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A fun Call-in show blending entertainment and car news with repair advice. The Motor Medics keep you entertained and help you understand your cars and trucks. Airing on over 225 stations across America since 1990 we are America's Largest car talk show.

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Why Does My Dealer Say I Can't Use Ethanol?
Why does my 2008 Dodge Caravan Ac Control Panel not work? Why does my 2011 Ram Truck overheat only when backing up with a trailer? My 400HP Explorer 3.0 cant use ethanol fuel,why? When should I change the engine oil in my 2013 Chevy Equinox? Why does my Ford truck vibrate only at certain road speeds? How can I tell if my Ford Explorer is a flex fuel vehicle and can I use it?
Can I Get Better Mileage From My Car?
2014 Toyota braking problems. 2003 Ford Expedition how do I fix my dome light that stays on all the time? How to fix Ford Back Up Camera upside down picture. When should I change oil in my Ford Mustang GT? Why does my 2005 GMC Safari Van misfire? Why does my 2017 Ford F150 Ecoboost overheat while towing? Why does my 2014 Jeep have brake noise? Why is my MPG off since I got new tires? 2006 Montana remote start question.
It's A/C Season Is Your Car Ready For The Heat?
Can I use stop leak in my ac system? Hyundai Sante Fe Why does my dash say ac off? 2010 Colorado Isuzu truck. My service trans light is on and low battery. I filled my Audi TT with gas while running now the gas gauge is wrong. Should I fix my old car and get it back on the road? Eco Plus Gas saving device. Is it a scam? My 2003 Nissan Altima has a low idle and dies at stop signs. Can I run E30 in my car? Carlson Quality Brake Hardware Brake Completion Kits spotlight. 
Can I Use E30 Ethanol or E15 In My Car?
1996 Olds 98 runs rough and engine dies.  1997 Chevy Monte Carlo has a broken shift cable you can't get. 2016 Ford Explorer ecoboost Can I Use E30 in it? 2014 Chrysler Town and Country what do you do when the transmission fails? 2003 Chevy Malibu won't stop cranking. 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee rear end locks up. 1976 Jeep CJ-5 304 V8 Fuel Vapor Lock. Chevy Colorado has a bad smell.
Don't Fall For Gas Saving Scams
Fuel Prices skyrocket but don't fall for gas saving device scams. Ford F350 Diesel Disaster Prevention device. F150 Ford Engine Tuner to save fuel. K&N Air Filter save fuel. 2008 Chevy Colorado Vibration in driveline. 2008 Toyota Tacoma Brake noise.  2020 Explorer what's the difference between 4 Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive?
The Delorean Is Back! How back is it and will it survive?
1.The Delorean is back! 2. 2004 Honda CR-V Burns Oil and the maintenance lamp is on. 3.1955 Jeep Willys how to wire a single wire alternator. 4.2007 Honda Civic hit a curb. 5. 2015 Chevy Silverado Diesel air in fuel when parked downhill. 6. 2010 Caddy SRX Headlight. 7. 2006 Honda Odyssey Van brake replacement. Should I use Honda pads only? 8. 2016 Hyundai Accent Limp mode. 9. 2014 Buick Encore Fans stay on all the time. 10. 2005 Ram 2500 Exhaust leak or cams? 11. 2014 Chevy Cruise Dirty oil and stuck oil filter.
How To Repair AC and Winning A Car
1. How do you add cruise control to a car. Crown Vic and others.  2. Should I change my transmission fluid before a trip? 3.Can I block off my rear ac and fix my air conditioner? 4. 2000 Chevy 3500 1 ton dually why does my rear fuel tank not work? 5. 2013 GMC Sierra Why does steering have no assist? 6. Winning a new car!
Can You Do Your Own Car Maintenance At Home?
1. High dollar recall but it is only for work on 1 vehicle and its huge dollars. 2. A 2003 Chevy 2500 transmission shifts too soon. Can it be saved? 3. A listener has a 2017 Buick Enclave with low miles has metal in the oil. Are the timing chains bad. 4. Why does my 2004 Ram 1500 Hemi have water in the oil under the oil cap? 5. Can I change my own fuel filters in my 2014 Ram 3500 6.7 Diesel? 6. I changed my cam phasers on my 2006 Lincoln Mark truck and now I have a code for cams. 7. 2007 Caddy Deville has an issue with a crack from the speakers. Amplifier?
Can Ethanol Help Skyrocketing Fuel Prices? Diesel May Go Extreme
1. 2018 Chrysler Pacifica choosing the right tire pressure. 2. 2005 Honda CR-V air conditioning broken after alternator repair. 3. 2008 Chevy Avalanche door locks not working. 4. Oil use questions in a generator small engine. 5. Carburetor stud fell into a cylinder. 6. Gas Prices are skyrocketing. Ethanol, fuel Diesel what can you do? 7. 2017 Ford F150 Ecoboost when to change your oil? 8. Can AM Spyder Trike. 9. 2011 Toyota Sienna Van Lost a key fob inside how to find it. 10. 2004 Merc Marquise Heavy duty car brake pad replacement. 11. 2012 Dodge wiper blades wrong size. 12.THE AFTER SHOW! What's up here? Chris is in love with car wax.
Yes We Talk About Old Scooters Too!
1. A 2017 Chevy Traverse has flickering headlights and voltage problems. 2. 2005 Buick Lesabre had a spark plug break off. How do I remove a broken spark plug? 3. 2007 Kia Sedona van do I have to replace timing chains? 4.2005 Buick Park Ave stalls and has a Mass Air Flow code. 5. 2003 Silverado SS. What kind of fuel is in the pump. I don't want e gas. 6. 2016 Chevy Tahoe blue smoke from exhaust on start-up is it a valve cover? 7. A 1985 Honda Scooter Elite has fuel in the engine oil. 8. 2017 Jeep Rubicon High oil pressure on the Pentastar Engine. 8. 2000 VW Jette changing engine bearings. 10. Lost key fob found! 11. 2006 Nissan Frontier Trans cooler replacement. 12.The After Show! 13.Brakes on a 1999 GMC Sierra 1500 causing engine stalling.
How Do I Find A Used Car?
From The www.AutoTempest.com/hoodie Studios. Find car values and search for the car you want. 1. 2012 Jeep Liberty won't start hot but why does all the plastic under the hood break? 2. 2014 Ford Transit Connect Transmission failure. 3. Tire Talk with Shannon, Russ and Chris. 4. Finding and buying a car 5. 1999 GMC 2500 with hydroboost has a break pulse. 6. 2015 Nissan Rouge loses power no gas pedal. 7. 2004 Blazer ZR2.
Can I Use E15 In My Car?
1.Can I use E15 in my 2015 Subaru Cross Trek?  2. Headlights go off in my 2017 Ram Tradesman 1500 Truck. 3. Shannon crashes a BMW, 4. What does a pheasant hit cost out of hunting season? 5. 2005 Ram 3500 Diesel low turbo boost. 6. 2018 Honda CR-V. Can I use E15 Ethanol Fuel? 7. 2004 Chevy Suburban swallowed a Rat. 8. 2014 Infinity Q50 No heat. 9. 2007 Nissan Murano Headlight problem. 10. How do I fix stuck doors on a Chrysler Town and Country van?

