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10 minutes of news and information for curious kids ages 8-12 (and their parents are allowed to listen, too ?). Each episode looks at what's happening in the world and provides context and reporting on the stories kids want to know more about. ?? Informative and fun, The Ten News is hosted by Bethany Van Delft and comes out Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. ⏱

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It's the 50th Anniversary of Title IX ?
In today's episode: ? We’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of Title IX: a law Congress passed in 1972 to ensure equal opportunities in school sports for kids of all genders.? Title IX didn’t automatically create equality for all genders, so we invited award-winning author Lucy Bledsoe to join us in the studio to talk about her book ‘No Stopping Us Now,' and how it was inspired by her own childhood. And, test your WNBA knowledge on today's Trivia on the Ten.✅
In the Kitchen with a MasterChef Junior Finalist?‍?
In today's episode: ⭐ We have a celebrity in the Ten News studio today! ?‍? Head Writer, Ryan Willard, is sitting down with Master Chef Jr. Season 8 Finalist, Grayson to talk about how to become a chef and what it’s like to cook competitively on TV. ✔️ Tessa Tidbit: what's better than one food fun fact... five food fun facts! And, test your food knowledge on today's Trivia on the Ten. ✅ ✔️ Sign up for the Ten News Newsletter! ? Email us your curious facts, funny stories, and eye rolling jokes at: ? Follow the show on Instagram ? Check out our website for sources and a transcript of today's episode! See for privacy information.
Happy Father's Day! ?
Ten News Gets Extra: ? It’s Father’s Day! A day to celebrate the dads in our lives and what better way to celebrate than counting down our top ten film-fathers! ? Join us for a dad joke-journey with fellow Ten'ers. ✔️ Tessa Tidbit: do you know how many fathers there are in the entire world? And, test your father's day celebration knowledge on today's Trivia on the Ten. ✅
The Ten News Explains: The January 6th Hearings
The Ten News Explains: ? Are you wondering about the January 6th hearings that have been in the news lately? ?️ It all goes back to January 6th, 2021 when a group of Trump supporters, angry about the election results, stormed the U.S. Capitol. ?️ Tune in to today's episode as we take a look back at what happened that day and get the latest update on the public hearings happening now with Correspondent Pamela Kirkland. ? We recommend tuning in to today's episode with a grownup in case you have any questions about the Capitol insurrection. ✔️ Sign up for the Ten News Newsletter! ? Email us your curious facts, funny stories, and eye rolling jokes at: ? Follow the show on Instagram ? Check out our website for sources and a transcript of today's episode! See for privacy information.
Join us for Juneteenth!
In today's episode: ? How is a 156-year-old holiday only officially turning 2 years old? ? Show host Bethany Van Delft is here to break it down. ✊ Correspondent Pamela Kirkland is back with an update on the activist who successfully fought to make Juneteenth a national holiday, Miss Opal Lee. ✔️ Fun Fact Check: how many flags does Juneteenth have and what do they symbolize? And, test your federal holiday knowledge on today's Trivia on the Ten. ✅
The Ten News Explains NFTs ?
The Ten News Explains: ? What exactly is an NFT and why would you collect them? ?️ LizaBanks Campagna is back and in the studio with high schooler and Crypto investor Daniel Kerwin to break down NFTs. ✔️ Tessa Tidbit: find out the most expensive NFT ever purchased by a single buyer. And, test your NFT knowledge on today's Trivia on the Ten. ✅
The Ten News Explains Blockchain ?
In today's episode: ? What do you give a cryptocurrency that’s always late? A CLOCKchain! ? Ten News Correspondent LizaBanks Campagna is in the studio with Josh Fried the Senior Manager of Business Development at Solana to talk all things Blockchain. ✔️ Tessa Tidbit: in 2010 someone paid 10,000 bitcoins to buy two pizzas, but do you know how much actual money that's worth today? And, test your fake cryptocurrency on today's Trivia on the Ten. ✅
What's up with the Weather? ☀️
In today's episode: ?️ The weather has been wild recently, so we're here with an update on climate change. ? Joining us in the studio is our friend, Arionne Nettles, from the ‘Is That True?’ podcast to clear up what's happening on planets beyond Earth. ✔️ Tessa Tidbit: 90% of the plastic we use ends up in landfills, but there's a new solution to this problem. And, test your chocolate ice cream knowledge on today's Trivia on the Ten. ✅
Happy Pride Month, Ten'ers! ?️‍?
Ten News Gets Extra: ?️‍? June is officially Pride Month so today, we are celebrating with LGBTQ+ people all over the world! Joining us in the studio is Queer writer, creator, and activist Lindz Amer to talk LGBTQ+ Pride with Ryan Willard. ✔️ Tessa Tidbit: did you know there are over 50 LGBTQ+ flags? ? Let's find out what they represent. And, test your Pride parade knowledge on today's Trivia on the Ten. ✅
It's Time for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee ?
In today's episode: ? Today is the official celebration of 70 years of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd’s rule of Great Britain. ? Find out the duties of the Queen and take a look into what other Queens deserve to be celebrated with Correspondent Max Wolfson. ✔️ Fun Fact Check: these animals were gifted to the Queen from other nations and now all live at the London Zoo. And, test your Queen Elizabeth knowledge on today's Trivia on the Ten.✅
Summer Movie Watchlist ?
In today's episode: ? Ten'ers grab your popcorn and take a seat because today Head Writer Ryan Willard is sitting down with ‘Son’ from the podcast Middle School Mind to talk all things movies. ? Does it matter if we see movies in the theater or streaming at home? ? Ten News Correspondent Sarah Namais is here to break down streaming versus theaters. And, test your Pixar sequel knowledge on today's Trivia on the Ten. ✅
A Family Talk About Gun Violence
Special Report: ⚠️ **Grab your grown-up for this episode as we talk about gun violence and gun safety.? Listen in as we breakdown the definitions that you might be hearing about gun laws. ? Correspondent Pamela Kirkland sat down with Shannon Watts, Founder of Moms Demand Action and Mikayla Jordan, youth activist. ✊? Hear what they are doing to engage volunteers and push for change. ? Want to take action? ? Join the Wear Orange weekend on June 3-5th and check out our resources for more ways to talk about gun safety with your families.

