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Whether you are new to the financial independence / retire early (FIRE) movement, already on your FIRE journey, or have retired early, there's something here for you. Go beyond the numbers and get the personal stories as experienced by Eric and Jason.

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We Each Hired a Flat Fee Financial Advisor. Was it Worth It?
Here's what we learned by hiring a financial advisor for a fixed fee of $1,000. Rather than pay a costly ongoing assets under management (AUM) fee, we wanted to test out this increasingly popular fee-for-service advisement model. Eric and Jason discuss each hired the same fee-only, advice-only advisor for $1,000 to evaluate their portfolios and answer a variety of key questions. They share how they found this advisor, what the process was like, the specific questions + answers they had, and who they think could benefit from such a service. Is this the right option for you? Maybe.   Show notes:
Stock Market on FIRE: What We’re Doing in a Downturn
You're on a FIRE path and the markets keep falling - what do you do? In this episode, Jason + Eric revisit the topic of market downturn and candidly discuss their pre- and post-FI moods in this turbulent time. Join us to learn what they're doing and thinking about right now as Jason nears the two-year post-FI mark and Eric contemplates pushing his 2024 FI date back. Topics discussed include rebalancing, how to monitor portfolio performance, moves we are making now, and feeling down about FIRE. Show notes:
My New Life: Two Years After Early Retirement
Wondering what a day in the life in early retirement is like? Eric travels to California to shadow Jason and find out what his FIRE life is like nearly two years into early retirement. We learn how Jason fills his days, hear his concerns pre- and post-FI, discuss the merits of part-time "fun" jobs, and the reality of finances. Show notes:
We Avoided Estate Planning. Here’s Why You Can’t Afford To (Part 2)
Don't make a common mistake that could cost your family dearly. If you don't have an estate plan, many essential decisions will be left to others, including the government. In this second installment in a two-part series, Eric + Jason continue their conversation about what they did to get their respective plans in place. Topics discussed in this episode include end of life decisions, powers of attorney, insurance, and how to get started. Don't delay further - join us now for the second episode of this two-part series. Show notes:
If You Want Financial Freedom You Can’t Ignore This (Part 1)
We avoided estate planning for a long time; here's why you shouldn't. Without an estate plan, you're giving over the control of what happens to all your assets to others. In part one of this two-part series, Eric + Jason talk about what they did to - finally - get their respective plans in place. Topics discussed in this episode include the elements of estate planning, why people delay + how to get started, living trusts, and taking care of your heirs. Don't be like those who put this off "until they're older": join us now for the first episode of this two-part series. Show notes:
Making The Worst Financial Mistake I’ve Ever Made?
Am I leaving my financial advisors after seven years? Is that foolish? Parting ways with a trusted financial advisor is a difficult and impactful decision. In our last episode, Jason talked with Eric about his thoughts to end his longterm relationship with his financial planners and take the reins himself. In this video, we learn the outcome of that conversation and talk about what their decision means for Jason and Lorri going forward. Did you miss the first part of this conversation? If so, check out Episode 33: "Breaking Up With My Financial Advisor?"
Breaking Up With My Financial Advisor?
Did you know that financial advisor fees can eat up HALF of your portfolio's value over time? While happy with the good support and great relationship he had with them, Jason was thinking about leaving his financial planners late last year. In this episode, we capture a conversation Eric + Jason had on this topic, as they discussed the merits and downsides of paying assets under management (AUM) fees. Topics covered in this episode include why he stuck with them over the years, the value advisors can bring, more cost-effective options for financial advice, and how Jason is making his decision. Get the facts and make the right choice for yourself! Show notes:
Financial Lessons We’re Passing On (Part 2)
Kids are incredibly impressionable and as parents, we have a responsibility to educate them in all ways, including in financial matters. In this second installment of a two part series, we continue our discussion on a topic that's been requested many times by viewers: all things relating to kids. Concepts discussed in this episode include saving for college and the roles of parents vs children in that, budgeting, investing, and sharing life lessons by example.  Show notes:
Our FIRE Portfolios Are Down 20%, What Now?
How has the recent market downturn changed our plans? Jason + Eric candidly discuss their pre- and post-FI moods in this volatile time. Learn what they're doing and thinking about right now as Jason nears the two-year post-FI mark and Eric contemplates pushing his 2024 FI date back. show notes:
Teaching Our Teens About FI and Money (Part 1)
Having children comes along with many necessary expenses, but also provides a key opportunity to provide them with a solid financial education. In part one of a two part series, we tackle a topic that's been requested many times by viewers: all things relating to kids. Topics discussed in this episode include our own financial upbringing, early attempts to teach our kids about saving + investing, the value of teens having jobs, and talking with them about FIRE. Join us for the first episode of this two-part series. **Show notes:
Buying Bonds. Still Not Convinced I’m Doing the Right Thing! (Part 2)
I reallocated my investment portfolio, sold out of my 100% equity position and I'm not happy about it. Part two of a two-part series, you'll learn why and how I'm making peace with it. Ensuring that your investment portfolio can fund your lifestyle for the duration of your lifespan is essential to success in FIRE. One of the most impactful elements of that is how your portfolio is constructed, or your asset allocation. In this episode, Eric discusses his desire to reduce the risk of his portfolio with Jason, and ensure he + Laura are set up for success. Topics discussed include the role of bonds + fixed income, the types of investment risk, seeking feedback from internet forums, and tax considerations. Join us for the second episode of this two-part series on Eric's reallocation experience. **Show notes:
FI-nancial Decisions - Transitioning to FI with Laura + Eric [Bonus Episode]
Making big decisions like reallocating your investment portfolio can be pretty stressful. They're also impactful, so alignment with your partner or spouse on them is essential. In this bonus episode, get a behind the scenes look at how Eric + Laura navigated their decision to add bonds to their FIRE portfolio. Topics discussed include how they determined the stocks / bonds mix, their research process, and how it felt to make these impactful decisions. Their conversation continues into broader FIRE strategy, including saving for college and setting limits for individual discretionary spending.

