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Unspookable is a family friendly look at the histories and mysteries behind your favorite scary stories, myths and urban legends. Each week host Elise Parisian digs into the history, brain science, and power dynamics behind such topics as Bloody Mary, Charlie Charlie, and Ouija Boards to find the stories behind the scares. (Recommended for ages 8+) Unspookable has been called one of the "Best podcasts for kids of all ages" by Time Out New York, one of the “7 Podcasts Big Kids Will Love” by The New York Times, one of the "10 Best Podcasts for Children" by the Irish Examiner, appeared multiple times across Canada on CBC Radio's Podcast Playlist, on NPR station WHYY's Kid's Listening Hour, has been featured by Podcast Magazine, The AV Club, Fast Company, and more.

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Episode 36: The Bermuda Triangle
Have you ever heard of the Bermuda Triangle? If you have, it's hard not to have also heard some of the strange theories as to why this area within the Atlantic Ocean has claimed so many ships and airplanes over the years. Could it be aliens? A rift in both space and time? The remnants of the lost city of Atlantis? Or is there a possibly a less exciting, but more scientifically plausible answer? We'll discuss all of this and more on this special double sized episode of Unspookable.
2021 Holiday Episode featuring The Yule Cat, Kallikantzari, Christmas Spiders, & more
The month of December brings a whole host of traditions for people all across the world. For us on Unspookable, this time of year brings some of the strangest creepy creatures we get to see. After all – it wouldn’t be the holidays for us if we didn’t get to throw in something spooky. So consider it your gift to us to countdown some of the weirdest, witchiest holiday traditions we could scare up on this special holiday episode of Unspookable.
Episode 35: The Sandman and Dreams
Have you ever laid awake, watching the minutes on the clock pass by, just wishing there was a magical way to fall asleep to pleasant dreams? Well, you maybe surprised to hear that throughout time and many cultures that there are all kinds of men and beasts that could do just that. We're taking a walk through the land of slumber to discuss The Sandman and all things sleep on this episode of Unspookable.
Episode 34: Siren Head
Some urban legends are so unique that our brains want them to be true. That is certainly the case with Trevor Henderson's 2018 creation of a cryptid that has captured our imaginations and infiltrated such games as Minecraft and Roblox. What makes this creature so scary, yet so appealing? We're talking all things Siren Head on this episode of Unspookable.
Episode 33: Polybius: The Phantom Video Game
Video games have become a big part of our lives. They exercise our motor skills and problem solving abilities, help us build community and relationships, and more than anything...they're just fun! But did you know that in the early days of gaming technology many people actually feared video games and the arcades that housed them? There were rumors of mind control, injury, and even disappearances surrounding one game in particular...Polybius. We look into this mysterious arcade game's history and the conspiracies it birthed on this episode of Unspookable.
Episode 32: Loch Ness Monster
There are many tales of monsters throughout history - stories that come and go. But, in the Scottish Highlands, there is a legend of a creature whose first recorded sighting in the sixth century A.D. has only grown larger and gained more interest as the years go by. When we asked our listeners what stories we should tell this season, the single most requested tale was that of... the Loch Ness Monster. Prepare to hear about the origins, hoaxes, and possible explanations for everyone's favorite cryptid on this episode of Unspookable.
Episode 31: The Jersey Devil
Have you ever heard a story about your hometown that you questioned whether or not it was true? Maybe there's a story about a famous person, or something that was invented in your hometown... or maybe there's a legend of a creature that has lurked in the local woods for over one hundred years. If you've ever heard of the New Jersey Pine Barrens ,these are exactly the kinds of stories that have been told locally for generations. Prepare to question local folklore with us today as we talk about The Jersey Devil on this episode of Unspookable.
A Special Announcement from Unspookable
Hey Unspookable listeners, it's Nate DuFort the creator of Unspookable here with a special announcement... Elise, myself, and the rest of the Unspookable team have been hard at work on a new batch of episodes and we're excited to begin releasing them on Tuesday, October 12th. This season we're focusing on some of the most requested subjects that YOU have recommended. Do you want to hear the origins of the Loch Ness Monster? Have you been wondering if Siren Head is real? Well you're just going to have to tune in. Mark those calendars and we'll see you on October 12th with an all new season of Unspookable. Unspookable is a family friendly look at the the histories and mysteries behind your favorite scary stories, myths and urban legends. Every week host Elise Parisian discusses such topics as Bloody Mary, Charlie Charlie and Ouija Boards to find the stories behind the scares. Are you Unspookable? (Recommended for ages 8+)
Introducing: Of Fae & Fiends
This week, Unspookable is excited to share the first episode of Of Fae & Fiends. New episodes released weekly starting March 23, 2021. You can find Of Fae & Fiends wherever you get podcasts. Lizzie (10) returns to her ancestral home in Maine to make an amazing discovery: the woods behind the farmhouse contain a doorway to the mystical realm of Faerie. But a dark storm looms over the horizon of Fae: Lizzie’s Great-Uncle Carlow has enlisted a goblin army to conquer the World Tree, and has set his sights set on our world after… All that stands in Carlow’s way is Lizzie and her unlikely friends: Kyle, a talking goat, and Garrett, a swashbuckling weasel. Written and produced by audio drama pioneer Fred Greenhalgh, OF FAE & FIENDS is a Faerie Tale with teeth - a place where monsters sometimes eat children, but the courageous can fight back. This lavishly produced modern faerie tale features 30+ actors, cinematic sound design, and an original orchestral score. For families and kids at heart, ages 7 – 177.
Episode 30: Aliens Part 2
Have you ever heard of Area 51? What about Roswell, New Mexico? What if the supposed alien-related events and conspiracies surrounding these two locations were actually true? As we close out our time looking at the existence of aliens, it's time to look at what we believe versus what we want to believe - all of that on the season finale of Unspookable.
Episode 29: Aliens Part 1
Think about the last time you saw an alien. Was it in a book? Watching a movie? What did it look like? Now, it’s impossible to say exactly when the idea of aliens first occurred to humans on Earth and even more impossible to trace exactly how we conjured up the little green humanoid creatures with big eyes that you're most likely imagining, but today we're going to try and do just that. We’ll be talking about all things extra-terrestrial on this special two-part episode of Unspookable.
Episode 28: Ghost Ships
You see a crew-less vessel approaching through the fog on a moonless night at sea.. can you trust that your eyes were telling you the truth? Is there really a ship sailing with no one aboard? We've talked about the creatures that lurk in the ocean's depths, but what about the traces of the humans that have crossed those same waters? We'll look at these questions and the legend of Ghost Ships on this episode of Unspookable.

