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Nicole, Roberto and Sam discuss the cars they are driving each week and then dive into some of the big topics of the auto industry including the technology, trends and personalities.

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Broncos Big and Small
This week, Sam has a comparison of two of the first electric pickup trucks, the Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T. Roberto, has the Kia Stinger and drives the new Lunar Rover in GM’s simulator. Nicole has the Ford Bronco Sport at home and drove the new Bronco Raptor in California. Cadillac will build its… Read More »Broncos Big and Small
Talking About Pie
In this week’s garage, Robbie reveals that he is the last journo to drive the Kia Stinger, Nicole spends time with the Ford Bronco 2-door and Sam has the refreshed edition of the Lincoln Navigator. Polestar has revealed the first photo of the 3 electric crossover with the full unveiling coming in October. Renders of… Read More »Talking About Pie
ToyotaPalooza 2022
In the garage this week, Nicole is back in the Mercedes-Benz GLS450 while Sam has the dual motor, all-wheel-drive version of the VW ID4. Last fall, Robbie was about to review the refreshed 2022 Chevrolet Bolt when he got a call just after receiving it, telling him not to drive it. Since then, GM has… Read More »ToyotaPalooza 2022
Teslas Can't See Aircraft
This week, Robbie has been testing out the Audi Q5 Sportback, Nicole continues Hyundai-Fest with the new Tucson N-Line and Sam drives the Hyundai Ioniq 5. Sam also got a Kia EV6 for an EV road trip to Wisconsin. In the news we discuss why it’s not ok that Tesla FSD can’t recognize airplanes. NHTSA… Read More »Teslas Can’t See Aircraft
The Porter Wins
We’ve had a quite a variety of vehicles to drive in the past week. Robbie went all the way to Germany to drive the new BMW iX M60 from Munich to Lake Como in Italy. Nicole has been juggling Hyundais with a Sonata N-Line sedan at home and most of the brand’s electrified lineup in… Read More »The Porter Wins
The Scout Lives
This week Nicole has two quite different machines to discuss, the updated, extended range Volvo XC60 T8 Recharge and the Mazda3 Turbo. Roberto has the BMW M240i that hearkens back to the classic E36 3 Series and Sam has a reprise of the Ford F-150 Platinum hybrid. Sam also got to spend a couple of… Read More »The Scout Lives
Lightning Strikes
This week in the garage, Roberto and Sam have been evaluating electric driving range. Robbie has been pushing the BMW iX to its limits while Sam has been driving the Hyundai Tucson plug-in hybrid. Meanwhile Nicole has been on the road and in the desert with the 2022 GMC Sierra in Denali Ultimate and AT4X… Read More »Lightning Strikes
The Deer Ran Into Me
This week on the show, Roberto reviews the Kia Soul rental car he had on Kauai last week, Nicole drives the baby Range Rover, the Evoque, and Sam discusses the new eighth-generation Volkswagen GTI. In the news, Chevrolet teased out upcoming hybrid and electric versions of the Corvette and all of GM’s Ultium platform EVs… Read More »The Deer Ran Into Me
Some Compromises
Robbie is on vacation this week, but Nicole is back. She’s been driving the Infiniti QX55 and the Toyota 4Runner, one of which was very pleasant. Sam had the Mazda CZ-9 Signature. We’ve got lots of news this week starting with the Lincoln Star concept that previews the design direction for Ford’s premium brand as… Read More »Some Compromises
Coexisting Assistants
Nicole is off again this week caring for her mom, but the boys are carrying on. Roberto has been putting more miles on the BMW i4 and found it to be surprisingly efficient. Meanwhile Sam also got very good fuel efficiency while driving the Honda Civic Si which retains a rapidly nearing extinction manual gearbox.… Read More »Coexisting Assistants
How Much Is Too Much?
This week on the show, Roberto went all the way to Germany to drive the new Mercedes-Benz EQE midsize electric sedan. Nicole had a very different Mercedes, the seven-seat GLS450 SUV as well as the Hyundai Santa Cruz. Sam tested his new EV charger with the Mini Cooper SE. Nicole and Roberto also drove the… Read More »Not A Crazed Squirrel
100 HP Per Cylinder
Nicole is attending to her mom this week, so it’s just the guys. Robbie had two different EVs off the same platform, the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo and the Audi RS e-tron GT. Sam drove the GMC Canyon AT4. Rolls-Royce has released testing images and video of its first EV, the Specter undergoing winter testing… Read More »100 HP Per Cylinder

Podcast Reviews

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4.6 out of 5
157 reviews
rocket1154se 2022/02/11
Great Info
If you’re curious about currentCar models this podcast for you. It’s the best I’ve heard.
Art Commando 2022/06/22
Not my thing.
I wanted to like this show but it was very disjointed and seemed too concerned in making bad jokes then talking about the cars. There were inside joke...
Eherby 2022/06/11
Great content, but one of the three constantly says uhhhhh. Once you notice it, you can’t make it go away.
Rick Edwards 2022/06/03
Too Traditional Car Manufacturer Leaning
I really respect Sam, but he…as is with many traditional car journalists…seem to have a fascination with pointing out all the flaws of Tesla. While I ...
nthdegreeburns 2022/02/10
Must listen auto podcast — so approachable!
I heard Sam on This Week in Tech on the TWIT! network with Leo Laporte, and I immediately subscribed to his podcast. It was a breath of fresh air to h...
SweetandHotAF 2021/06/18
Love it
i found Sam listening to Leo Laporte. Always great insights
capn ch 2021/09/04
No one I’d rather listen to on cars than Sam
… that being said, 1) I get it, auto journalists don’t like Tesla and you don’t have access to their cars, but I’d so rather the features of the car a...
epmoreno 2021/07/08
Podcasting etiquette
Love the show but whoever is typing on your latest episode was very annoying, please mute yourself. I am trying to listen to Sam speak but your keyboa...
Bdawgno1 2021/06/15
Love the talk
Thanks to Sam and his appearance on a different Podcast (The Tech Guy - Leo Laporte), I found this beautiful talk show about cars. If you are a car p...
BitcoinDaddyyy 2021/03/17
Buddy Movie meets Motorworld
Tremendous chemistry between Sam, Rebecca and even Dan… always feels like just being around a conversation with people who really love cars and everyo...


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