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An informal but informative trip through all things historical, What's the History is a good craic podcast brought to you by Claire Cotter and Fi Barry, two history teachers who want you to learn and laugh. So grab a cup of tea and settle in as we bring you along with us on a tour of the grim, the great and the ghastly.

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GUBU and The Man in the Iron Mask
Hello frennns. This week, Claire has perhaps the most BONKERS story ever told on the pod. It is amazing. It is the story of a man, his dickie bow, a double murder and the Attorney General. Fi talks us through the mystery of The Man in the Iron Mask and it is so much fun. We loved this one. 
The Mitchelstown Man Who Was Buried Alive and Leaving Cert Poetry
There are no words to describe how chaotic this episode is but we will try:  -Fi tells us an AMAZING story about a local man who aimed to break a world record. He puts all other mad lads to shame.  -Claire gives you all nightmares by reminding you of your Leaving Cert poets. But actually, they're super lovely and fun. Trigger warning if you've lost someone close to you because so many of the poems are about death, grief and memory.  -Luke Kelly sings -We talk about B*Witched and Fi gets so excited that she farts. We decided not to edit it out because we're all about being real. 
The Hill Abduction and Nellie the Lonely Orphan Girl
We've gone full History Channel and talked about alien abductions. But like, in the context of the Cold War. Claire tells us all about the alleged abduction of Betty and Barney Hill and Fi shares the great story of Nellie Bly, all-round feminist bad-ass. Happy listening! 
A 33,000 ft Fall Survivor and Mona Lisa, Last Supper Chats
We are back and we are GIDDY. Fi tells us the story of an absolute BOSS survivor. We giggle inappropriately and we are sorry. Claire fangirls over Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. We missed you, let's never fight again. 
Memento Mori, Miscellany and Colditz
It's Claire's birthdaaaaaay! She is here to share some fun and weird historical facts, have a laugh and cause general chaos. Fi tells us all about Colditz Prison and there is bonus Johnny Logan in honour of Claire's birth.  We love you. 
A Historical Crime Bonanza
This week's episode is a long one but we promise it's super interesting!  Fi tells the story of one of the  most famous robberies in American history and we discuss whether snitches should in fact get stitches.  Claire discusses some famous fugitives who simply disappeared: Lord Lucan, DB Cooper, The Bloody Benders, Black Bart and a 13th century Irish witch you definitely didn't want to marry. MAJOR trigger warning for Claire's piece- mentions of suicide, murder and violence.  We really enjoyed this one and as always, thank you so much for tuning in! 
A Few Snippets
A few snippets of some of our favourite moments for your listening pleasure ❤️
Diana, Princess of Wales and Andrew Jackson's Duel
The title makes it sound like they dueled each other but they probably didn't. Claire talks us through the life and death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Fi details a duel between Andrew Jackson and someone who was not Charles Dickens.  Fi drops an F-bomb that we didn't edit out due to a popular vote (and you can barely hear it anyway). Claire snorts. There is singing. Honestly, there is everything. There is all of it. 
A Story of Survival and Snap Decisions and Trans History
Hello there listeners! This week, Claire opens up about her mental health struggles. We know this is a history podcast so if you want to skip the personal stuff, skip forward to 20.00.  Fi tells a riveting story about two friends on a dangerous mountaineering expedition where one of them has to make a pretty tough decision. Claire spreads her pagan-Marxist-woke agenda by discussing a history of gender fluidity.  We enjoyed this one and we thank you so much for tuning in. 
The Montreal Screwjob and Turk the Talking Chess Robot
Hello and thank you so much for tuning in! This week, Claire talks about the most controversial incident in wrestling history: The Montreal Screwjob. Even if wrestling isn't your bag, this story is guaranteed to shock and entertain you. Fi tells us all about The Turk, a chess playing automaton. He just wants to be loved. And play chess. 
Pearl Hart, Gunslinger and OG Hollywood Tea
We are BACK! This week's episode is A LOT but hey...if you're still listening, you clearly like it so technically, TECHNICALLY, this is your fault.  Fi tells us all about the time she found a shark. Oh, and she talks about Pearl Hart, a gunslinger from the Old West with just the purdiest name.  Claire talks about some absolute beauties of Hollywood and their fairly chaotic personal lives. And yes, we ate Luigis. 
Clairey Tales and Genghis Khan Origin Story
Hi! We hope you enjoy our new and improved sound so you can enjoy our singing in crispy audio format. Claire traumatises us all with fairy tales or as Fi has dubbed them, 'Clairey Tales'. Fi is begging me to write 'Can Genghis Kick It? Yes he Khan' and I can't say no...so here we are. 

Podcast Reviews

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5 out of 5
18 reviews
Melissa WS 2022/04/18
Funny and Informative
I love the repartee between you, two. Any hey, I get to learn something, too!
Lex design 2022/03/22
Love this
I wasn’t listening in high school to my history teacher so this is perfect ? Thank you for creating this podcast!!
Stephanie Keith 2022/03/21
Informative and entertaining
Love this podcast! Excited to binge it.
Better Postpartum Podcast 2022/03/14
Interesting and fun
Loving this podcast! So many great little nuggets in every episode. - Angel Swon
LMonley 2022/03/14
I love history and this show is a great way to educate and enterian all at once!!
DrJessicaTartaro 2022/03/14
Women’s Lens on History Is So Needed
Thank you for this much needed, refreshing, original and vital history lesson. Keep bringing it! The world needs more of women’s lenses on current ev...
GiRLiFE Empowerment 2022/03/14
So good!
Loved every episode :) thanks for sharing this amazing content!
Barbara Steve 2022/03/14
Love this podcast
Sooo good to listen too. Fun. Informative. Bri


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