC where they discover all its nooks and crannies that can inspire a mystery story. They also talk about their great love of Agatha Christie mysteries and how meaningful it is— as Arab Americans—to read a story about a character that you can relate to and that looks like you.

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4.3 out of 5
175 reviews
Rikki VB 2022/06/10
My heart is bursting!
I was recently told ‘children are angels in work clothes’. I don’t have kids but I have 2 amazing, funny, happy dogs names Carmelo ? and Jett ?‍?. Car...
Bukise2768 2022/04/16
Great pod
Kathrin Applegate is so cool! Love the one and only Ivan! And I love dog’s to ive got to pet all the dog’s!!
MomSlice1 2021/08/26
Brilliant Show!
We love this clever show, the authors, and the kids we hear. Thank you for sowing seeds! ❤️✨???✨?
Pondering Pen 2021/01/15
Enchanting and magical
Enchanting and magical. The Story Seeds podcast takes us back to being a kid. Where books are wondrous and captivating and with characters we fall in ...
unicornjuju 2021/08/01
Could be better
The podcast never uploads and it’s kinda anoyying could be better. Overall it’s good.
Pippa&Teddy 2021/01/07
I love Story Seeds!
I love writing, and this shows kid-authors writing stories!
Hotdawgz 2020/12/08
Good podcast!
I listened to an episode for the first time and it’s rlly good!
Megan GW 2020/11/07
Our family’s favourite podcast!
We love listening to this podcast together. The kids featured have amazing story ideas, the authors are fantastic, and Betsy Bird is an incredible hos...
Lesley the Book Nerd 2020/09/25
Thank you!
A podcast for story-loving kids, kid librarians, kid teachers and anyone who loves a good story! Thanks for being here!
Turnface08 2020/08/04
This is such a wonderful idea for a podcast! I love that the kids get to work with established authors to create things together. Anything that’s work...


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