Podcast Reviews

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4.6 out of 5
299 reviews
♡︎ Yay ♡︎ 2022/06/17
Happy Pride ?️‍? SOO GOOD <3
Hi Ten News! I love your podcast!! My younger sister and I love listening when going to bed. It calms me. Can you do more episodes about basketball an...
S728883 2022/06/16
Love it
I have a question What is the longest time and longest length any human has traveled in space
Notatroller m8 2022/06/10
This is a good news podcast
I always hate listening to scary or sad news podcast/shows. This is why I LOVE ❤️ The Ten News! It usually never talks about stuff to make you feel b...
sara8-9 2022/06/08
Best pod
Hey ten can you talk about the new Elvis movie me and friends we don’t know what it’s about and we are big fan’s
McCrawJen 2022/06/05
Love it!!!!
I listened to the Pride episode as there was a double rainbow right out side my door!!!!!
Mickeyt12 2022/06/05
My review ?
I would rate this 3.5 stars if I could. This podcast only shows one side to every story? updates are frequent enough so yeah okay podcast ?
if gg Bono bb 2022/05/30
Oh my god this is so good!
ybrjgbyglgrnyouurtj 2022/05/27
Like it
Do NOT do scary stuff freaks me out like completely it becomes a problem sincerely Meena Ps.stop with the guns I can’t sleep At all anymore ?? from ?...
pjbh12345 2022/05/27
This Podcast is AMAZING. I love there topics and I love that they talk about things currently having in the world. I would say that kids from the age...
✨Gianna✨? 2022/04/26
Love this podcast
I love to listen to this podcast! I love to listen to it to relax. Also love that they do 3 episodes a week! Please keep us updated on the Russia Ukra...


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