Podcast Reviews

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4.7 out of 5
560 reviews
A concern dad 2022/06/06
Appreciate what you guys do.
Thank you for your knowledge and your time you take on the podcast really means a lot I really look forward to it every week.
Preacher3550 2022/05/10
Uncharacteristically knowledgeable
You guys know so much about vehicles, I spend a few minutes after every show just letting things sink in. I work on not only my vehicles, but friends ...
billn325 2022/04/10
Great show!
Very knowledgeable; they get a lot of technical questions and always manage to answer and explain so anyone can understand! I’ve learned a lot about c...
Spokane_DJames 2022/03/23
F1 drive to survive
Yes yes yes. Absolutely the best show. Can’t wait for the next season. Also Race the Bubba Wallace story is fantastic F1 drivers are the best in t...
Henry's Son 2022/03/29
Far too many and too long ad breaks
Excellent content but the number of commercials and their frequency does not justify listening. Bye-Bye.
Unnamed Source 2021/12/22
Great show
Very enjoyable show. I’m amazed at how much knowledge they have just off the top of their head. I got a kick out of some of the one star reviews you p...
Powner of neewbs 2021/08/23
Good news.
I like the news from the current impacts to the automotive industry. Keeping some of us informed on whats coming and what’s going on.
The Daveo 2021/09/07
Skip # 1777
1/2 hr about shaving his head ? Pass.
Techn0Nut1996 2021/05/27
Great show, but..
It’s a great show, but I don’t know about America’s favorite car talk show. The information is great and the show is easy to listen to but the hosts d...
isntthisautomotive? 2021/07/12
Love the show, why does your sisters auction house need to be pushed so much? I listen to this to learn about cars, not listen to what your sister is...


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