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4.6 out of 5
793 reviews
Magicsunshinepup 2022/06/17
Love podcast! <3
Hi love podcast plz do one on the backrooms
lululove167 2022/06/17
Love it!
I just started this podcast last night, and i already love it! I’m 11, and this is very informative, though it could be a bit more scary. I love how y...
Magic'n Mischief 2022/06/12
Mystery and Creepiness is me!!!
I always love making creepy story’s to tell my family and this just makes me have even more ideas ?. I think this is my favorite podcast of all time!!...
Dinosaur IM 2022/06/13
Spooky podcast
I have never listened to this podcast yet. This one is definitely for kids like me but I think younger kids 5 years old and above shouldn’t listen to ...
i ?this slog 2022/06/08
Like it but it’s a bit spooky
Can you do one about jumaji Seresley to spokey ??☠️☠️
gnauck 2022/06/05
Awesome! ??
In my opinion, I can’t stand Momo. I had nightmares for weeks after looking at it. When I see it, my body heats up a lot and I freeze and close my eye...
Marco Polo ? 2022/06/08
Pretty good.
Great show, bad release times. There’s about five episodes every year p, so I wouldn’t count on listening regularly. But if you’re into this kind of s...
hehfzvjbn fa 2022/06/04
Best podcast ever
I listen to this podcast ever day and I love it.
??? 2022/06/05
We got beans greens potatoes tomatoes
Evie? 2022/06/04
NOPE NOPE NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THIS IS TOO SCARY!!!!!!!!! Recommend this to ages 13 - 20


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