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Veterans Corner Radio focuses on what those who have served in the military, and their families need to know to maximize the services and benefits due to them. No matter if you are currently serving or got out 50 years ago, this program will give you answers to questions you didn’t even know you should be asking. Among those who have been and will be sharing their knowledge are those from the Department of Defense (DOD), Veterans Health Administration, Veterans Benefits Administration, National Cemetery Administration, members of Congress (both House and Senate), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), American Legion, Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), Military Order of World Wars (MOWW), Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Vietnam Veterans of America, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), just to name a few.You will learn, among many other things, how to use the VA claim process, the services offered by the James A Haley VA Hospital that your local VA hospital may also offer and how to make use of them, and how to access educational benefits and home loans. What you have just read is the tip of the iceberg; there is so much more captured in the shows already posted and those yet to come. Each show is roughly a 15-minute investment in your future and that of your family. Start now to gain the knowledge that will serve you and your family, just as you served your country. We are not a part of any governmental organization.

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Are you a vet needing a job or the training to get one. We may have the answer.
Nick Pamperin Executive Director of Veteran Readiness & Employment shares with our audience this powerful education-based program that is complementary to but separate from the Gi Bill assistance of which many of us are aware.  The goal of the organization is to assist veterans to find and preparing for jobs within their scope of abilities. Listen in to see how this program might just be what you need upon which to build a life. 
Do you or do you in someone you love seem to have a personality change as they grow older? I might be what is becoming known as Delayed PTSD. Listen in to see why it might be well to get a check up.
 Abigail Angkaw, Deputy Associate Chief of staff for Outpatient Mental Health Operations, VA San Diego gives us a first look at a developing challenge, Delayed Onset PTSD. We have all heard about our troops returning from war being affected by this mental disorder, but normally it manifests itself in short order. Now the VA is seeing cases appearing years after the event that triggers it. Listen in to this in-depth update. 
VA dental treatment. Who is eligible and some things that might suprise you. Dr. Patricia Arola, Asst. Under Secretary for Dentistry answers some important questions.
Dr. Patricia Arola, Asst. Under Sec. for health for Dentistry outlines who is eligible for dental care through the VA system and also discusses lower-cost options for government-sponsored dental insurance. More importantly, she also suggested there might be a path to dental care through a referral from your primary care doctor. Listen in to hear the details. 
VA can set you up with a cost free, fully functioning bank account. Listen to hear how you can get one.
Charles Tapp, Chief of VA Financial Services explains how  VA has established a working relationship with numerous banks and credit unions to supply a cost free, fully functioning bank account to any veteran. Veterans can get these accounts in order for them to receive direct deposit of funds to their account rather than waiting for paper checks that are increasingly being stolen.
VA is working on diagnosing illnesses before you even get sick.You could be cured before you know you are even ill.
This is not your grandfather’s VA, nor is it even that of your dad. The VA is currently on the cutting edge of providing not only up-to-date medical treatment but also advanced medical treatment as well. Listen in to hear Gary Velasquez,  CEO, Cogitativo explain how Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence if you prefer, is being used to provide you with advanced treatment even when you don’t know that you need it. 
Why the VA Emergency Room may well be your best choice.
Dr. Chad Kessler, VA Executive Director of the Emergency Program Office discusses the reasons why going to a VA Emergency Room may be your best option. The Mission Act gives us all the right to utilize Commercial Emergency Rooms but is it the right choice?  In many instances, it is not. Listen in to hear why going to the VA medical center Emergency Room might be your smartest move. 
Prostate Cancer, what is new in its treatment and is it always something that should be treated. What are the alternatives?
Dr. Evangelia Katsoulakis came to us at the behest of Dr. Kelly, the chief of the VA National Oncology Program Office. While on this show Dr. Kelly offered to help us find specialists in various cancers who are experts. In the Prostate Cancer area, he suggested we have Dr. Katsoulakis, a specialist on the staff of the James A Haley VA Medical center. I learned a lot about Prostate Cancer, its detection and treatment from her. You will learn too when you listen in to this show.
Criteria for benefit payments to both veterans and survivors along with some good news on how pensions will be paid. Listen in to learn more.
Deputy Director Kevin Friel, Veterans Administration Office of Pensions and Fiduciary Services was on our program back in October of 2021 and the program was so popular in the way he outlined how to control your benefits, we brought him back. In this program he begins by sharing criteria for benefit payments to both veterans and survivors along with some good news on how pensions will be paid. Listen in to learn more. 
Have a back ache, there may be help comming. Hear from Dr. Kevin White about advances in the spinal cord clinic.
Dr. Kevin White MD, Chief of Spinal Cord Injury James A Haley VA Hospital.  You will learn so much listening to Dr. White as he speaks to the newest treatment for not only Spinal Cord Injuries but also for several other afflictions like ALS that are a challenge for their department. There is so much being done and various spokes working on different types of treatment all come together to provide our vets the best of care. Learn from him the advancements we are making in robotics and artificial intelligence that will impact positively on these veterans.
Have you used up your education Benefits? Well there might be good news, as some additional benefits have become available.
Ricardo Da Silva, VA Education Services Program Integration Officer shares an Educational office update. Did you know if you have used up your VA education benefits that there may be a second bite at the apple, and you may be eligible for up to one year of what amounts to full benefits? Listen in to hear how. Ricardo Da Silva, VA Education Services Program Integration Officer shares information on several aspects of VA education information, including some vital information on staying eligible for benefits with the changing landscape caused by Covid 19. Don’t lose your benefits due to a lack of knowledge, listen in to get the facts. 
The NEED IS GREAT! We all like to hear, "Thank you for your service." But now the VA needs ours, whether you served in the past or not the VA needs volunteers. Will you be one of them.
This interview is with Sabrina C. Clark, Ph.D., Director, VA Center for Development & Civic Engagement (CDCE) (formerly VA Voluntary Service) VHA Office of Operations. VA Director Clark is an exciting person to talk with. She does a great job of explaining the needs for volunteers at our local VAs. There is a job for everyone who wishes to help individual veterans and their families by calling them on a regular basis to help those who are struggling to understand that they are not alone. Maybe you would like to assist in registering veterans in at clinics or show them where to go in a VA hospital. Golf cart drivers are needed all the time to assist vets from outlying parking lots and structures. Maybe you would like to make a donation of time, goods or even money. There is something for everyone and your gift of self will make a difference. 
Our national Blood Supply is at risk. We currently are down to one day of less reserves of blood. The VA is asking everyone that can or might be able to give blood to do so. Go to any blood draw and ask it be credited to the VA.
Dr. Wang-Rodrigues discussed the current need for blood, both in the VA and the civilian world. The pandemic has struck again. Both rules and fear have kept many from donating. The VA is currently at a reserve of one day’s blood supply. They ask that, if you can, please become part of their Roll Up Your Sleeves VA blood drive. You can go to any blood draw facility and tell them you want to donate in the name of the VA Roll Up Your Sleeves blood drive and the VA will get credit. I learned a lot listening to her. You will also. 

Podcast Reviews

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4.8 out of 5
27 reviews
Cdalbello 2021/05/03
Authentic and helpful
Congrats to Bill on creating and executing such a helpful and interesting podcast.
Party w Arty 2020/05/10
Vital info for all Veterans
The interviews provide current explanations of what is available and how to access Veteran benefits.
Retired COL. K 2020/05/05
Great source of information
I was surprised at the information that was provided. I had no idea of the depth of services available to veterans and spouses.


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