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From the trusted team behind the Tuttle Twins books, join us as we tackle current events, hot topics, and fun ideas to help your family find clarity in a world full of confusion.

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What's the New American History Book About?
It's here! Connor shares details about our exciting new American history book and how you can get an awesome bundle of bonuses to learn ideas from our country's past.
What Was The Nuremberg Trial?
After the terrible things that happened in WWII, the Nazis were put on trial for their crimes against humanity.
Why Did We Even Lockdown for Covid?
For two years we were told we needed to lockdown to lessen the impacts of Covid. Now, a new study from a very important university shows that the lockdowns did almost nothing to keep us safe.
What Does Each Branch of The Government Do?
We've talked about the importance of the separation of powers between the three branches of government, But what does each branch actually do?
Has It Been A Winter of Severe Illness And Death?
The government has been spreading misinformation, trying to scare people into believing that severe illness and death is happening because people refuse to get vaccinated. But is this really true?
Is There Ever a Good Reason for Censorship?
Covid has led a lot of alleged free speech advocates to call for censorship when they don’t agree with what’s being said.
Why Should We Do Difficult, Meaningful Things Instead of Taking The Easier Route?
We should always aim to do things in our life that are meaningful, instead of doing things that give us the quickest results.
How Do We Know What's "Right" without The Government Telling Us?
A lot of people who love big government think we need it so that individuals know what is "right" and what is "wrong." But government is the last place we should look to as a moral compass.
Who Controls Our Information?
We are bombarded with so much information these days. And even though the internet allows us to get a lot of different perspectives, there is a small group of people who have decided which information is “correct.”
Why Is Reading So Important?
There is nothing like curling up with a good book. But why is reading books of all types so important?
What Are Interest Rates And How Do They Affect Us?
Interest rates might seem like a complex concept to grasp. But anyone who buys anything needs to understand.
Is Inflation A Good Thing?
Inflation is skyrocketing over the past several months. While this is bad news for the economy, some economics are trying to say that inflation is actually a good thing.

Podcast Reviews

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4.7 out of 5
323 reviews
ggfjfggi CNN lg ok g 2022/06/26
Love this podcast!!!! Can you do one on how to start a business!? I’d like to
CON37* 2022/06/06
Me like it
it good for me brain I don’t actually talk or write that way I’m just being silly
supercalafragilistc 2022/05/27
Love it!!
Hi I’m 12 yes old and I live this podcast!! It’s very easy for kids to understand, and learn about the events going on in our world now. The Tuttle T...
Kellia kaen 2022/05/21
Awesome sauce!
this podcast is great for kids and parents alike. i have listened to every episode at least three times. i know that you and your family will benefit ...
Jack Mann Torres 2022/02/04
Love it?
Tuttle twins podcast How the World Works is awesome. It tells you about different things about business and entrepreneurship. It tells you about the w...
aherm4 2022/03/21
Not for kids
Many more opinions shared than facts. Not geared towards kids. A whole lot of complaining. Frustrated this is tagged as a kids podcast and thankful I ...
Annis9999 2022/01/28
Keep doing this they are so good
Mary727 2022/01/13
Great podcast!
Everyone should be listening to this podcast. 5 stars
Lucy L.? 2022/01/17
No no no
DigitalCatYT_74 2021/12/31
Pretty good ?
Hello! I am 11 years old and just have a few things to say. So far in my “school life” I have been very bad in school. I have not been paying good att...


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