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A weekly one-hour conversation with guest experts and callers about travel, cultures, people, and the things we find around the world that give life its extra sparkle. Rick Steves is America's leading authority on travel to Europe and beyond. Host and writer of over a hundred public television travel shows and author of 30 best-selling guidebooks, Rick now brings his passion for exploring and understanding our world to public radio. Related travel information and message boards on

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529a Newfoundland Tour; Canada Day; Drink Dat New Orleans
Explore what Canada has to offer! Newfoundland's Alan Doyle recommends sights to enjoy the rugged beauty of his Atlantic island home. Comedian and author Rick Mercer shares some of his favorite places to enjoy across Canada. Plus, raise a glass to New Orleans as Elizabeth Pearce unveils how to appreciate the history of America's most "spirited city" through the kinds of cocktails it serves.
679 Nordic Roots; Dutch Towns; Bridge to Nicaragua
Hear how the characters of Nordic mythology can help you better understand the past, and how they influence the epic tales that entertain us today. Discover Dutch towns to explore beyond Amsterdam where you can view technological marvels as well as medieval charm. Also, find out how tourism in Nicaragua is trying to rebound from multiple setbacks, one rural homestay at a time.
567a Hokkaido; Arctic Solitaire; Bloomsday in Dublin
Get tips from an American-Japanese author for experiencing the rugged allure of Japan's northern island of Hokkaido. Then hear from a nature photographer what it's like to spend a summer boating up Hudson Bay in search of polar bears. And learn all about how Dubliners celebrate Bloomsday — good fun even if you still haven't finished Ulysses.
678 Hiking in England; British Footnotes; High Tea in London
Two English tour guides discuss a time-honored way to enjoy the British countryside: "rambling" along Britain's well-marked system of hiking trails. Then author Peter Fiennes describes his cross-country journeys in the footsteps of great British writers, and what his travels revealed about how much the UK has changed in recent years. And Rick learns about the rightfully revered tradition of afternoon tea — and the best places to make it an occasion in London.
201b Beer In Europe, Irreverent Curiosity
Get in a festive mood as Rick invites a few of his friends to compare the beer styles of Europe, and the cultures that go with them. Also, writer David Farley tells us about an eccentric hill town not far from Rome. It's home to a generation of bohemian residents, and one of the strangest mysteries in Italy — a centuries-old relic the Vatican would rather not talk about.
677 Parisians; Heart of Italy; The Scent Trail
Author Graham Robb describes a few of the extraordinary historical characters of Paris. Then vintner and tour guide Cecilia Bottai shares tips for planning a getaway to the relaxed "green heart" of central Italy. And author Celia Lyttelton tells us how she traveled the world to find the ingredients for making her very own custom perfume.
676 Birth of Korean Cool; Perfect Week in Portugal
Journalist Euny Hong explains how South Korea has made itself not only an economic powerhouse but a pop-culture superpower. And tour guides from Portugal join Rick to share recommendations for planning a week's getaway to Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve, and the colorful, historic towns in between.
675 Appalachian Music Trails; Loire Valley Chateaux; Achtung Baby
British travel writer Will Hide recounts his journeys along the back roads of Appalachia, where country music first arose from the melodies and instruments of immigrants from the British Isles. Then tour guides from France share tips on exploring the Loire Valley's many magnificent châteaux. And author Sara Zaske reveals what she learned from the German style of parenting while raising her young American children in Berlin.
674 Driving in Ireland; Women Who Wander; Primed for Prague
Guidebook co-author Pat O'Connor delves into the details of driving in Ireland, where renting a car can be worth the extra expense when it gives you the flexibility to explore the countryside on your own schedule. Then author Mary Morris explains why she prefers to go solo to connect with other people in her travels, and how she ensures her safety. And tour guides from Prague offer tips for enjoying the beauty of the Czech capital.
673 Visiting Antarctica; Journeys of Trees; Italy's Northern Lakes
Travel writer Julian Sancton tells us how a trip to Antarctica helped him see that continent through the eyes of the early polar explorers. Then science reporter Zach St. George explains how some North American tree species are migrating to survive a warming climate. And two Italy-based tour guides take us to the resort lakes of northern Italy, where outdoor sports and celebrities compete with the scenery for visitors' attention.
519a Saints of Ireland and France; David Suchet Steps of St. Peter
Get acquainted with some of the most popular French and Italian saints, and learn why they remain important to their countrymen. Plus, actor David Suchet shares what he discovered while making a documentary about the life and times of St. Peter, and the first-century world he inhabited in Galilee.
672 Paddle Boldly; Hape Kerkeling's Camino; Sacred New Mexico
Kayaker Dave Ellingson tells us how he learned to savor the unexpected on a paddling adventure in Minnesota. Then German comedian Hape Kerkeling relives his hike on the famed Camino de Santiago in Spain, where he learned something new every day. And adventurer Christina Nealson recommends places in New Mexico to get in touch with both the indigenous and Spanish colonial heritage of the desert Southwest.

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4.4 out of 5
1687 reviews
Ralanas84 2022/04/28
Very Enjoyable
I really do love this podcast and enjoy the topics very much. However, I have to mention that I find Rick talking over and interrupting the guest spea...
I B Reading 2022/06/01
Rick is still amazing!
I grew up watching Rick on PBS with my parents, and these moments inspired me to become a travel writer. I love this show and Rick’s travel style. He ...
migirltravels 2022/05/17
Genuine feedback
Let your guests finish their sentences.
LifeLongerlearner 2022/04/21
Historical Perspective
I have recently discovered these podcasts and have enjoyed them. Regarding comments on religion and politics, traveling with Rick involves the histor...
Xodus23896 2022/04/11
Weird reviews. Good show
Iv never found Rick Steve’s episodes to be extreme left views or political. He uses common sense and decency. I think the trump supporters should go l...
dsmlistener 2022/04/19
Informative and entertaining, but …
Rick often strikes just the right balance of information and entertainment - but please stop interrupting and talking over your guests. Sometimes I wo...
mollyscissorhand 2022/03/06
Steve Is A Treasure
Through my college travels in the 1990s to the present, Rick has been there with his signature blend of Western Civ, gastronomy, and insightful unders...
like satie 2022/04/08
too religious
I enjoy hearing about travels. I fast forward through the religious stories. Sadly it seems I’m having to fast forward through more than ever.
divebookreader 2022/03/06
Great show
Never miss an episode!
Shrieks fed 2022/03/04
Rick sure has changed!!!
I grew up watching Rick’s travel show on PBS & throughly enjoyed it. Now I am listening to his podcasts & he turned into a socialist commi! C’est dom...


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