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
54 reviews
FrugalT 2022/06/06
My new favorite FIRE podcast!
I’m having so much listening to Eric and Jason, two longtime friends, discuss their unique and distinctive approaches to finance independance and earl...
annikabananaka 2022/05/10
One of the Best FIRE Podcasts
Jason and Eric do a great job of representing several perspectives on financial topics. I appreciate their good-natured conversations and that they do...
jsnread 2022/03/24
Informative and thought provoking!
I discovered Eric from his 30x40 YouTube’s and enjoy them. This series of discussions about finance is at the perfect level for me. Not too complicate...
EED1977 2021/12/17
Experiencing FI together
I’m a few years behind these guys on the FI path and am enjoying hearing about how they are tackling all of the issues as I approach them. It’s really...
Loghound 2021/10/12
Interesting, Thoughtful
I stumbled across this the other day and I’ve now listened to about 1/2 the episodes. The format is really interesting and unique with two long-term ...
Sajir6941 2021/10/10
Listening in on a great conversation
Jason and Eric are great. Their friendship comes through in the relaxed yet insightful conversation they are able to maintain week in and week out. ...
SA11634 2021/10/10
Love this podcast!
Jason and Eric are the real deal. Their podcasts are interesting and full of insight to financial independence. I find their podcast topics are intere...
CU<3Mac 2021/08/26
Unlike the negative review thinking these guys are out of touch, I think that they are really relatable. Why punish them for enjoying the fruits of th...
Sr. Casa 2021/08/24
Big Fan - Great FIRE Content, Hosts Have Great Chemistry
I have become a big fan of Two Sides of Fi. I’ve been watching them on YouTube, but have just started listed to them on podcasts. First, it is quite...
GL1257197 2021/08/10
Not a good look
Pros: nice guys who seem to honestly mean well. Cons: let’s start a podcast talking about the difficulties of being wealthy, while most of the rest of...


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