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From the creator of How I Built This, host Guy Raz invites you to listen in as he talks to leadership experts and the visionary leaders of some of the world's biggest brands. Along the way, you'll hear accounts of crisis, failure, turnaround, and triumph, as the leaders reveal their secrets on their way to the top. These are stories that didn't make it into their company bios, and valuable lessons for anyone trying to make it in business.

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Sprint: Dan Hesse
Customers crave simplicity, Dan Hesse figured out early in his career, as he streamlined phone bills at Sprint. He saved 2 billion dollars, just by taking better care of customers in a few key ways. Plus, just how hard Sprint had to work to get the iPhone on its network, and the movie he hoped would change the company culture.
The Empathy Edge: Maria Ross
In 2016, Maria Ross realized that she was trying to teach her son that empathy was a way to success, when the world around them seemed to be sending the exact opposite message. So she took her years of experience as a management and brand consultant to make the case for empathy not as a moral imperative, but as a business strategy. She turned her research into a book called "The Empathy Edge: Harnessing the Value of Compassion as an Engine for Success."
Tiny Habits: BJ Fogg
What does it take for a person to change? BJ Fogg, founder of Stanford's Behavior Design Lab, says the key to behavior change isn't what we've always been taught. In Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything Fogg draws upon true experiments - from his lab and his life - to outline a system anyone can use to create good habits or unravel the bad. In this episode: on making change through design and celebration.
General David Petraeus
General David Petraeus took on a uniquely complex leadership challenge in Iraq in the aftermath of the U.S.-led war there. He oversaw the training of a new and entirely Iraqi army. He says that the key to leadership is first getting the big ideas right, then constantly refining them, and communicating them across the whole organization.
Carnival Corporation: Arnold Donald
How a New Orleans native turned around a cruise company sinking from a public relations disaster... to one of the most valuable brands in its industry. When Arnold Donald took over Carnival Corporation and the nine cruise lines it operates, one of the biggest things he did was build a new leadership team. Seven of the cruise lines got new heads, including more women and minorities. He says that "diversity of thinking is a business imperative and a powerful advantage," and that you get better ideas and new growth opportunities when your leadership is diverse.
Capital One: Sanjiv Yajnik
Sanjiv Yajnik is no stranger to taking risks and adapting to change. In fact, he was a marine engineer for more than a decade before deciding to move from India to Canada to pursue an MBA. Since leaving the open sea for the C-suite, he's become known for his purpose-driven leadership and nimble approach to risk management. In this episode: How a young man from Calcutta went from 13 years at sea to being the President of Financial Services at Capital One.
GAP: Mickey Drexler
When Gap was failing, Mickey Drexler didn't just increase sales. He made it into a pop culture staple of the 80s and 90s. But that wasn't enough to keep him from getting fired. At his next job, he was not just the CEO. He bought stock with his own personal money to bolster J. Crew.
When More Is Not Better: Roger Martin
Over a career spanning four decades, Roger Martin has been a management consultant, an influential business strategy thinker and author, as well as the Dean of the Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto. He advises CEOs of global companies such as Ford, Proctor & Gamble, and Lego. He is well known for developing and exploring the concept of "integrative thinking" in management problem solving. Roger's latest book, When More Is Not Better: Overcoming America's Obsession with Economic Efficiency, both argues that the relentless drive for efficiency has led to levels of inequality that threaten democratic capitalism, and advocates for a re-think.
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen: Cheryl Bachelder
Cheryl Bachelder decided to go into business after an early setback derailed her potential career in music education. She became President of KFC years later, but a job that started as a major opportunity wound up being a massive failure. How Bachelder learned from her failures and went on to turn Popeyes into one of the biggest success stories of the past decade.
American Humane: Robin Ganzert
When Robin Ganzert joined American Humane as it's new president and CEO, she thought she was helming one of the oldest and best known animal welfare organizations in the US. What she didn't know was that American Humane was $12.2 million dollars in debt following the 2009 financial crisis. By running the non-profit more like a for-profit, Robin fixed American Humane's finances while changing its work culture and branding.
Avon: Andrea Jung
For over a decade as CEO of direct-sales giant Avon, Andrea Jung was one of the most powerful women in the cosmetics industry. During her tenure, Jung saw striking success, but also faced daunting challenges with a failed product rollout and massive restructuring. Since 2014, Andrea has brought her passion for supporting female entrepreneurs to her job as CEO of Grameen America, a non-profit focused on micro-lending.
Target: Brian Cornell
There was a devastating data breach, a failing foray into Canada, and they were losing US customers fast. In 2014, Target seriously needed a win—Brian Cornell was that win. He'd turned around plenty of other retailers like Safeway, Michael's, and Sam's Club, but this time he was thinking bigger. Playing the long game to make Target a brand that lasts.

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4.4 out of 5
319 reviews
Ethan Lentz 2022/02/10
Enjoyable podcast
Amy_postgresql 2022/04/06
So good
Thank you for doing such a great podcast.
AimeeFLR 2021/12/09
Background music is distracting and irritating
Background music is distracting and irritating
tydowns20 2022/01/08
Content Fine. Guy Raz is nauseating
How can somebody who stumbles over their words so much and stutters so much have a podcast? Mind blowing. His interviewing skills are horrible. He sta...
Emanbball 2022/01/08
Interesting perspectives & insights
Guy does a great job helping his guests tell their stories in an engaging and personal way. He is a fantastic interviewer and I really enjoy and learn...
GoDuke4458 2022/01/04
Complement to How I built this
Guy Raz is a fantastic interviewer and consistently pulls out great insights from his guests. This podcast is very inspiring and practical as an entr...
kaden-ed 2022/01/02
More than One.
Guy Raz is a great podcaster and knows what he talked about. One thing, How I built This though, is a lot like this podcast. There is nothing wrong wi...
Stretch6666 2022/01/02
Please Stop the Music
C'mon. Bridge the gaps, connect the questions, fine. But don't have a music bed play throughout the interview(s). It's distracting...disrespects the s...
Tiabia Boing 2021/11/24
Music is too loud!
Good show, but the background music is so loud you can barely hear the interviewee talking.
Bo3athab 2021/11/28
Deeply insightful and it’s awesome getting the perspective from people with experience and expertise. I’ve learned a lot!


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