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Calling all my wannabe crunchy mamas. I remember the overwhelm and the massive stress that came with the realization that my home was full of poisons. I totally freaked out and I headed to the internet just like you did, and I started going down the rabbit hole. I was full of fear, panicked, and totally afraid that I didn’t have the finances to do the massive ditch and switch that I needed to keep my family safe. If you’re ready to save money with healthy non-toxic products, simplify the detox process, and know which cleaning, makeup, and home products are actually save, I’ve got you covered. What’s up, I’m Megan Mikkelsen and my mission is to simplify the detox process for you. If you feel in your heart it’s time to detox your life, home, health, beauty, or motherhood, I have the solutions for you. I’m here to walk you through the non-toxic lifestyle, step-by-step, room-by-room, product-by-product, ingredient-by-ingredient, so that you will know what to do - to make sure that you are thriving in a happy, healthy home. And, I’m going to save you time and money while we do it. Grab that washrag - let’s clean up! Connect with me - Hang with me - Learn with me - Shop toxin-free beauty with me - Shop toxin-free products with me -

Podcast episodes

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Who Has The Time and Money for Self Care? How to Use Small Pockets of Time To Stay Balanced and Happy During The Busiest Seasons of Motherhood
Life is busy! We still need to take care of ourselves and make sure our heads are in the right space. Self care is especially important during the busiest seasons of motherhood. Tune in for some easy, quick, and inexpensive ideas for self care.
Old School Ways to Fight Weeds in Your Garden Without Worrying about Your Kids Playing In the Yard
Struggling with weeds in your yard but don't want to use chemicals? Listen in for these simple and easy ways to fight weeds without harsh chemicals.
4 Simple Steps to Deep Clean Your Water Bottle, HydroFlask, Yeti, or Stanley Handle Cup Naturally and Without Harsh Chemicals
Not sure exactly how to deep clean your every day stainless mug or water bottle? I've got all the answers for you in this episode. cccccc
Doctor Recommended”, Why you still need to read ingredient labels of the products your doctor suggests
Think you can trust the products your doctor suggests you try? You might want to read the ingredient label first. Many healthcare professionals aren't aware of the importance of reading ingredient labels.
4 Quick Tips for Getting What You Want and Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams
Have you ever tried to manifest something special for your life? I have and it works! Here are my four tips.
Feminie Care Products - Why it's Important to go Toxin-Free, Non-Toxic, Green, Clean, and Healthy for your Monthly Visit
Have you switched your tampons and pads yet? This episode talks all about why it's important to go green and clean (and toxin-free and non-toxic) with your monthly period. I also shared my person experience with trying new menstrual products.
121 What are the Typical Stages of Going Toxin-Free - Where are you on your non-toxic and green living journey and what should you detox next?
Going toxin-free is a journey. It takes awhile to adopt a more non toxic and green lifestyle. I shared my personal journey and products you should switch out next depending on where you are on your personal green living journey.
120 4 Simple Steps for Analyzing Brands to Ensure You're Making Informed Product Choices
Are you trying to make more informed choices when you shop? Follow these four simple steps to ensure you are choosing brands that align your personal values in being toxin-free, non toxic, green, clean, and eco-friendly.
119 Earth Day is Every Day - Vote with Your Dollar and Support the Brands that are Doing the Right Thing
Earth Day may be over but it's still important to support brands who are making conscious efforts to be more earth friendly. Have you considered who you're supporting when you shop?
Happy Earth Day Bonus Episode
Use “EARTHDAY15” for 15% off at checkout
118 Setting Your Personal Boundaries for Health in Living Clean, Toxin-Free, Non-Toxic, Green, and Eco-Friendly
Have you set your personal boundaries when it comes to health? Do you choose healthy and green products 90% of the time and give yourself 10% of wiggle room? I think it's important to define your personal boundaries so that you don't get stuck feeling guilty. We all need a little balance in our lives, especially when it comes to being a mom and trying to choose the healthiest, most toxin-free, and green products for our family.
Controversial Ingredients - How to Determine if an Ingredient is Controversial and Why You Should Consider Avoiding Them for a Greener, Healthier, and More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle
Not sure how to identify what a "controversial" ingredient is? Not sure why you should avoid "controversial" ingredients? I explain all about ingredients I consider controversial and why you should avoid them more a more toxin-free and green lifestyle

Podcast Reviews

Read Toxin-Free Talk - Detox by Design, Non-Toxic Living, Crunchy Wannabe Moms, Eco-Friendly, Detox My Ho... podcast reviews

4.8 out of 5
48 reviews
Auburn love 2022/05/07
A true gem!
I so appreciate Megan’s podcast and all that I’m learning! I have been trying to use mostly non-toxic items in our home but I continue to learn more w...
Barbara Steve 2022/05/03
Really beautiful show
Love listening to this podcast! Had a lot of inspiring moment for me to take away after each episode. Bri
md728 2022/04/30
Interesting and helpful tips to living a cleaner and healthier life. A must listen!!
BeautifulMinimalMillennial 2022/04/14
Awesome Podcast
Many great nuggets of advice and wisdom presented in a logical and calm manner. I’ve been able to make small incremental changes to move towards a tox...
S_D_ASBL 2022/03/03
Need this podcast in my life!
I love how Megan has such a down to earth and realistic approach when it comes to simplifying a toxin free lifestyle. It can be overwhelming, so I nee...
Taryn Pr 2022/02/09
SO helpful!
I am so grateful for Megan and her podcast!! She gives such excellent and doable tips and she helps make de-toxing your life not too overwhelming. She...
rfman14326754 2022/02/17
This is fake you are profiting off of something thing that is not real
amycate83 2022/02/02
Such a valuable resource!
This podcast is my “go to” for all things clean living. Megan is such a wealth of wisdom in a plethora of areas, but breaks down such complex topics i...
Money and Mental Peace 2022/02/01
I wanna do all of this!
I'm so excited to hear this pod! I have some non-toxic things, but not much. As my biz grows and I'm able to afford different, healthier products, I'm...
CecilleV 2022/01/16
I am so thankful I found Megan’s podcast. I started detoxifying my home years ago but lost touch with the friend who was guiding me. Megan’s passion t...


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